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Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Forbidden Love and Other Stories" by Gilly Fraser (Guest Post/Review)

Today we have Gilly Fraser here sharing with us one of the world's greatest romantics! Plus I've included my 4.5 Moon review of her book Forbidden Love and Other Stories, so check that out as well! 

Hi - I’m really happy to be here as a guest at Book Lovin Mama’s on this very special day. Why so special? Because January 25th is the birthday of one of the world’s greatest romantics - Scotland’s favourite poet Robert Burns.

If you’re not familiar with his work, let me tell you, you’re in for a treat - he wrote some of the sweetest, most passionate, most inspirational love poems in existence. However - you may need a glossary to help you through as most are written in broad Scots!

He wasn’t just a poet though - he was a real folk-hero. Not because he was any kind of saint - far from it! In fact Robert Burns could out-do just about any of the bad-boy heroes we love so much in romantic fiction. Fidelity wasn’t his strong suit - and his list of sweethearts could have filled several little black books. He must have done something right though -because his loyal wife Jean Armour stuck with him through everything - and loved him to the end of his life. Despite his many dalliances, he obviously loved her just as much, and said so loud and clear in some of his most beautiful poems.

It’s more than two hundred and fifty years since he was born, yet Scots the world over still gather to celebrate his birthday every year. It’s not because he was a world leader or because he won awards or because he invented anything to help mankind. No - we Scots still love him because he spoke right to our hearts - and you can’t get much more romantic than that.

Creating the hero is always one of the most enjoyable bits of writing for me, and I know I’ve got a good one if I fall a little bit in love with him myself. I reckon if I based one on Robert Burns - I’d fall in love with him a whole lot!

So - may I just finish by saying - happy Burns day to everyone. May it be a truly romantic one for us all!

Forbidden Love and Other Stories
Author: Gilly Fraser
Publisher: Gilly Fraser
Release Date: 10/9/11
Genre: Romance
Source: Provided by Author
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Author’s Website:

Four very different stories of love and loss.

Forbidden Love: Rock Star Jake Lee is drawn back to his roots and the girl who first inspired him. But is it too late? 

Slippery When Wet: When the man of her fantasy suddenly appears is it a dream come true or a nightmare for Maxine? 

The Great Pretender: A tale of love and retribution played out through the ages.

Melissa and the Cowboy: Lust can happen along at the most inappropriate moment...

I was very pleasantly surprised by this collection of short stories! A lot of short stories leave me wishing for more but all four of these stories were written well enough that I was quite happy when finishing them. Yes, I wish there was more but I think that's because I really enjoyed this authors style of writing and I'm wishing for more to read. Her story lines are well written, no extra information thrown in to confuse or bore you and her characters are quirky and entertaining. Each story has it's own unique charms and I loved that Ms. Fraser threw in more than a few different sub-genre's in these stories. 

The first story has a hint of paranormal but it's mostly a contemporary theme. I love the dream lovers aspect of this story! It was very sexy!!! And come on, what guy wouldn't fall in love if a beautiful mermaid wound up in his pool? ;) 

The second story and the longest of the four, is straight contemporary with a sexy rock star. This one was the only one that I wasn't 100% happy with but that's just because Jake was a bit of a jerk to Jo with just popping up like that but he was funny enough to sway me. 

The third story is another one with a paranormal aspect, some suspense and it teases you a little with the mention of a highlander but then jumps to the future. I was a little sad we didn't get to meet Andrew as a highlander. ;) 

And finally the fourth story is another   contemporary themed story. This one has a sexy Texan who's rumored to be taking over the beautiful Borders  valley and plans to build a "grotesque theme park." I found this one to be another favorite, what with the handsome Texan, I do so love those Texan men, going after the angry Scot woman. It was very entertaining! :)

Overall, I'd say this was a great read! I would recommend it to any romance fan but beware, you'll be left wanting more from this author! I definitely want more but I'd love to read something a bit longer than these though anything would do! So I beg of you Gilly Fraser, please give me more! :)


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