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Thursday, May 16, 2013

ARC Review - "Primal Passion" by Mari Carr & Lila Dubois

Primal Passion
(Trinity Master #2)
Author: Mari Carr & Lila Dubois
Publisher: Farm Boy Press 
Release Date: 4/28/13
Genre: Erotic Romance
Source: Provided by Author

There is passion and power in three…

Deni Parker thinks she’s got it all figured out. Working on the cutting edge of science, she has little time for anything but work. Luckily she doesn't have to bother with dating because she's a member of the Trinity Masters—a secret society that has not only helped her career, but which will identify the two people with whom she'll spend the rest of her life in an arranged ménage marriage. When her invitation to the introduction ceremony is delivered—years ahead of when she expected—by the very intimidating, and far too handsome, Price Bennett, Deni’s more than a little unprepared.

Price didn't join the Trinity Masters to play messenger. As CEO of a major security firm and heir to one of the largest fortunes in the world, he’s annoyed when the Grand Master orders him to transport the disorganized, virgin scientist to the ceremony to meet her partners. It's only when they arrive that Price realizes he isn't a mere messenger—he’s been matched with Deni.

FBI Agent Gunner Wells has been in love with Deni for years, but he’s resisted pursuing her. When he arrives at his introduction ceremony, he's delighted to discover Deni is not only a member of the secret society, but one of his partners…along with billionaire playboy, Price Bennett.

Their strong personalities clash—in the bedroom and out of it—but Price and Gunner have to put aside their overprotectiveness, and Deni must put aside her pride, when someone tries to stop her research—with deadly methods.

Ooh la la, this book is HOTT!!! And when I say hot, I mean so hot my husband asked me why I was blushing while I was reading! LOL This is a great read, especially if you like those sweet but also very dominant males! These two guys knocked my socks off! I think I’m in love!!!

Deni is a super smart science nerd who lives for her research and that’s pretty much it, which is why she’s ever been in a relationship and is still a virgin. But she feels she has time and doesn’t need to date because one day she will be called by the Trinity Masters to meet her two perfect partners the grand master has chosen for her. Then she gets her letter early and is placed with two equally dominant and powerful men. Men she has absolutely no idea how to handle!

Price and Gunner are the ultimate alpha males. Price being a billionaire who is the CEO of his own security company and Gunner who is an FBI agent have been paired with sweet shy virgin Deni. Gunner is elated since he already knew her but Price isn’t so sure. Together they must come together to build a strong lasting relationship and along the way they must each learn their roles in that relationship.

Gunner and Price! OH. MY. GOD. I seriously LOVED them! Not only are they demanding (in a good way) and totally dominating but they are sweet and caring and totally taken with Denise. It's really sweet! And I really enjoyed Deni! She's no pushover so it was fun seeing her challenge her men. She really had them wrapped around her little finger!

This was a great read! I recommend this to ALL erotica lovers! You haven't read erotica until you've read these two ladies! This series is unique and so so sexy and seriously, the characters are fantastic! I'm SO looking forward to the next book in this series and I would LOVE to see more m/m action in the future. This one hints at it but not very much! I just think it would take it to a whole new level! :) I'm looking forward to reading more ladies, now hurry and get the next one done...PLEASE!!! ;)

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