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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cover Lust (9)

Welcome to Cover Lust, a weekly meme hosted by Book Lovin' Mamas specifically for showing off those Oh-So-Sexy book covers that we find ourselves drooling over. 

Some credit goes to The Book Queen for our inspiration with her Lusting for Covers Meme. 

To participate in the Cover Lust Meme: 
~~Become a Follower of Book Lovin' Mamas (thru...GFC, Linky, Email).
~~ ~~Create a post on your blog showing off your Sexy Cover for this week.
~~ Make sure to submit your link below so everyone can check out your Cover Lust. 
That's it...very simple...and oh-so-sexy. 

We look forward to seeing all the Cover Lust you all post.

(Warning: About to go total fan girl on this post ;)
So if you know me, you know I LOVE Lora's Nauti series (specifically Natches and Chaya's book Nauti Dreams) and I've been waiting entirely too long for her Nautier and Wilder Anthology with Jaci Burton to release!!! With that coming up pretty soon, if you want to call December soon (I do!!!), I was admiring the cover for that book and noticed this one. I was like WHAT?!?!?!?! I thought, for some insane reason that this book wasn't releasing until next year so I totally lost kids thought I did at least....and started jumping up and down screaming a new one a new one, finally a freakin' new one!!! So neeedless to say I am SO EXCITED for this book and if it lives up to her others, the Nauti Boys series, then I'm gonna be hooked!!! And I guess since this is the Cover Lust Meme, I should say that the cover is so awesome, and sexy and totally lives up to my way too high standards for Lora's books. ;) Anyways, check it out, stare at it for hours if you must, and make sure you add it to your TBR list or better yet just go order it now like I did.

Nauti Temptress
Nauti Girls #1
by: Lora Leigh
Expected Release Date: 11/6/12

The first in an all new spinoff series of the New York Times bestselling Nauti Boys series, now featuring the Nauti Girls.

Abigail Foxe was the communications expert. The nightmare of
her captivity still fills her with fear. But now on the calm waters of
Cumberland Lake, she has hope for the future. It begins with the
exquisite touch of Brogan Connors, ex-Marine haunted by memories of
war, looking for solitude in his family’s old farm, and in the heart of a
fragile woman. However, the past is about to invade Abigail’s peace,
threatening her life and that of the man she loves—as desire and danger
are locked in an inescapable embrace.

I came upon this cover from Heroes & Heartbreakers last week when I saw their newsletter of September releases.  I could not stop staring at this cover.  Isn't it hot?!
I just love how the girl is stripping the guy of his shirt.  Sexy!
Oh yes...this is a must read for me next month.  I'm going to start reading the first 3 books because I know I will love them.  These will be my first books from Karina Cooper.  And I have a feeling I'm going to adore her books.  =)

Sacrifice the Wicked
(Dark Mission #4)
by: Karina Cooper

Parker Adams has always done what’s expected of her . . . until a double agent with nothing to lose ignites a passion she doesn’t dare give in to.

Mission Agent Simon Wells is everything Parker Adams has been trained to fight: manipulator, murderer, spy… witch. But for her, what makes Simon most dangerous is his mesmerizing sexual magnetism, powerful enough to tempt even the famed ice queen of the Mission. Though she knows better, each encounter with the deceptive agent leaves her craving more.

Simon isn’t a man to let go of what’s his, and his pursuit forces Parker, a woman he can’t get out from under his skin, to make a stand that could destroy her. If they can work together, they might survive the politics that have enslaved their devastated world—or fall victim to the pitfalls of desperation, bone-deep mistrust, and a hunger that threatens to consume them.

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