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Friday, April 6, 2012

Review - "The Jaguar Legacy" by Maureen Fisher

The Jaguar Legacy
Publishing Date: Re-published 9/2/11
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Paranormal Romance & Adventure
Source: Provided by Author

 What if Charley had lived before? What if she had created a legacy of betrayal that spanned several millennia? What if passion could heal her soul and love could release her from bondage? THE JAGUAR LEGACY is a vividly told story of romance and suspense, healing and redemption. Despite baffling panic attacks that devastated her career, journalist Charley Underhill barges in on a Mexican archaeological dig, bent on sniffing out a juicy expos that will restore her reputation and earn enough money for her mother's life-saving treatment. Haunted by past betrayals, Dr. Alistair Kincaid isn't about to let a smart-mouthed reporter leak word of his latest discovery, an ancient Olmec city, to the press. A battle of wills and wits ensues. Strands from a past life intertwine with the present, drawing the couple into a vortex of chilling evil. Torn between redeeming her soul and betraying the man she loves, Charley faces impossible choices.


My Review:
I'm a huge history buff at times.  I would rather sit in a History class and learn about our past then dive into the present at times. So when Maureen contacted me to read and review her book "The Jaguar Legacy", I jumped at the chance.   Unfortunately, it took me awhile to read this book since I had other priorities and I did find myself stepping away from this book a bit when I was reading it.  It wasn't grabbing my attention, like I thought it would.
This is my opinion on the book though and other readers may find this book more appealing to them.  I did enjoy the mysteries, the history, and the romance brewing between Charley and sexy, Alistair (maybe it's because the Scottish accent, since I can perfect the accent in my mind...being married to half-Scottish man myself who has a Scottish family). I love the Scottish accent.  Yum!!
Unfortunately, the book did drag on in certain parts and other parts it went fast pace.  Like I stated before I enjoyed the mysteries of it and what Charley actually figured out what was happening to her from the black-outs.  I also enjoyed the little bit of shifting back and forth to characters to dig inside of their heads instead of just Charley's.  I didn't really like Charley's mother though.  I have a huge problem with people who dive into the bottle too often and become dependent on it.  It's been a huge debacle with me since I had a friend killed by a drunk driver.  Hence, I'm the lady who  drinks one glass of wine in my house or when I do go out I'm the designated driver.  What Charley was doing for her Mother wasn't helping her and Alistair was trying to tell her, but she really wasn't listening.  He even told his life story on what happened with him.
I did love the Olmecss ways and of course getting glimpses of past experiences with the Olmecs in  Charley's blackouts.  Even though they ended up not being all that good in the end though once Charley put the clues together.  In the end of the book, it comes together on what really is expected and what is supposed to be done to correct everything.  (definitely read the book...if you want to know)
I also wasn't very fond of Leila, Alistair's ex-wife...but that's to be expected though.  You always have to have a villain and sometimes she just went too far.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, history, and mystery.  There's not too much romance in this book, but when there is, it's steamy.  I will say this, Charley gave Alistair a hard time...and I liked her even more because of it. She never made it easy for him.  =)
This book was so and so for me.  I did like certain things like I stated, but it just didn't enthrall me like I was expecting it too.  I plan on reading the next book from Maureen, I got real soon though.  I look forward to seeing what her next book is all about.
One thing before I end the review...I do love the cover to the 2011 published version of "The Jaguar Legacy".  If Maureen wouldn't of contacted me, and I saw this book on Goodreads or on Amazon...I would've bought it and read it no matter what.  =) 



Good review :)
I'll have to give this one a try sometime. The lack of romance isn't a big deal for me especially when you recommend it to people who read adventure, mystery and history...and I love all 3. :)
-Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

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