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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Interview & Giveaway with Megan Mulry

Welcome to our virtual stop of Megan Mulry's If the Shoe Fits brought to you by Sourcebooks.

1. Tell us three things about yourself that readers may not know about you?

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know more about me than any of my blood relatives, but if you don't:
(1) I used to think I was a laid-back person, but now I know I am totally not.
(2) I cannot really walk in high heels.
(3) I am still hoping someone sorts out the whole mortality thing before I die.

2. What does a typical writing day look for you?

I try to write 2,000 words a day, Monday through Friday. My husband takes the kids to school or camp and I try to sit down at my desk around 8 or 8:30. Usually emails and important tweets *cough* need my attention, but most days, right after I have my coffee sitting just so at the right of my keyboard and I'm about to be really productive, right then the dog gets all wide-eyed and wants to go for a walk. While I'm walking Daphne I might as well call a friend...a writer it's totally work related. And then I'll sit down again. I usually try to do a writing sprint or two in the morning, so I've got 1000 words or so before lunch. Then the dog starts whining again. I take her for a longer walk this time. Then I call another friend, usually a writer, but it's all research, really, isn't it? Human behavior and all that. Then I start to panic because I have to pick the kids up from school by 4 and it's already 2:30 and I haven't made my word count, so I do another sprint and I usually end up with 2,000 words or thereabouts. Then I send what I've written to my beta-reader. And I'm done! (There's a ton of fiddle-faddle and googling and faffing about all mixed in there, but that's the gist.)

3. Tell us a little bit about If the Shoe Fits, and why readers should check it out?

This book was a blast to write and I think (I hope!) that joy comes through in the story. Sarah James embodies so many of my favorite romance tropes, but slightly twisted--she's a virgin, but she's not virginal. She's smart, but she's not a smart-ass. She was just really fun to develop. And Devon, the British hero is...well, see Question 5 below. He is definitely swoon-worthy.

4. What inspired you to write If the Shoe Fits?

I know someone who knows someone who knows the woman who started Jimmy Choo and I think some version of her must have been percolating in my subconscious for years. When I was writing A ROYAL PAIN, Sarah James sort of popped up fully-formed, like Venus on the half-shell, when she appeared as Bronte's new client and subsequent best friend. I loved her breezy confidence and gradually saw how she could have her own story. Devon was just there, ripe for the picking, so absurdly arrogant and so ready to have someone knock his socks off.

5. What makes Devon Heyworth so swoon worthy? (other than that he is British...I definitely could listen to that accent all day long)

I'm laughing, because, yes, it's pretty much the accent! But other than that, he's just wonderfully playful and sexy, but also kind of secretive and pompous. While I was writing his character I was reminded of one of my favorite expressions in the self-help world: King Baby. He's been so adored for so long, he's never really had to behave. Until Sarah comes along and...well, you'll see. She's so totally got his number.

6. Do you ever suffer with writer's block and if you do, how do you overcome it?

I don't think I suffer from writer's block as much as I suffer from "reviser's block"...I can fast-draft pretty easily, but when I need to really rip apart a story and put it back together again, it can get pretty grim. But hey, that's what editors are for, right? Just tell me what to do, and I will do it!

7. Fun Question: If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Oh the places I would go! I am going to South America for the first time in August. I am sooooo excited to see the historic parts of Cartagena and all the different microclimates in Colombia. We are going with Colombian friends so I feel like we're really going to see the country, rather than just a surface visit to the tourist sites. I'm so looking forward to that trip.

8. Fun Question: Describe yourself in three words.

Eager. Whacky. Loving.

9. What is up next for Megan Mulry?

Two more books in the ROYAL PAIN series. R IS FOR REBEL is Abigail and Eliot's story, which comes out in early 2014. The fourth and final book is about the oldest sister Claire, and will release in summer 2014 (or maybe sooner...stay tuned...I'm self-publishing that one...eek...I mean, yay!) Then another glitzy contemporary series with some hot French playboy heroes is in the works. And some novellas.

10. Do you have any specific you want to tell your readers?

It probably sounds corny, but I would love to say THANK YOU. It's been so incredible to meet people who've read my books...who are not related to me...who don't know my mom...and just read the books and liked them. I'm still amazed. And so grateful! Thanks again for inviting me to Book Lovin Mama! Megan Mulry
If the Shoe Fits
by: Megan Mulry
Publishing Date: 7/2/13
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Chick Lit

Second in a sexy, playful new series of women's fiction imagining what it might be like for a modern American woman to fall in love with a British aristocrat, from new author Megan Mulry.

Sarah James is an accomplished American woman who heads her own chic shoe company. Devon Heyworth is the rakish, ne'er-do-well younger brother of the 19th Duke of Northrop. When the two meet at the Duke's wedding they embark on a whirlwind weekend romance. And what begins as a casual fling at a royal wedding quickly proves to be far more meaningful. But when a string of misunderstandings threaten to tear them apart, their meddling aristocratic relatives join forces to reunite the star-crossed lovers.

I write sexy, stylish, romantic fiction. I graduated from Northwestern University and then worked in publishing, including positions at the New Yorker and Boston magazine. After moving to London, I worked in finance and attended London Business School. I've traveled extensively in Asia, India, Europe, and Africa and now live with my husband and children in Florida. You can find me procrastinating on Twitter.
Sourcebooks is giving away one paperback copy of If The Shoe Fits by Megan Mulry to one lucky winner.
Giveaway is OPEN to U.S. and Canada residents only.
Winner will be announced on 7/24/13
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laurie said...

thanks for the great interview. i enjoyed reading it

Natasha said...

Sounds really good!!
Thanks for the chance to win!

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