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Friday, November 16, 2012

Review & Giveaway "Magnolia by Caraolina Garcia-Aguilera

Publishing Date: 10/1/12 (B&B Press)
Publisher: B&B Press
Genre: Chick Lit
Source: Provided by Book Publicist
Purchase at B&B Press
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On a hot, sultry August afternoon, twenty-two-year-old Magnolia Larson finds herself sitting on a barstool at the Miami Sports Bar, nursing a rum and Coke and having to decide whether to remain in Miami or return home to Minneapolis. Suddenly, a very attractive, beautifully dressed woman sits on the barstool next to her and introduces herself as a sports agent. Almost out of money and with no prospects of making any, Magnolia is intrigued by the sports agent’s proposal to train as a “sports geisha,” a high-priced hooker for elite athletes. While making a great deal of money, Magnolia would acquire skills that will serve her well throughout her life--learning languages, studying the pressures elite athletes are under with a sports psychologist, and getting into top-notch physical shape--but the decision isn't as simple as it seems. The offer allows Magnolia to remain in Miami while enjoying a huge payday. But can a conservative Catholic girl from the Midwest transform herself into a courtesan? And if she does, at what personal cost?
My Review:
I went into reading "Magnolia" thinking that I would not like it since it was not the normal genre that I read, but I ended up enjoying it.  IYou'll usually find me reading paranormal or erotica books.  I am glad I got a chance to read "Magnolia" and read a book written by Carolina Garcia Aguilera.

Magnolia Larson moved all the way from Miami from Minneapolis because her boyfriend moved down there and she went with him.  One hot night in Miami, she decides to leave Fred, her boyfriend, since he has changed drastically since they moved.  Now she finds herself not knowing what to do with her life.  She has tried everything to find a job in Miami, but nothing has come up.  Now she's forced to decide if she will fly back home to Minneapolis since she purchased a ticket ahead of time just in case.
She decides to go to a sports bar and think about what she's going to do.  Fate happens and a sports agent by the name of Oona gives her, her card and asks Magnolia to stop by her office since she has a proposal that Magnolia may not be able to refuse.
Magnolia decides to give Oona a chance and comes to find out that Oona wants Magnolia as a edge to her business since Oona is a sports agent and does not want to lose any of her male clients, she decides Magnolia will help her out by becoming the athletes "go to" person for anything they need to help them.
Magnolia will be taken care of by Oona's company as long as Magnolia follows the rules if she accepts the offer.
Magnolia will have to give up her normal life to become what Oona wants and she has to decide quickly....

"Magnolia" is a very well-written chick lit novel that definitely was a very enjoyable read.  I was amazed on how much information that Carolina Garcia-Aguilera put in towards the book.  She definitely put a lot of research into it.  Made me wonder how athletes lives really are after reading this book.  They definitely have it tough and even the sports agents have it tough to keep their clients happy.

Magnolia definitely helped out Oona and her clients and there were a lot of clients that were talked about in this book. I especially like the one involving the race car driver.
I felt terrible for Magnolia though since she kept her life hidden from her family and really could not date anyone while she was being a what she called herself a "sports geisha".
Now I have to wonder what happened next to Magnolia since the ending left me hanging.  There was so much more that needed to be answered, but I can tell Carolina did it on purpose.  I just hope Magnolia got her happily ever after eventually.  She did deserve it.

If you like reading chick lit, you'll definitely enjoy this book by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera.

I received a complimentary copy of "Magnolia" from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  

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