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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blog Tour: "The Cat's Meow" by Stacey Kennedy (Guest Post/Review/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to Stacey Kennedy today where she shares her Top Ten on her Bucket List that she really wants to do.  I (FranJessca) also share my review of Stacey Kennedy's latest release "The Cat's Meow", which is her first book in the Witch's Brew Series from Entangled Publishing.  

Stacey Kennedy’s novels are lighthearted fantasy with heart-squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again. But within the stories you’ll also find fast-paced action, life-threatening moments, and a big bad villain who needs to be destroyed. She lives in Southwestern Ontario with her husband and two children. If she’s not plugging away at a new story—which is rare because her muse is annoying—you’ll find her camping, curling up with the latest flick, or obsessing over Sons of Anarchy, Games of Thrones, Supernatural and Dexter.

Stacey welcomes comments from readers. You can find her at:

Huge thanks to Book Lovin' Mamas for letting me stop by today and share my Bucket List. Admittedly, this list is very long, but today I’ll give you a look at ten that I really, really, want to do!

1. Travel Europe.
2. Go ghost hunting.
3. Party at Mardi Gras!
4. Purchase/or build a log cabin.
5. Do one thing that terrifies me. (ie. zip-lining)
 6. Take a cruise in Alaska.
7. Purchase a Volkswagen Beetle convertible.
8. See the savannah and wild life in South Africa.
9. Take a vacation to a Hedonism Resort.
10. Go Horseback Riding in Swan Valley, Montana.
The Cat's Meow
(Witch's Brew, #1)
by: Stacey Kennedy
Publishing Date: 12/13/12
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Source: Provided by Publisher
Read Excerpt HERE

A good witch always has a kick-ass back-up plan. 
Libby is an Enchantress—a witch gifted by the Goddess to conjure spells. When a magical presence is detected around a recent string of feline slayings, Libby takes the case to uncover the reasons behind the odd deaths. Much to her displeasure, the coven also sends a sexy warlock, Kale, to assist her. 
While having the muscle around proves to be useful, fighting the attraction between them is worse than a hex, especially considering Kale is keeping secrets. But soon, Libby has bigger problems than the elusive warlock when her spells turn up clues that point to something far more sinister than slaughtered cats. 
Now Libby has landed herself in the midst of an uprising. She trusts no one and isn’t safe—not from the warlocks stirring up trouble. Not from the worrisome rebellion she can’t escape. And certainly not from Kale, who is weaving a very dangerous spell over her heart.
My Review:
Let me get this off my chest first....I am in LOVE with KALE!!  Oh my goodness...he is going on my HOTTIE List for Book Boyfriends this year and maybe for ALL time.  Okay..enough of drooling over the sexy warlock....FOR NOW.  =)  
Stacey Kennedy writes an amazing first book to her Witch's Brew series that will make you want more after you read it.  You will fall in love with the characters. I know I did.  You will even enjoy the humor, magic, action, and romance in this book.  
Seriously...I LOVE Stacey Kennedy and her books and The Cat's Meow is going on my TOP list of books from her...and believe me it is difficult to pick because every book I have read from her is FRIGGIN' amazing.  

Libby is one female character, who can seriously kick butt with her crafty spells and amazing witty remarks that may sometimes get her in trouble, but of course every one cannot help but love her.  She is very over-protective of her best friend, but she has her reasons and she does not trust WARLOCKS due her past.  And they definitely are really good reasons why she should not trust them...until one sexy warlock is about to change her mind about them.  
Kale...the mystery warlock who supposedly is new to Charleston, but Libby has no idea why he is here and what he really is.  All she knows, is this sexy Warlock is hard to get out of her head.  He comes from wherever he came from to help her with a case that is leading to another bigger case.  
Both Libby and Kale must find out what is happening in Charleston and put a stop to the bigger dilemma soon.  
Of course Libby is about to find out the real motives behind where is Kale is and it may be for her benefit or it may make her hate warlocks even more.  

Seriously..if you have not added this to our TBR list, you need to.  If you are a Urban Fantasy addict like I am that enjoys this genre with a little bit of romance to it, you'll definitely enjoy "The Cat's Meow".  
Stacey Kennedy did a bang up job on "The Cat's Meow" and I am still in shock with the truth behind what was happening in Charleston and who was behind everything and also what happened at the ending. not get me started with the truth of Kale.  I think I fell in love even more with him.

I highly recommend "The Cat's Meow" and give it 5 Full Moons.  I look forward to the next installment in this series and getting more of Libby and Kale....especially sexy, hottie, Kale.  *sigh*  

Thanks Stacey for giving me another fictional character to drool over and have fantasies not tell hubby.  =)  He already thinks my list is too long.  

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Now here's your chance to win a digital copy of "The Cat's Meow" from the publisher.
Just fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.
Winner will be announced on 1/16.
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I love the top 10 list, although I'm most intimidated by the visit to a hedonism resort... Thanks for the great review, I'm looking forward to reading the Cat's Meow :) Book Savvy Babe

Stacey said...

BAH! I'm so intimidated too, which is exactly why it's on the Bucket List. LOL!

Victoria said...

What a glowing review! I've been checking this out on the blogs and it looks great. How many books do you think this series will have?

Emily said...

Thanks for the great review! I love the bucket list, I have a few of those on mine as well, but after this summer, I'll be able to cross Alaska off my list!

Stacey said...


Three books for sure, but could be four. I'm not a all, so I won't know until I get deeper into the series! ;)

veRONIca said...

I really like #5 especially the ziplinigng example. I've always wanted to go but am definitely afraid lol

Stacey said...

Thanks everyone for stopping in! ;-D

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