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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review & Spotlight - "Concealed Desire" by Eden Summers + Giveaway

Welcome to our Virtual book tour stop of "Concealed Desire" by Eden Summers.
Concealed Desire
by: Eden Summers
Publishing Date: 1/23/13
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | ARe | Kobo

A love that breaks all the rules…
Since her first day at work, Beth Graison has been in love with Dean Sutherland—the “Son” in Sutherland & Son. Although he’s an unrepentant player, there’s an unmistakable connection between them, and she knows he feels it too. But she’s not about to risk her career for any man, especially one with an office right down the hall whom she works with every day.
Dean Sutherland doesn’t do love, but he does do women. And he hasn’t felt more than sexual attraction for any woman until Beth. Entirely feminine, smart, and with a natural beauty beyond compare, she makes him think about all kinds of uncomfortable things—like a future and happiness—things he knows from experience are pure fiction.
When his father, the “Sutherland” in Sutherland & Son, propositions Beth to be more than just an employee, Dean can’t keep her at arm’s length any longer. But he doesn’t expect the scorching kiss they share, or the idea that forms when he holds her in his arms. Can he stop his father’s manipulating game by making the first move on Beth? Or will his reputation as a womanizer make him just one more Sutherland she wants to ignore?
 photo 45moons.png
My Review:
This is my second book by Eden Summers that I have read and she definitely kept me turning the pages again.  "Conceal Desire" is one sexy, steamy emotional book that will make your emotions go haywire.  I know there were times I wanted to go through the book and slap some characters around for what they were doing or not doing.  (One character who seriously was going to get slapped was Max Sutherland....I despised him)

Beth Graison has worked at Sutherland & Son for awhile now and she has always respected the Sutherland guys at work...until Max Sutherland gives her a proposition, which makes her question his integrity and it bothers her more than it should.  She then becomes traumatized on what Max offers her and ends up doing something that is not normal of her doing.  Dean Sutherland, son of Max Sutherland, ends up helping her out because he has never seen Beth out of sorts.  He has always seen her smiling and hard at work in the company.
Beth has been in love with Dean since the first day she started working at the company.  Unfortunately, Dean is her boss and he has been labeled as a player with the ladies. Beth does not want to get involved with a boss and does not want to ruin her career.  Until, the one day that Dean helps her, she realizes that Dean may have another side that other women do not know about.  She's not sure if their connection is real and if Dean is just playing her around like the other women.  Beth is about to find out how Dean really feels about her.

I do not want to tell more about the storyline because I am afraid I'll give too much away.  I loved reading "Concealed Desire".  I could have read it in one sitting, but of course having two girls and a husband who love to interrupt while I'm was not possible this week.
Dean Sutherland was one sexy male, who definitely could win me over anytime.  He was such a sweetie with Beth, even when he did not know what to say because he never was in a relationship before.
Beth though was hard headed when it came to Dean and I wish she would have listened to what Dean had to say in the beginning.
I was a little upset on what Dean's father, Max was trying to propose to Beth and I was even more upset with what Dean's father did before to Dean.  What kind of Dad does that to their son and he wondered why Dean did not want to be close to him?  Grrrr!!

Eden Summers definitely is one author who is an auto buy for me.  Her first book I read, "Sneaking a Peek" had me jumping in a cold shower after I read it and "Concealed Desire" definitely had its moments as well.
If you are a fan of Eden Summers previous books you will definitely love "Concealed Desire".
I recommend this book to contemporary romance readers out there everywhere.

-The best part of the book was the ending with what Dean kept doing to Beth whenever he asked her something.  (You'll have to read it to find out)-
 photo Fransig1.png
I live in regional New South Wales, Australia with my two highly energetic sons and a husband I don't deserve (in a good way). I've been an avid romance reader for years, falling in love with fictional hero's left, right and center. It wasn't until early 2011 that I decided to add to my pastime of reading and reviewing and take my own writing seriously. I joined the Australian Romance Writers Association. The hunky men and sassy women who dominate my daydreams are now being put to paper, eagerly awaiting their moment in the limelight. Hopefully one day in the near future I will have something hot and sweet published and available to share with the world.
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June M. said...

I can't wait to read this book Eden! Congrats on your latest release. I wonder if the elder Sutherland has propositioned Beth just to get Dean to go for her? Guess I will find out, lol.

Hi, Eden is a new author for me. The book sounds like a really good read. I will add it to my TBR stack. Thanks,
lorih824 at yahoo dot com

Julie said...

I can't wait to read this book!

Julie K

Would Love to win this..... I have this book in my TBR list and this giveaway is just to cool!!!

SdyLion said...

I think that you are a great author and this book looks great. Enter me in a contest. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

LM said...

Can't wait-- already have this on my wishlist!

The book sounds great; can't wait to read it.

Love the book cover and very interesting description of the story.

pc said...

Sounds like a wonderful read...thanks for sharing!
ivegotmail8889 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Joanne said...

Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. I put it at the top of my wishlist.

Kamla L. said...

Eden Summers is a 'new-to-me' author. Concealed Desire sounds like a great book to get to know the author by. Thanks for the introduction !

Kamla L. said...

Eden Summers is a 'new-to-me' author. Concealed Desire sounds like a great book to get to know her by. Thanks for the introduction!

Thank you all for stopping by and commenting on my tour.

I hope you decide to give Concealed Desire a try.

Dean is a bit of a hottie. :)

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