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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dream Cast Part One/Giveaway - Out of Uniform 1&2

As part of this months Series Spotlight, I'm going to be posting reviews for the Out of Uniform series, by Elle Kennedy, two books at a time. I will also be adding my dream cast choices for the characters in the books. :) Each time I post these there will be a giveaway. This week I'm featuring the first two books, Heat of the Moment and Heat of Passion.

Heat of the Moment
Out of Uniform #1

Short Description
Shelby has wanted Garrett for over a year now but he doesn't seem interested in her at all. Then she hears him talking to his SEAL teammate about, calling her vanilla. Now she's ready to show him exactly how she really feels about him and maybe how un-vanilla she really is!

My Review
This is a really quick sexy little read, only 68 pages. I was able to read it in an hour. I really enjoy menage scenes when they're written right and Elle definitely knows how to write one. Talk about steamy! I love her characters, they're so much fun and really funny. Shelby and Garrett are great characters, they fit perfectly together. I couldn't help but fall in love with them.

When I found this story I went a little nuts and read all of Elle's current (then) books and found the next in the series was about to release. From there on I was hooked on this series. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good sexy erotica story. I give this book 4.5 Moons!

 Purchase Links:

Check below to see who I would cast as Shelby and Garrett! :)

Shelby & Garrett

Heat of Passion
Out of Uniform #2

Short Description
Holly is looking for one night of fun after being dumped by her boyfriend and she finds that in sexy Carson. Meeting him in a nightclub was easy, getting him into a broom closet, even easier. But that was all she wanted, one night only. Now a month later she runs into Carson again at his friends wedding. The chemistry is still scorching and she wants him again, but only to play, nothing serious and he wants more. Now it's up to Carson to convince her to be his.

My Review
This is the second book in the Out of Uniform series and one of my favorites! I love Carson, he's definitely a fun character to read about and Holly is definitely his perfect match! We first meet Carson in book one, he's Garrett's friend and he participated in a little sexy fun with Garrett and Shelby. Yeah, that's all I'm saying, you'll have to read the first book to find out more about that. In this book Carson has decided it's time to settle down a little, Holly on the other hand is tired of doing things for everyone and now she just wants some fun. Now Carson needs to convince her to be with him and oh how he convinces her! ;)

Once again, I love all of Elle's characters, especially the two main ones. They're very entertaining. This story is very well written, a little short but I like short reads. Especially when written the way Elle writes. She can make a short story seem long enough and leave you totally fulfilled after reading. Her sex scenes are SMOKIN'! Seriously, the lady knows how to make you all kinds of hot and bothered! ;) 

I give this book 4.5 Moons and I recommend it to any and all erotica lovers. Especially if you like a little humor with yours. :) No go read and enjoy!

 Purchase Links:

Check below to see my dream cast for Holly and Carson!

Holly & Carson

Elle has offered up 1 e-book, winner's choice of which Out of Uniform book, to 1 lucky winner. Just fill out the rafflecopter below and make sure you comment so your vote counts. :)

And make sure you come back next week for a chance to win another e-book from this wonderful series!!!

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Susan W. said...

I haven't read an Elle Kennedy book yet. Thanks for the chance to win one!

Thanks for informing me about another great author Im adding to my TBR :)

Kaylyn D. said...

My favorite book is Heat of the Storm. I love Mackenzie! I think your dream picks are a great choice

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