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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cover Reveal: "The Lady Knights of Barony" by Elise Marion

Hi everyone, FranJessca here giving you the latest and greatest Cover Reveal.  =)
Elise Marion's next release "The Lady Knights of Barony" which is 3 novellas in one. 
How great is that?

If you haven't read any books from Elise Marion and you're a huge fan of historical romance, you'll love Elise Marion's books. 
I've been anxiously waiting to see the cover of her newest release. 
Now the book's cover is here...well actually covers.  
Check them out below.

  I love them!  After reading "The Second Son", this cover definitely shows off the Lady Knights of Barony perfectly.   Can't wait to read this when it comes out.  =)  I'm a HUGE fan of Elise Marion's writing style.

Now here is the blurb:

With the war in Barony at an end, peace reigns and rebuilding efforts continue beneath the steady vigilance of King Serge and Queen Isabelle. The lady knights have returned home, unchanged by new titles and lands. Choosing to remain together, Ladies Longley, Akua, Kiyoma, and Tibbs remain guardians of Barony. But with a rash of kidnappings spreading across the province, the lady knights will find themselves torn apart by the machinations of a mad man. Their courage will be tried. Their hearts will be put to the test.

Book One: The Hellion:

Ava Longley, captain of the lady knights, never expected to become the target of an obsessed murderous madman. When a kidnapper is sent to abduct her, Ava sees it as the perfect opportunity to bring the mastermind to justice. But when her captor turns out to be the only man to ever stoke the embers of desire within her, Lady Longley is torn between duty and following her heart.

To Julian Vincent, Lady Longley is no more than the means to an end. His unsavory profession has earned him wealth denied him by his father, and turning the lady warrior over to the man infatuated with her for a hefty price will bring him one step closer to the honest and quiet life he craves. However, when sparks fly between them, Julian is faced with an impossible decision.

Book Two: Beloved:

After being sold into slavery by her king and washing up onto the shore of Cardenas, the friendless African Amazon, Mudiwa Akua, was taken in by Barony’s female soldier’s regiment. Earning the title of Lady Knight, she found a place to belong and undeniable friendship in a band of women. When her tranquil existence is disturbed and she finds herself on a ship bound for the exotic island of Martinique, Mudiwa faces certain death and possible enslavement for the second time in her life, dredging up ghosts of a past  she had long thought forgotten.

When planter Isaac Prideux comes upon a mysterious African woman, beaten and half-dead, he takes it upon himself to care for her. He never imagined doing so would shake up his monotonous life so completely. When faced with choosing between his father’s legacy and the love of a woman never meant to be a part of his life, Isaac will have no choice but to face turning his back on everything he’s ever known for the only woman he’s ever loved.

Book Three: The Accidental Groom:

After the highly honored title of onna bugeisha—the feminine equivalent of a samurai—begins to lose its power in Japan, Hanako Kiyomi sees no choice but to flee. The headstrong girl cannot accept a life where the women of her country are reduced to becoming property of men simply for child-bearing. Abandoning her husband on their wedding night, Hanako escapes Japan and finds a home in Barony with the lady knights. With her independence and fierce fighting skills praised, the warrior girl feels she finally belongs. But when her deserted husband comes searching for her, Hanako escapes him the only way she knows how: marriage in name only to a stranger.

Lord Garrick Overton has always admired the cool, stoic Hanako from afar. Her exotic beauty and famed bravery have always intrigued him, so when she stumbles upon him in the garden of the royal palace during a ball, he does not fight her when she begs him to kiss her. What follows, though, is a proposal that leaves Garrick reeling. Marriage to the woman he’s desired for years seems like a good idea; until she proposes the marriage be in name only. As he sets out to win her heart, he faces not only a tough task but a begrudged man that will stop at nothing to win back what he has lost.


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