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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mini Reviews/Interview/Giveaway Out of Uniform Part 3

Due to all of the fuss about pictures I will no be continuing my Dream Cast for this series. I don't have the time to find all new pictures last minute. But I will still be adding the final two Mini Reviews of books 5&6, which are Heat of the Night and The Heat In On and we have an extra special Giveaway this time! First here's a little about the books and my reviews....

Heat of the Night
Out of Uniform #5
When her long-time fiance breaks off their engagement, saying he needs to "explore other avenues," Annabelle Holmes has no trouble reading between the lines. Bryce thinks she's a prude. Funny, since when it comes to acting out sexual fantasies, he's always been the squeamish one.
Determined to prove him wrong, she sublets an apartment in San Diego, grabs pen and paper, and lists all her sexual fantasies. Intending to surprise Bryce with it as soon as possible. Only the list winds up in the wrong hands-or are they the right ones?
Navy SEAL Ryan Evans is expecting a little impromptu fun with his always-willing, blonde-and-leggy neighbor. But when he slides into her bed, he finds horrified, brunette-and-curvy Annabelle instead-along with her naughty list.
Embarrassment doesn't begin to cover it when Annabelle realizes where her list has ended up. But then Ryan makes her a delicious offer: The chance to check off every last wild, wicked item-with the help of his equally hot SEAL team buddy, Matt.
A harmless fling is easy to add to her list. Then something unexpected happens that's not so easy to cross off...

This was another of my favorites from this series. I love Elle's characters. They're always so much fun and so entertaining to read about and these two are no different. Ryan and Annabelle have such great chemistry, they're so funny together and the sex is hot Hot HOT! For me it's really hard to find an author that can write m/f/m erotica well and Elle does it very very well! I like that hers are just for fun for the characters, that they don't usually end up in a m/f/m relationship. Makes it more real for me.

Over all I love this book, I've already read it twice and I'll probably be reading it a few more times. I give it 5 Moons and recommend it to all erotica and military romance lovers. I also want to add that all of these books can work as a stand alone read. You should read them all but you don't have to. :)

The Heat Is On
Out of Uniform #6
As a Navy SEAL, Matt O’Connor specializes in Bad Boy. At least, that’s what he thinks…until he finds himself face down on the floor during a bank robbery, arguing with a sexy, bad-girl blonde who wields her sharp tongue with surgical precision.

Just like that, Matt begins to wonder if maybe the idea of settling down with one woman isn’t as crazy as he thought. 

Savannah Harte is addicted to first kisses and whirlwind romances. Once the thrill is gone, though, she’s outta there. She’s eager to follow the adrenaline rush she feels with Matt into the nearest bed, but when tangled sheets begin to feel like tangled heartstrings, her first instinct is to cut him loose. There’s only one problem: Matt’s not going anywhere. And not even a steamy threesome seems to dull her growing feelings.

Which leaves Savannah having to decide what she wants more. The casual thrill of now…or the scary thrill of forever.

This is the hottest book so far in the series! Matt and Savannah are hilarious together, their chemistry is smokin' HOT and the sex scenes in this book with melt you. Elle really outdid herself with this one! And man oh man, the m/f/m scenes in this book are some of the best I've read in a long while. It's definitely worth a re-read or a dozen!

I give this book 5 Moons and recommend it to all erotica and military romance fans! Ladies, make sure you've got a while to read this one because it's a one nighter! ;)

Interview w/ Elle

Welcome to Book Lovin’ Mamas! We’re so excited to have you here today!
I’ll start with a few questions about you first.

Q) Can you tell us 3 things (can be anything) about yourself that we can’t learn on the internet?

Let's see... Well, I have a dog named Bear who looks like Bon Jovi and a cat named Joey who’s just plain mean. My favourite food is scalloped potatoes. And I hate folding laundry.

Q) Do you have any rituals or traditions for when you start or finish a book?

That depends on how much time I have! Lately I've been so swamped that I barely have a day off between books. Ideally, I like to be able to just take some time off and clear my head before diving into something new.

Q) I love finding out what my favorite authors read. Who are your favorite authors and do you have a favorite book or series?

Iris Johansen, JR Ward, Diana Gabaldon, Danielle Steel, I could go on and on... At the moment, my favourite series are Ward’s BDB books and Cindy Gerard’s BOI books.

