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Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: "Retribution" by Winter Austin + Guest Post

10 Reasons Why Remy and Cody
Are a Fantastic Couple

1. They’re two of the most stubborn people I’ve had the pleasure of writing. Just when there’s a breakthrough in their relationship, one or the other does something to irk the other one. Usually clamming up about something from their pasts.

2. Because they’re so stubborn Remy and Cody refuse to give up on their relationship. As screwed up as it seems, they both know they were meant for each other. And that means nothing will come between them. Not even their preconceived notions.

3. Cody is the opposite of the type of woman Remy is used to being with. She’s brash, quick-tempered, and a fighter. She won’t sit back and let him be the hero all the time. But she’s enough of a woman to realize sometimes she can’t do it alone.

4. Remy is the kind of man Cody isn’t used to dealing with. He’s broken and carries such deep scars he usually misses the forest for the trees. But he has an uncontrollable urge to protect her at all costs.

5. They have a give and take that at times is loaded with humor. Life for them is serious: Remy as a homicide detective where he sees death on a daily basis. Cody as a woman coping with tragedy in her life and trying to find her place in the world. Both use their humor to deflect and also connect with each other.

6. The sexual tension between them sizzles.

7. Remy is willing to step outside his comfort zone for Cody. And she for him.

8. Remy’s cynicism is enough to drive Cody completely mad. He refuses to see the good side to life, and Cody’s faith won’t let her give up on it. One day someone will win this argument and Remy has a sinking feeling it won’t be him.

9. Culture clashes big time between them. Remy’s Cajun background and charm make him laidback, but his job as a cop combats with his upbringing—and Cody’s Texas spirit. Cody is a Texan down to her roots, hard work and a mile-wide streak of independence drive her, but she’s not one to pass up a good time.

10. Neither one of them shies away from danger. And a good thing too, since danger always seems to find them.

(Degrees of Darkness Series #2)
by: Winter Austin
Publishing Date: 6/10/13
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Called to the homicide of a Dallas criminal lawyer, Detective Remy LeBeau stares at a scene that drags him back into his past. To another murdered lawyer in New Orleans. A case that put Remy on a collision course with death.

Cody Lewis struggles with the horrific memories of her kidnapping and the need to numb the pain. The battle she puts up causes her to avoid Remy and their undetermined relationship. But the flashbacks and nightmares are proving more potent than Cody thought and she's having a harder time resisting the cravings for alcohol.

As the case takes a turn in revealing a professional assassin is behind the death, Remy begins to make decisions that could cost him his job and Cody. Because the deeper he sinks, the closer the enemies of his past come to finding him.
 photo 4moons.png
My Review:
Retribution is the second book in the Degrees of Darkness Series by Winter Austin.  If you have no read the first book, Relentless, will definitely need to before you read the second book.

Winter Austin has the previous characters back in Retribution and this time Remy is the one, who is in trouble.  Someone is out to kill him and he's afraid for Cody, who just got over what happened to her.  She is having a difficult time getting through the kidnapping and almost being killed by someone she thought was not dangerous.  Now, Remy is hiding something from her and she is feeling left out on what is going on.
Remy is afraid to tell her about his past and why he is where he is today.  Although, the past is biting back at him and now someone in town was killed and his past is what had the person killed.  It is all up to Remy to keep Cody protected of what is going on...but he also has to figure out to save her from herself since she suffers with PTSD.

This book was full of suspense and I literally was confused just like Cody was with why Remy would not have come straight out and told her truth from the beginning.  I think it would have went better.  She actually had a lot of episodes in this book where she was not herself and was suffering with what happened to her in the first book, but in the end I have to say I am very proud of how she handled herself.  She actually proved Remy and his partner, Heath wrong.

Winter Austin gives you a very suspenseful read that will take you on a ride through a town that has already dealt with death before...but this time, it has nothing to do with rodeos. It has to do with something that Remy had no clue about until the end.  Winter does leave you hanging though and what could happen in the next book.
I loved both characters in this book and even liked secondary characters that were introduced.  They played a major role in this story too.

I am intrigued now about Remy's partner, Heath Anderson.  I found out something about him that made  him even more interesting than Remy.  I want to know more about him.

I give this book 4 full moons and highly recommend it to romantic suspense readers out there.
I look forward to the next book in the series.  Here's hoping Remy does not keep any further secrets from Cody and Cody gets some help on what happened to her.  Here's also hoping that Heath Anderson plays a bigger part in the next book.  

Purchase at Amazon
 photo Fransig1.png
Winter Austin was once asked by her husband if he could meet some of the people who took residence in her head. She warned they weren’t all characters he wanted to meet, as killers walked among them. Needless to say, that conversation ended abruptly. 

A lifelong Mid-West gal, Winter swears she should have been born in the South, Texas or Louisiana preferably. But then she’d miss the snowy winters. 

Dividing her day between her four children and their various activities, a growing pet population, and her Beta-with-Alpha-tendencies Hero, Winter manages to find time to write chilling thriller novels between loads of laundry. 

Don’t worry. You won’t find any of her mouthwatering culinary dishes poisoned. Unless you’re one of her fictional creations.


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