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Friday, May 24, 2013

Kathye Quick's Braeden and Janne Blog Tour (Interview/Giveaway)

Welcome to Book Lovin’ Mamas! We are so glad to have you here today!

1.  Tell us 2 things about yourself that readers may not be able find out about you on the web. 
  • I LOVE Duck Dynasty.  It is hysterical.  Not that I would want to be married to any of the Beards, but they all make me laugh.  Si is a hoot. 
  • I’ve gone to Iceland 3 times to see the Northern Lights and haven’t seen them yet.  Last trip the locals told me that the Aurora was so bright just the day before, people were seeing the lights from landing planes.  I get there and BAM – the sky clouds up.  Do you detect another trip in the future?  Heck yes.  Need to cross that off my bucket list.

2.  What does a typical writing day look for you? 
I have no typical day.  Each one is different.  I try to write at least 3 pages every day but that doesn’t always work out very well.  Since I work all day, sometimes I do have to force myself to write.  I do that by thinking that if I don’t get the manuscript submitted, someone else is going to write the exact same story and get there first.  I don’t even want to tell you what I said when GRIMM came on TV.  My writing partner and I had been tossing around a similar idea for about 2 years.  Should have written it.

3.   Could you give us a little sneak peek of how your research process happens with a new book or series? 
God bless Google.  You can find a little of anything on the web.  That gets me started and then if I need to go deeper, I hit the Library and find out more.

4.  When you’re not writing, what are your hobbies/interests?
I love gardening; flowers and vegetables. 

5. Who are some of your favorite authors? 

Patt Mihailoff for historicals and westerns. Cris   Anson for the occasional erotica and of course, Marion Zimmer Bradley for the Mists of Avalon.

6.  When you are deep into writing what is your biggest pet peeve?
Phone calls and writers’ block.

7.  Do you ever base your characters on people you know in real life? 
Yes, no one is ever safe with me.  My Daughter-in-law got me a shirt that says “Be careful or you’ll end up in my novel,”

8.  Who is your favorite character you’ve ever written? 
I love Amber Drake from this urban fantasy I co-authored with Patt Mihailoff.  She’s strong, yet vulnerable, and is thrust into a situation that she must accept even if it costs her everything.  The book, FIREBRAND, is getting a facelift with a re-release, new cover and added scenes.  Can’t wait for that.

9.  If you could be any one of your characters, from any book you’ve written which one would you be and why?
I think I would be Janne,  She gets to kiss knights!!  No, seriously, she is a very complex character, torn between who she is and who she must be.  I like her!

10.  Do you have anything specific you want to say to your readers, maybe about what’s coming in the future from you or anything else?
Yes.  Thanks for coming on the tour.  I appreciate all of you.  Hopefully you’ll like Braeden and Janne enough to try Book three – Reynar, the Warlord’s Honor.  Reynar is Janne’s half-brother who has been raised by Mordred, his father, to be a heartless warlord.  The book tells his story and how he finds redemption.  It’s about one-third done

Thank you so much and we hope you will come back again! :)

Beyond Camelot – Brother Knights, Book 1

Available at :  Amazon

Lady Cynthia of Abertaine is trapped. Not only has the man she is to marry, Sir William Leyborne, not been back to the castle for over ten years, but she’s also not a titled Lady. Lord Simon of Cowell, a renegade warlord aligned with Mordred against Arthur and his Knights, has declared himself sovereign over Leyborne Castle and everything that once belonged to Sir William - including Cynthia.

Sir Constantine, Knight of the Round Table, has come to the shire to give Cynthia the news that William has fallen in battle. With him is William’s oral will giving all he owns to Cynthia as though they had been wed. But when he finds the shire under the control of an evil warlord, he knows he cannot leave without first freeing Cynthia and driving Simon and his soldiers from the land.

Drawn together by an attraction older than time, Cynthia and Constantine soon discover that though a vow made by a knight’s honor has brought them together, it may just also cost them their lives.


Beyond Camelot – Brother Knights, Book 2

Available at:  Amazon | B&N

Duty and desire clash to save a new Camelot from the sons of Mordred.

After his brother is made king by a dying Arthur, Braeden hopes to help rebuild Camelot and carry on Arthur's vision for the kingdom. Together with the new queen, and her companion Janne, a new era begins.

Although the ways of Merlin and Morganna are banned from court, Janne holds to the goddess. She finds the mind overrules the heart as passion explodes each time she and Braeden are together. 

With the sons of Mordred, plotting the ultimate revenge…brother versus brother…there is no peace to be had in Camelot. When Janne is exposed as a Druidess, she and Braeden must find a way to expose the plot to take down Camelot while maintaining the ideals the majestic realm was built upon.

Born long ago in a place not so far away, Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, Kathryn Quick has been writing since the Sisters in St. Casmir’s Grammar School gave her the ruled yellow paper and a number two pencil.  She writes contemporary and career romances, romantic comedies, historical romances
as well as urban fantasy.

She has been a member of New Jersey Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America since 1990 and considers it an honor to have been NJRW President in 1992 and 2001.  She is one of the founding members of Liberty States Fiction Writers, a multi-genre writers’ organizations dedicated to furthering the craft of writing and helping aspiring writers move onto publication.

Kathye originally wanted to be President of the United States or an Organic Chemist, but somehow life got in the way and she got married right out of high school and had a set of twins two years later.  The Presidency seemed out of reach and night school to get her Ph.D. to create new molecule that would ultimately result in the betterment of humankind seemed a little time consuming while trying to raise twins, so she decided to write instead.

In her "other" life, Kathye is married to her real-life hero Donald and has three grown sons all having adventures of their own and three “bonus” grandchildren.  She is a die-hard New Jersey Devils fan and works for Somerset County government (as close as she could get to the White House) and is plotting a novel about a new molecule that will ultimately result in the betterment of humankind.

Connect with Kathryn:

Kathryn Quicks's Braeden & Janne Blog Tour Schedule
May 13 - 31

5/13- United by Books (series spotlight)

5/14- Deal Sharing Aunt (interview & series spotlight)

5/15-Curse of the Bibliophile (guest post & review)

5/16- Riverina Romantics (guest post)

5/17- Romantic Crush Junkies  (guest post)

5/18- Romance Junkies  (interview)

5/19- Book Monster Reviews (guest post)

5/20- Mad Hatter Reads  (guest post)

5/23- Bookin' It Reviews  (series spotlight)

5/24- Book Lovin' Mamas  (interview)

5/25- Fandom Fanatic  (series spotlight)

5/26- Offbeat Vagabond (interview)

5/27- Sassy Book Lovers  (series spotlight & excerpt)

5/28- Froggarita's Bookcase  (interview & series spotlight)

5/30- Toot's Book Reviews  (series spotlight)

5/31- The Reading Cafe  (guest post & series spotlight)

Kathye is giving away the following prizes on her tour:

Grand Prize:   Kobo mini E-reader (US ONLY).  International winner will get a gift card
5 Runners-Up:  $10.00 gift card to Amazon or B&N

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Unknown said...

I can't think of anything more romantic than Camelot. What a great setting, with knights, danger and the longing for perfect love.

Unknown said...

This looks like a good read.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Kamla L. said...

I love everything Camelot and the Arthurian Legends. Beyond Camelot – Brother Knights sounds like a riveting, sexy, more adult take on them.

Minna said...

Sounds like an interesting book!

Unknown said...

So glad I'm one of the lucky winners! Thank you so much, Kathye, Fran and Anna! :-)

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