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Friday, December 7, 2012

Guilty Pleasures Blog Tour: "Politics. Escorts. Blackmail." by Pynk

Welcome to our Virtual tour stop of Author Pynk's Guilty Pleasures Blog Tour (December 1 - 15) brought to you by Grand Central Publishing.

The Girlfriend Experience
by Madam Money Watts

High-five to Pynk for taking you on a journey into the world of sex for money in Politics.Escorts.Blackmail., a novel about politicians and celebrities who frequent the services of New York escorts. My name is Madam Money Watts, and right off the bat I want to make this perfectly clear; as far as sex for money, while my company, Lip Service, has indeed accepted money from some very high-profile, powerful, wealthy clients in exchange for Lip Service contractors to "escort" said clients by spending private time with said clients, I have never accepted money for sex. Let's get that straight first. These are consenting adults, and what happens between two grown people, should stay between two grown people.

So, on to the purpose of this blog post . . . Pynk has informed me that the working title of Politics Escorts.Blackmail. was The Girlfriend Experience. She was intrigued with the term girlfriend experience, also known as GFE in some circles (clears throat), and she asked if I would share my knowledge of it, and I happily agreed (not that the definition fits any particular goings-on at Lip Service, mind you).

Anyway, here we go - the term "girlfriend experience" is not a new term. It's been around for years, though it was used quite often when the sex scandal broke about the former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, who allegedly paid for high-priced prostitutes, one of those women being Ashley Dupre.

A girlfriend experience is a pay-for-play connection between individuals that gives the illusion of intimacy between the two. From the outside, those who'd observe the couple would easily assume that they were an item, committed, and in love. GFE is a term used to describe the sexual lifestyle preference of a client who pays for a high-end call girl, wanting the escort to play the role and act like she's his woman, sometimes in bed, which I know nothing about, and sometimes out of bed, sometimes both - imagine that. It can involve meals together, holding hands, hugging, talking - more personal interaction and public displays of affection. In bed, I'm told it could mean snuggling, conversation, deep French kissing, sometimes spending the night, foreplay, romantic music. If the escort is a male, the term is "boyfriend experience," or BFE.

From what I hear, there's also a term called "porn star experience," or PSE, as in the type of sex you'd see in XXX-rated movies. It's supposedly less about feelings and more about the performance.

Based on the GFE theory, Pynk has given me permission to share a scene from chapter two of her novel, Politics.Escorts.Blackmail., very loosely based on Lip Service, that involves an escort named Midori Moody. Bless Midori's heart, she's yearned for a "normal" life with a man who could save her from her profession. To her, to have the husband, kids, and white picket fence, with two dogs, Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin, is only fantasy. But in the meantime, there's this amazing, yet married, Long Island doctor who shows her a real good time in Florida; enough of a good time to distract her from her belief that any man who'd ever be attracted to her would never see her as virtuous enough to marry.

And so, enjoy the below excerpt as Midori fulfills the Long Island doctor's GFE fantasy. And be nice to Midori Moody because in the book, and in real life, she's my little sister. As a disclaimer, please note that I cannot be responsible for the fictional words of Pynk. She's always making up something. She has such a way with words, in fact, she convinced me that this story had to be told, not to glamorize the business, but to paint a picture of what can happen if said clients have sex with said escorts, and allow you to be a fly on the said escort wall.

Get ready to be eroticized Pynk-style, because . . . there's hot, there's red-hot, and then there's Pynk! (Pynk told me to say that)


Madam Money Watts
Politics. Escorts. Blackmail.
by: Pynk
Publishing Date: 12/11/12
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Erotica
Source: Provided by Publisher

