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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: "Wildfire Kiss" by Claudy Conn

Wildfire Kiss
Publishing Date: 8/27/12
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance
Source: Provided by Author (Smashwords)

Lady Babs had already done one unforgivable thing: she had written a novel. It was under a pseudonym, of course, but the story she’d thought would sell only a few copies to help stave off her father’s creditors was becoming a sensation. Passion’s Seed had the beau monde in a panic, because it was all about ‘them’! If it were ever revealed that she, one of the aristocracy’s own, was the author, she would be ruined.

Now she was contemplating doing something equally scandalous. The ‘rules’ dictated that, as a woman, she had to wait until marriage to enjoy pleasures men were allowed when single. Lady Babs, however, had other ideas, for she had fallen in love with the man known as Lord Wildfire, a dashing duke with a penchant for the ladies but not for marriage.

But while she yearned for Lord Wildfire, another man lusted after her. And Sir Edward was willing to go to any lengths to make her his—including following his hunch that Lady Babs was somehow involved in the publication of Passion’s Seed …
My Review:
I love historical romances and "Wildfire Kiss" definitely is an amazing regency historical romance that I had a hard time putting down.  The Duke actually prevented me from working on college assignments last week...but that was okay because the Duke was VERY worth it.  
Lady Babs has written a book, but she's trying to keep it a secret that she wrote it.  She never thought her book would be a big success and now she really has to keep it hush, hush that she wrote it otherwise it could make her family upset and ruin her reputation.  She just wanted to help her father out when she wrote it.
She's on her third season out, and she's trying everything to stay away from getting married to the suitors that her father and her Aunt want her to marry because she just wants to have fun. She knows she should get married before enjoying pleasures with a man, but Lord Wildfire otherwise known as Duke of Barrington is hard to resist when she first meets him.  Even Lord Wildfire is having a hard time resisting to the beautiful Lady Babs.  
There is another man, Sir Edward, lusting after Lady Babs though and he will do at anything to win her over and make her his wife.  
Lady Babs is going to have to make Sir Edward realize though that she is in love with another.  Of course Sir Edward is going to do the unthinkable to get Lady Babs for his own.
My thoughts on Wildfire Kiss are of course that I loved it.  I think I already said that in the beginning, but I thought I say it again.  =)  Claudy Conn's writing style is amazing. I actually found myself imagining going back in time when reading this book.  I love the regency romance genre and Claudy's book definitely kept me clicking on my Kindle to finish the book.  =)
I absolutely adored the Duke or aka Lord Wildfire.  His name "Wildfire" has a meaning, but you will have to read to find out why he is called that.  =)  He had certain qualities that suckered me in just like Lady Babs was suckered in.  
Lady Babs, is a female character I definitely clicked with because she did not let anyone change her when she went out during the season.  She had her Aunt trying to convince her she needed to be with a certain male gentleman, but Lady Babs just wanted to do her own thing.  Lady Babs even convinced her cousin on finding love when she was meant to.  
This is a book I do plan on reading it again because I know I will miss the characters.  
I highly recommend this to historical romance readers and readers who love the regency style romances.  You will fall in love with the Duke and Lady Babs just like I did.  
You also will fall in love with Claudy Conn's writing style and will want to read her other books that she has written.
I'm excited to meet Claudy Conn next year at the Indie Romance Convention.  If you want information on the Convention and Claudy just click the image below.  =) 

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