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Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Tour: "Caged Heat" by Milly Taiden (Spotlight)

Welcome to our Virtual book tour stop on Milly Taiden's "Caged Heat" brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours.
Sharp Change
(Black Meadow Pack #1)
by: Milly Taiden
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Word Count: 39,232

Thoughts of Chase, the Alpha of the Black Meadows pack, made her heart torpedo in her chest and rockets go off in her stomach. The better-than-a-sundae delicious-looking man with golden brown skin, enough muscles he could share them with his friends and still have left over, turned her to a puddle of goo.

The man had so much sex appeal her girl parts were ready to lift a white flag in surrender just by looking at him, even thinking of him made her tongue wag. Looking at him was like viewing a shot of your favorite dessert and knowing you couldn’t get your hands on it.
Caged Heat
(Black Meadow Pack #2)
by: Milly Taiden
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

After five years travelling through third world countries to teach impoverished children, Samira Suarez has returned home to Black Meadows. What Sam didn’t expect was to be instantly overwhelmed by the desire to be with the one man she’s wanted since she was a teen, Riel Karven.

Riel has been patiently waiting for Sam’s return. For five long years he’s backed off and watched her come and go. This is it. His mate is back, and he’s taking a stand.

Sam’s need for Ry grows to unimaginable proportions. It’s almost as if she were in heat. But she’s a human…isn’t she?

There’s more at stake than Sam and Ry’s future relationship when she inherits her grandmother’s estate. One of her many relatives wants her out of the way. It’s going to take all of Ry’s determination and help from his friends to keep her alive. And it’s going to take delving into her past to find out why a human is going into mating heat.