Q) What is your favorite part of the writing process? (research, writing certain kinds of scenes, etc.)

Probably getting to know my characters. I spend a lot of time dreaming them up, figuring out their personalities and motivations, what they look like, what they sound like...I have a lot of fun day dreaming!

Q) If you could travel anywhere, real or fiction, where would you go and what would you do there?

Lately I’m all about those little old-fashioned beach towns, with a boardwalk and pier and carnival and all that fun stuff.  My goal is to visit every quaint beach town in the world.  Also, I’m dying to tour Ireland one day—it looks absolutely gorgeous, and I have a thing for men with accents…

And now about the books. :)

Q) First I have to say I’m so excited about your upcoming release of Feeling Hot, book #7 in the Out Of Uniform series. I’ve followed the series from the release of the first one and I’M SO READY for a new one. :) Can you tell us what gave you the idea for the series or where you got your inspiration for it?

Fact: I never planned for this to become a series.  The first story, Heat of the Moment, was a short novella that appeared in a summer anthology from Samhain. After it was released, I was flooded with emails from readers asking if Carson, the third in the Heat ménage, would get his own story.  So I thought, sure, I’ll write him a story.  But I made the mistake of introducing a few more SEALs in Carson’s book (Will, Ryan and Matt) and suddenly I had readers asking about their books.

And that’s how OOU came to be.  With each novella, I ended up falling in love with a new potential hero and had no choice but to give him his own story.

Q) Can you tell us a little bit about the new addition to the series, Feeling Hot, that’s due to release from Samhain in August?

Feeling Hot might actually be my favourite of the series so far.  It’s a full-length novel rather than a novella, and it features the first hero of the four new rookies on the team.  I love Cash McCoy—not just because of the badass name, but because he’s just an all-around incredible guy.  The story pairs Cash with a quirky blonde named Jen—who also happens to be the little sister of Carson, the hero from Heat of Passion.  Cash has been ordered to keep his hands off her, but for the first time in his life, he’s having trouble following orders J

Q) If you had to choose one character or couple from the series as a favorite, who would pick and why?

But I love them all! If I had to...I'd probably choose Carson and Holly.  I loved their dialogue and how fun and sarcastic they both are.  But Jane and Becker from Heat It Up are a close second.  Jane is so candid and sassy it’s hard not to love her.

Q) And finally, I have to ask, any hot insider details about Feeling Hot you wanna give us? I’m dying for a little taste. ;)

Get ready for a little man-on-man action ;)

Thank you so much for letting me pick your brain a little. It’s always a blast getting to know more about a favorite author!

Thanks for having me on the blog J

Ok, I've been promising that this final give away for our July Spotlight would be awesome and let me tell you, it really is! One winner will not only win a paperback copy of Hot and Bothered, the first 2 books in the series, they'll also win an ARC of Feeling Hot, Out of Uniform #7, which is due to release August 21! And let me tell you, that book is HOT(review coming soon)!!! Please fill out the rafflecopter below and make sure you leave a comment so you'll be qualified to win! :)

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Christine said...

I loved the book blurbs and reviews. Definitely more books to add to my TBR list! Thanks for the giveaway and for being a part of the blog hop.


Cecilia83 said...

Great interview and the blurb... thanks for this giveaway.

thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway.

tammy ramey

Thanks for having great giveaways!

Nice interview. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope
it's international.

Susan W. said...

Thanks for the great interview! I have got to get these books!
Thanks for the giveaway!


wonderful interview. Thanks for the great giveaway!

jessiel said...

Thank you for the post. I love your books! Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

flchen1 said...

*Drool* Elle, can't wait to see what you've got in store for this series! Thanks for the great peek!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

LM said...

Hot! can't wait to read these!

Nice interview. Thanks for the giveaway I Cant Wait To Read Them. butterfli262002(at)yahoo(dot)com

Rissa said...

Great Blurb!!
raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

books4me said...

I am SO glad this became a series!! I love, Love, LOVE reading about men in uniform!

thank you for a great giveaway!

Great interview. These books sound really good, and I'd love to read them. I really like stories about military men. Thanks for having the giveaway.

Angela said...

Hope I can win :)

Anonymous said...

How did I not know about these books already?! They sound so great. :)

Barbara said...

FAB interview! LOVED the blurbs...can't wait to read MORE! Thx for the giveaway op :)

barbbattaglia @

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