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Monday, January 30, 2012

Review - "Spirits Rising" by Krista D. Ball

Spirits Rising
(The Spirit Caller #1)
Publishing Date: Jan 2012
Published by: Amazon Digital Services
Source: Provided by Author
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rachel Mills has one wish in life: for the spirit world to shut up and leave her alone. She thought her move to a remote fishing village in Northern Newfoundland would help.
Population: Twenty. What could go wrong?
Instead of peace, however, she relocates to a land of superstitution, the air alive with the presence of others.
When a local teenager accidentally summons the spirits of the area, including those from a thousand-year-old Viking settlement, all supernatural breaks loose. As the spirits stalk her and each other, Rachel finds herself in over her head. With the help of Mrs. Saunders, her 93-year-old neighbour, Rachel has to put aside her own prejudices long enough to send the spirits back to rest, or risk being caught in the midst of a spirit war.

My Review:
I was contacted by Krista D. Ball through email to read and review her book, "Spirits Rising" which is the first book to the series "The Spirit Caller".  I haven't read a book about Spirits before, so I jumped at the chance.  I'm always looking for something new to read.  
It's not a normal Genre I read...but I really enjoyed the world that Krista D. Ball created in this book.  Rachel Mills is the main character and she is able to interact with spirits.  Unfortunately sometimes the interaction is not the greatest experience ever.  She thought moving to a population of 20, she wouldn't have to deal with the supernatural world anymore....but nothing ever goes as planned, does it?  
She lives next to Mrs. Saunders who happens to be my favorite character in the book.  She is quirky and funny and a down to earth 93 year old who I wouldn't mind living next to in real life because she would keep me entertained.  
The best parts of the book was how every one came together during the crisis of the spirits.  Rachel thought everyone hated her because they thought she dealt in "witchcraft".  It's when a crisis happens, people come together.  Having Vikings outside your lawn...I think I would've came out and helped out also.  
So who caused the Spirits to be up and causing a racket...a young teenage boy...who just couldn't help himself.  He had to find a spell on the web and try it out.  He just couldn't watch tv or surf the web like a normal teenager could he.  Geez!
Who I found annoying in the book was Jeremy.  That boy...just never could get it that Rachel had feelings for him.  Why did he already have a girlfriend and why couldn't she just forget about him.  When he finally realized she liked him...he still acted clueless.  Ugh!!!  Ahh!!!  Let me slap him for you, Rachel. 
What was the only bad thing about the was actually when Rachel had to deal with the issues of the Spirits, when someone else stole the thunder from her.  She really didn't do much to cast out the spirits.  She even tried to contact her Mom (who isn't her biological mother) find out what she could do.  
I loved how the story all came together in the end though.  You could also tell, Krista D. Ball did her research on Spirits and the Vikings. 
I look forward to seeing what the next book is all about.  I definitely enjoyed getting away from Vampires and Werewolves for a little bit.  Thanks again, Krista D. Ball for contacting me.  I look forward to reading more books from you...especially from this series. 


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