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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Susan Arden's "Tempted by Trouble" Blog Tour (Interview/Excerpt/Giveaway)

Welcome to Book Lovin’ Mamas! We are so excited to have you here today!

Thank you so much Book Lovin’ Mamas. I’m so thrilled to be hanging out with you today.

1. Can you tell us three things about yourself that we might not already know?

I watch Downton Abbey like a freak. Truly, I’ve all three seasons on DVD and watch them over and over. It’s one of the ways I relax at night to settle my mind down.

Yoga. It was my savior after neurosurgery complications. Yoga enables me space to get beyond the constant physical pain.

I LOVE colorful candy. Sure chocolate is good. But I go for Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, Blow Pops, anything that is brightly colored. My favorite fake flavor is sour apple.

2. What is your favorite type of character to write? Least favorite?

To capture my attention the character—male or female—has to be witty. Not silly nonsense but deep seated. I’m desperate to improve in the area of character development.  I think that’s why I adore Jericho Z. Barrons.

Least favorite. Characters that I know could do a lot but are relegated to minor roles. Stories need them. 

3. When you are deep into writing what is your biggest pet peeve?

Interruptions. I don’t know about other writers, but once in the groove, the story unfolds much like a movie inside my head. The characters speak and act, and I’m lucky if I can type fast enough to capture what transpires. Some scenes can be repeated. Others are fleeting. No replay button.

4. Does music ever play a part in your writing process?

Definitely. The premise of a story is very emotional. So I’ll start playing different types of music looking for a mood in which to write. Heartbreak, smexy, or even fast moving dialogue. Music is a great resource for spinning emotional mood.

5. Now for the most important question…What can we expect for the future of this series?

Thank you for asking. Tempted is a strange book. It sits at the cross roads of two series: Bad Boys Don’t Drink the Water and the western vein, Lovers and Fighters.

Picture Perfect is releasing about Carolina’s cousin, Cynthia “Sam” Cainwright.

Stephen McLemore has his story, The Cowboy Rode a Harley, sold to Crimson. I don’t know when it will release.

This has been a lovely time. All your questions have been fabulous making me think and laugh-out-loud.

Thank you so much for being here today and we hope you will come back again very soon!

Author: Susan Arden
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: April 1, 2013

When a woman is the magnet for the wrong man, it takes a bad boy to break old habits.
Carolina Rodriguez is a large animal veterinarian on a mission to escape South Florida and her overprotective family. Willing to do just about anything, she accepts a job in Annona, Texas over the Internet from a family connection.
At her cousin’s wedding, she runs into Matt, a handsome Texan in the church parking lot. Matthew McLemore is more than gorgeous, he’s Carolina’s new boss, and needs her help to determine why his cattle keep dying. Matt’s instantaneous attraction to Carolina sorely tempts him to push the boundaries of their work contract, but a roll in the hay may prove too volatile to handle. Until she arrives on his ranch and is too hot to resist.
Carolina refuses to admit Matt’s raw sexuality is more than overpowering or that she's the least bit tempted by this smooth-talking bad boy. But by the time the pathology lab reports comes back, they’ve explored every inch of each other. All of a sudden, this fiery affair is more than just a fling. And when a past flame threatens to overwhelm their new found romance, Matt must find a way to stake his claim to Carolina's heart before it's too late.
Warning: Contains a smoking mess of scorching love scenes.
Ice may be needed for blazing imaginations.
Available Now at Amazon

“Evermore Ranch,” she read aloud.
“I hope this won’t upset your plans?”
“Would it matter? I signed a service contract that included a non-disclosure agreement. Even if I had a problem, I couldn’t tell a soul and I’ve promised you two weeks of my time.”
He chuckled softly. “Yes, two weeks to do my bidding.”
She almost choked at the thought of doing his bidding. “What the heck have I gotten myself into with you, Mr. McLemore? Exactly what type of office do you run?”
His expression changed. Sharpened. “Strictly business. Look, Dr. Rodriguez, we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot.”
“Wrong foot … the whole body is a problem, sir,” she hissed.
He smiled broadly, reassuring her. “Let’s discuss this later. This isn’t the correct time or place. Don’t you have to help the bride or something?”
“Yes. As a matter of fact, I do. I don’t know what you think you’ve contracted, but I’ll only supply you with vet services. As long as you understand that fact, there’s nothing more to discuss.”
“Well, there is. In the service agreement, there’s a provision that we need to discuss before you’re allowed access to the ranch barn and stable sites. So, either we can do it later or when you arrive in Texas. But until you and I have a little sit-down and get a few things ironed out, there won’t be any work for you to do directly. I’ve got a ranch to run, and I don’t have time to play games. I’ve already spent enough time finding a vet.” His eyes glittered and dropped to her mouth. “If you think I’m about to waste more time because you’ve got second thoughts, Dr. Rodriguez, the next communication you’ll have from Evermore Ranch will be from my attorneys. Had I known who you were before, believe me, I wouldn’t have … I’d never let the situation get away from me.”
                Oh, this was rich. “Away from you. I’d say it got out of control. But that’s on your side of the table. Fine. I’ll honor my service contract. You’re right about one thing. The only thing of interest to me is treating your cattle. Once the job is done, I’ll be only too happy to leave you in peace and we can go our separate ways.”
                Up close, his eyes shone sherry-colored. A muscle flexed along his jaw. His masculine scent of leather, smoke, and wood filled her head. The hard set of his mouth didn’t resemble the man from before. He’d done just as he’d promised, shutting one door, and leaving in place a man who didn’t look as if he enjoyed playing games. No this version of Matt McLemore had a locking gaze and if looks could kill, she was a goner.
                “I’m glad we understand one another then, Dr. Rodriguez. I expect to meet with you tomorrow at your convenience. Our relationship will be strictly business, if that’s what got you in such a dither.”

Susan Arden is a third generation Floridian. She left the field of education in 2008 pursing her dream of writing romance fiction. Currently, she writes hot love stories within the romance genres of contemporary erotic, western, and fantasy/paranormal.  Susan also writes under the name of Susan D. Taylor.
Susan currently lives in TN along with husband, two cattle dogs, two crazy cats, a gecko and a corn snake. A mother, RYT200 Yoga Alliance (registered yoga teacher), and avid gardener. You can find her on the mat when she's not writing her next hot romance novel.

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Susan is offering up a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card and a SWAG Pack (T-Shirt, Notebooks & Pen) to one lucky winner that follows the tour.

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Hey, just stopping by to say thank you again. This was so much fun. HUGS!!!

Hey, just stopping by to say thank you again for sharing Tempted by Touble. This was so much fun.

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