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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lyn Austin's "The Auction" Blog Tour (Interview/Spotlight) + Giveaway

Welcome to our virtual tour stop on Lyn Austin's The Auction Blog Tour brought to you by Book Monster Promotions.
1. Tell us 3 things about yourself that readers may not be able to find out about you on the web.

-I have seventeen grandchildren that I absolutely adore.
-I have a cabin just out of Yellowstone National Park and I love spending summer there reading, writing, four-wheeling and playing cards with family and friends.
-I still have a slumber party once a year with my three best friends since the seventh grade.

2. What does a typical writing day look like for you?

I get up look over emails to see if something has to be done right away like this interview with you, then I write from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. have lunch, then go for a walk with my golden lab. Then if it’s cold, I go in to write some more or read. I spend my evenings with my husband eating and watching T.V. and then at 11:00 at night I usually get another burst of energy, so I write until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. I know this is weird but this seems to be what works for my body. I’m definitely a night owl.

3. Could you give us a little sneak peak of how your research process happens with a new book or series?

Usually, I am drawn to a location first where I think something interesting could take place. All of my books are written from places that I’ve been to and spent a lot of time researching. For example, in my new release coming out this summer called The Quiet Storm, I was in Montana sitting by the side of the Madison River watching my husband fly-fish when I noticed in a meadow nearby two horses saddled and tethered to an oak tree. I could see no riders, but my imagination just knew they must be a young couple making love in the tall summer grass. The entire story grew from there. I went to the nearest town and started asking a billion questions and 350 pages later I have a fascinating story with lots of twists and turns and details so rich that if you ever visit you will feel like you’ve already been there.

4. When you’re not writing, what are your hobbies/interests?

I love to lie in my hammock by the Snake River and read. I enjoy having my grandkids over to play games and explore outside. (They leave all electronics behind while they are here) we have so much old- fashioned fun! I guest lecture on cruise ships and my husband and I have traveled much of the world and hopefully will continue to do so, because I’m always looking for a new exciting place to set a story.

5. Who are some of your favorite authors?

Catherine Cookson, Pearl S. Buck, David Thomas Hays, Kate Morton, Daphne du Maurier, and my fellow authors at Boroughs Publishing Group.

6. When you are deep into writing what is your biggest pet peeve?

Any interruption, especially a computer glitch of some kind.

7. Do you ever base your characters on people you know in real life?

Always, but I try to add a couple of character traits of two or three people so they don’t see themselves too clearly. It’s funny though, the ones I end up using almost exactly as I see them, never see themselves at all!

8. Who is your favorite character you’ve ever written?

I really love most of my characters; after all I have to live with them for a long time. But two of my favorites are Kat’s grandpa Homer in The Auction, and the hero Chase Gregory in The Quiet Storm.

9. If you could be any one of your characters, from any book you’ve written which one would you be and why?

I would be Leah in my Christmas Lunchbox Romance called Carol of The Heart. Leah is me living the life I really live and after all my trials and errors I wouldn’t want to be anyone but myself.

10. Do you have anything specific you want to say to your readers, maybe about what’s coming in the future from you or anything else?

I love hearing from anyone who has read my work. I’ve got some of my best ideas from my fans. The Auction and Carol of the Heart are available now at or visit me at I have three books coming out this year The Quiet Storm, Whisper Me A Wish, and You Again? Further information will be available on my website when I have a release date. Thanks you Book Lovin’ Mamas for the great opportunity! Lyn Austin

The Auction
by: Lyn Austin
Publishing Date: 8/30/12
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Katherine Blake wants a baby. At thirty-three, she has a home and an antique business that she loves, but she is running out of time. Kat hasn’t had a man in her life that she would even consider fathering her child…except her ex-husband.

Michael Blake is for sale. In support of special-needs children, he offers himself up for one week as a prize at a New Year’s Eve local celebrity bachelor auction. The result? His ex-wife buys him to finish the restoration of the hundred-year-old home they bought shortly after their marriage. Or so he thinks. Katherine does expect the remodeling to be finished, but the rest of her plan is more devious. She doesn’t need him to rekindle the one-of-a-kind love that led to their fairy-tale wedding and he doesn't have to atone for the mistakes that led to their divorce, but he does have to...well, deliver.
When I was in my early twenties I noticed that my grandmother spent her spare time reading romance novels, I asked her why she had chosen the genre. She explained that they allowed her to fall in love with handsome men without pissing grandpa off. 

I read my first romance novel that year and have been reading ever since. During my grandmother's last illness, I read to her and in those months I decided to write romances. I thought if I can help someone escape for a couple of hours from the pain or boredom in their lives, or help them see and feel a world of love and beauty that would be a worthwhile contribution to humanity. 

My message in each of my books is hope. Hope that there’s someone just right for each of us. Hope that even in our darkest hour there is light just around the corner. And hope that even if life circumstances keep you from a great relationship, you can dream and love and smile. 

Connect with Lyn
Borough's Publishing Group is offering Lyn Austin's Lunchbox Romance, Carol of the Heart along with a 5-story Lunchbox Romance subscription.
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