POLITICS.ESCORTS.BLACKMAIL follows the life of Madam Money Watts and explores the call-girl industry as it spills over into the world of politics in New York City. Money's exclusive, top escort service operates under the name, Lip Service, and Midori Moody, Leilani Sutton and male escort Kemba Price are her high-end contractors who make a hefty living out of sex for money. 
Among her clients are two New York senators who are the very officials voters have elected to make decisions for others to abide by, yet these politicians play by a different set of rules, secretly paying top dollar for the forbidden girlfriend experience. But when a freaky client takes it too far; a pimp wants in on some of the action; and an escort gets greedy, the world of Money Watts is brought to a head.
My Review:
The book warns you in the beginning to be prepared for some really, really erotic situations and this book is meant for readers that are older and maturer and can handle the situations that Pynk writes about.  (21+ and older)
This is not your normal book.  It takes you into a world of escorts and their jobs and their job is not easy.  They endure some really terrible situations and sometimes they endure some very pleasurable ones.
Madam Money Watts operates the Escort service, Lip Service, but it does not only include escorting.  She has to keep her escorts situations secret and of course what the clients want secret as well.  Money's escorts are her sister, Midori, Leilani and her male escort, Kemba Price.  They do things that the state and the country sees as illegal, but to keep it hush, hush, they must have a middle man to take care of the booking and code names for the clients.  Because the clients are big time politicians, celebrities, and sports players...and if the truth were to get out, they would have their reputations, jobs, and families on the line.
Money is about to have her job and her life turned upside down when her sister's ex-pimp wants either Midori back or Kemba instead.  Money is not having it of course.  She also has issues with a client going to far.  Her sister Midori then takes it upon herself to keep seeing the client who keeps taking it too far and one night when she does see him, her world will turn upside down, when it was turning up for the better.
Then there's Money's other escorts Leilani, who just wants fame and Kemba who is most chosen by the lady clients, but may have a secret of his own that he does not even know about or at least not comfortable admitting.

Pynk writes a very erotic, emotional book that makes you realize how life in the escort world is not all glam or rich and how the famous think they can get away with everything, until one person can ruin it all for them.
I loved being able to read about each of the escorts perspectives and their different scenes between their clients and also get a piece of their life story as well and how they came in the business with Money.
The ending is a doozy and I was not expecting that to happen to the characters, especially Money and Leilani.  Leilani was one character I did not like, but that's because I felt she turned her back on one just to become famous....but she actually was smart about it and knew how to play the game.
Money's parents really ticked me off though, especially her Dad and I'll leave that alone because I could go on a rant about them a lone.  Grrr!!

I really enjoy Pynk's writing style for this book because she made my emotions feel haywire and also made me uncomfortable at some points in the book. I actually cried on what happened towards the end of the book...(and there was a lot that happened, so I want tell you which really was emotional because I would give it away)
If you like a book that will take you out of your comfort zone, this is the book for you.  You'll feel the emotions of each character in the book (the escorts and a few other characters that play a significant role as well).
I definitely will be checking out the rest of Pynk's books.
And can I say also that I loved the ending of the book on what men should do for women.  =)  Definitely going to have my hubby read that very soon.

I received a complimentary copy of "Politics. Escorts. Blackmail" from the publisher for the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.  My review is my own opinion and not a paid review.  

(Bio taken from Website)
Pynk is the best-selling author of four erotica titles and one anthology. Pynk won the 2008 YOUnity award for Fastest Rising Literary Star, and's Most Outstanding Author of the Year award for 2009. Grand Central released the first novel, Erotic City, in November 2008. Erotic City was voted one of the Best Reads for 2008 by Black Expressions and was a finalist for a 2009 African American Literary Award in the category of erotica. The second title, Sexaholics, about four women addicted to sex, hit the shelves on March 23, 2010, and was released to critical acclaim, particularly for the tragic and gritty depictions of sexual addiction, and was voted among the 2010 Best Books by the Sankofa Literary Society. The third book, Sixty-Nine, is about three sexually repressed women born in 1969 who vow to go beyond their own self-imposed limits at the age of 40. Sixty-Nine was nominated for a 2011 African American Literary Award and was a Top 20 Black Expressions Bestseller. Pynk jointed together with five bestselling authors, contributing to the hot anthology, The Heat of the Night, which was released on February 14, 2012 under Peace in the Storm Publishing. The December 2012 novel by Pynk tackles the topic of politics and the call-girl industry in New York City. It's called POLITICS.ESCORTS.BLACKMAIL. Each steamy title is set in a different city - Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and the 2014 title, Sin in the City, is set in Las Vegas. Allow yourself to live your sexy dreams responsibly through the words of , whose characters are sure to make a fictional appearance in your city soon.

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