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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review - "Embrace the Darkness" by Alexandra Ivy

Embrace the Darkness
(Guardians of Eternity #2)
Author: Alexandra Ivy
Publisher: Zebra
Release Date: 11/1/07
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Source:  Traded on
Buy: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Author’s Website

Being the unfortunate victim of a curse is bad. Being a Shalott demon with a curse is really really bad.

Lady Shay has been a prisoner to her curse for a long time now, so long that it’s become her very existence. All her life is now is being bought and used as a slave, a very expensive and rare slave, especially to vampires, whom her blood is sort of an aphrodisiac to. Once again she’s back in the clutches of her master and being sold but to her surprise it’s not just anyone there to buy her but the one and only sexy vampire that she just recently saved from being harmed by an evil witch. Unsure of his motives she’s not sure if it’s good or bad that he’s bought her but he’s better than the evil that seems to be following her now.

Viper, chief of his vampire clan, has been obsessed with the sexy little half human/half shalott ever since she saved him from that awful witch. Finding her again has consumed him so he will not pass up an opportunity to purchase her at an auction. He must have her and he’ll do anything to do that but once he has her he knows he only wants her to willingly come to his bed. He never takes a woman by force.
Now chased relentlessly by this mysterious evil, Viper vows to do anything possible to save his shalott from whatever wants her. Now that he has her, he’s planning to keep her…forever. But when he finds out what exactly it is that’s after her, he sees that it’s much, much worse than he thought.

I LOVE this freaking series!!! It’s so hard for me to really get into a vampire series. I’m always so picky about the vampires I read about but as soon as I started the first book in this series I was hooked. What I love most about these vampires is that they stay true to most of what you would immediately think of as ‘vampire qualities’. Sunlight kills them, no holy water, stake through the heart and essentially dead by all definitions. But these vampires also have one extra quality that I love so much. When they find their mate, they’ll go over and above to ensure the safety of that mate and they don’t spend the whole damn book coming to terms with it.

I love the continued world building in this book from the first. There are so many different demons and other creatures that you would think it would get confusing but the way it’s written, it keeps you informed and engaged. I was never once confused and I so love her descriptions of the demons. I can totally see them all in my head. And the characters…OMG I love these characters. Coming into this book I was a little iffy about Viper. Honestly, he came of as an ass but I guess he was a very sexy ass. His character was introduced in that first book and in this one he pretty much stayed the same, except I think he kind of grew on me. Learning more about him was fun, he’s really an entertaining guy and he has a wicked sense of humor and the funniest sayings. “Devil’s Balls!” Every time he said it I could not stop myself from laughing. SO funny!!! Shay was a great heroine too. Her story is heartbreaking but once you get to know her, you know she’s no weakling to be felt sorry for. That girl can kick some ass and what makes it even better is that she can kick Viper’s ass too. I love the interaction between the two of them. They’re both perfect for each other and that’s made obvious very early in the book. And it was so sweet to see Viper be so loving and careful with Shay. *sigh* I’m such a sap! LOL

Levet….oh cute little mini gargoyle Levet. I think he’s my favorite character in the book. He’s SO freaking funny. Just imagine a tiny gargoyle with the attitude of a giant and the mouth of a wicked Frenchman. SO funny, I can't say that enough! Levet, Viper and Dante together, now that’s funny. That’s all I’ll say, he really is a great character.

Now Styx, man oh man am I excited to get to his book next. I can already tell you he’ll be my favorite. I love really big alpha males and Styx is definitely that. I can’t wait to meet the woman that brings that vampire to his knees. She better be some kind of woman! J

I give this book 5 Moons and I recommend anyone who enjoys paranormal romance and probably you people that prefer more contemporary, I think you might like this one too. A must read!!! It’s got all of the elements needed for a great romance, sexy love scenes, tons of action, a little bit of inner conflict, hilarious character moments and let’s not forget the incredibly sexy vampires. ;) One to the next book!!!


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