Sam woke with a start. She was drenched in sweat, and her hair was plastered to her face. Something had disturbed her sleep. She stood and walked toward her window. The moon was out, and she had the sudden urge to strip and walk outside.
What the hell? She wondered if her brain had been damaged during her time in Brazil. She rubbed her hand over her arm, feeling the bumps from the scar of her wound. She’d been bitten by a wolf in the jungle. She rotated her wrist, wincing at the pull from the muscle. She’d always have the scars there. Thankfully, she’d gotten every shot known to man after it happened, and she didn’t feel any different.
Next door, a man was swimming laps in his pool. Her breath caught in her chest. The pool was well lit. She openly gawked at his toned, muscled body as he sliced through the water. His powerful legs pushed him forward while his arm muscles contracted with every stroke. There was a tattoo on the man’s back. It was big, but she couldn’t quite make it out with all his movements.
A strange heat coursed through her body and settled in her womb. She inhaled, closed her eyes, and was shocked by what she smelled. A combination of man, fierce need, and untamed animal invaded her senses. Oh god. Something was definitely wrong with her. What should she do? Call a doctor? A vet? A priest? A battle of wills ensued between her mind and her hormones. Her hormones won by a landslide, and she took another peek down at the man in the pool. Her nipples pebbled, her pussy clenched, and her breath hitched. He stopped swimming and glanced at her window. Panic swarmed her. She hadn’t turned on the lights, and her room was enveloped in darkness. Could he see her? She hoped not. From where he was she made out his features clearly. Was that…? Holy shit! It was him. The only man she’d ever wanted so badly she went mute around him. Riel Karven. He was her neighbor?
His gaze was stuck on her window. And hers was stuck on his body. His big, sexy body. She ate him up slowly as her vision roamed down his muscular torso. He’d gotten much bigger since the last time she’d seen him five years ago. Bigger and hotter. A soft whimper slipped through her lips. He stalked toward the edge of the pool in her direction as if he were coming for her. She took hasty steps back and away from the window. It didn’t matter that she was in a second story with a yard between them.
She continued to move away from the window until her back hit the bedroom door. For a second there, he’d looked like he was going to leap up to her window and—and what?
It caught her by surprise that Riel lived right next door to her. She’d been in lust with the man since she had seen him the first time when she was a teenager. If she weren’t so socially inept, she might know more about him than just how hot he was. And boy was he hot. He was also a wolf shifter and really dangerous.
With her skin blazing a white-hot fire, she went into the bathroom attached to her room. A shower would help her…or she’d internally combust. She felt flushed under her tanned skin. Was she running a fever? Maybe she really was sick. Or maybe she was just a pervert lusting after her neighbor. Sucia! Yeah, she was a very dirty-minded girl.
After she turned on the shower, she stripped off the sweaty pajamas. When the cool water caressed her skin, she moaned at the wonderful sensation. Every pore in her body sighed in happiness. She shut her eyes, let the water drip over her head, and automatically pictured the sexy werewolf from across the yard.
She panted, the sounds reverberating in the small, enclosed space. Her breathing turned erratic as air fought its way in and out of her lungs. She visualized him touching her. The only thing filling her mind were images of his hands fondling her breasts and squeezing at her nipples. Desire rose like a wave, urging her to go next door and get him. When she glanced down, her own hands mimicked the touches he gave her in the fantasy. She whimpered. She trailed a hand down her stomach and dipped between her thighs into her pussy lips. Fire rushed down to her core. Panting and almost buckling, she drew circles over her clit, flicking on the engorged nubbin. It took an insurmountable force of will to bite down on her lip to keep from calling out to him.
Cool water kept the fire inside her under control while she played with herself. She used two fingers to pierce her sex. She squeezed at her breast and pinched her nipple hard. White spots danced before her eyes, growing wider and brighter with each thrust of her fingers into her pussy. Arousal licked at her skin. Visions of Riel biting, sucking, and taking her increased the tension in her womb.
Widening her stance, she deepened the penetration of her fingers and flicked her thumb over her clit. Breathy whimpers rushed up her throat and out of her mouth. She quickened her fingers, and then she shattered. One loud moan and her body shook. Knees buckling, she slid down the wall until she was sitting on the tub, gasping for air. The cool water continued to rain over her heated skin. Good god. She really needed to get laid.
After she walked out of the bathroom dressed in her robe. Temptation called her back to the window. Taking quiet steps, she peered out of the window to the side facing Riel’s yard. There was no one there.
Movement made her turn her head. A big brown wolf ran into his yard from the woods. The animal seemed massive. His large body was covered in thick, light-brown fur. He had teeth that could probably slice and dice better than her grandmother’s Japanese knives. She gaped at him, wishing she were up close to see how big he really was. The wolf stopped and looked up at her window. He howled and moved toward a lounge chair.
And he shifted into one very naked, human Riel.
She gulped. His back was to her, and his perfect body flexed. Holy shit, he had the sexiest ass ever. The tattoo she’d seen on his back earlier was clearer now. A large wolf head drawn in tribal ink took over his entire back. It appeared to be staring right at her, and damn did it make her shiver. When Riel sat down, she almost fell out of the window. His cock was thick, long, and fully erect.
Dios mio. He lay down on the lounger and stroked his cock. Well, damn. She was now a peeper and didn’t give a shit. Her mouth watered, and her thoughts turned to getting down on all four and sucking him off.
Don’t stop. I want to watch you come. As if he’d heard her thoughts, his gaze strayed back to her window. He wrapped a large hand around his cock and continued to jerk off. Beads of precum gathered at the top of his dick. He used it to lubricate his shaft and then went back to thrusting his cock into his grip. She licked at her dry lips, gawking in fascination.
His jerks increased in pace, and her breath hitched. Gripping the window ledge, she panted in unison with his jerks. He shifted until his cock was pointed to the side. Finally, he threw his head back and growled. His semen shot out, and he continued to milk his cock. Goodness. That was so hot.
His chest rose as he took a deep breath and shot up in his seat. She stepped back in a panic, wondering if he’d seen her. Out of its own volition, her body moved to the window again. He grabbed a towel and headed to the back entrance of his house.
“Wow.” If there was a nosy neighbor award, she’d definitely win it. But who the hell cared? She had just visually intruded in Riel’s private self-pleasure moment and didn’t even feel a little bad about it. He was hot, and she’d gladly spend another year volunteering in the jungle if it meant she’d get to have him as her form of sexual release.
Milly Taiden was born in the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. She grew up between New York, Florida and Massachusetts. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband, bossy young son and their little dog Speedy. 

She began writing when she learned to put words together and her first book consisted of two homeless dogs living in a park for her second grade English class. She didn’t win a prize, but she acquired a love for writing that never went away. 

When she’s not working full-time, texting with her best friend Heidi in England, chastising her son for pulling the dog’s ears, shopping with her sister Jewel or watching scary movies with her husband, she can be found writing on her laptop. She’s addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate and Dunkin Donuts coffee. A major reader when she can get her hands on a good book, she loves reading all Mina Carter, Cynthia Eden, Cynthia Sax among others.


Joanne said...

Congrats on the release. Caged Heat sounds fantastic, a great addition to a wonderful series. Thanks for the great Spotlight and hot excerpt.


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