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Friday, June 8, 2012

Review - "Darkness Becomes Her" by Jaime Rush

Darkness Becomes Her
(Offspring #6)
Author:  Jaime Rush
Publisher:  Avon
Release Date:  5/29/12
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source:  Bought (Amazon)
Author’s Website:

Jessie has been running for the majority of her life. First from someone her father feared, then from the Darkness within her and now she’s running from an evil man who is after her for unknown reasons. When she meets Magnus she just wants to be normal, have a normal life with a boyfriend and be happy. When Magnus is harmed because of her, she’s forced to trust his brother, who isn’t exactly welcoming.
Lachlan hasn’t had his abilities for months now so when he gets a vision that his brother is going to be murdered he tries to save him. He’s already lost both parents, he can’t lose his brother too. When he’s too late and Jessie has to save Magnus, he vows to protect her from the evil that hunts her and even promises to stop it but in doing so he finds that his fascination with Jessie is much much more. Instead of acting on it though, he forces himself to stay platonic….until Jessie decides she’s sick of him ignoring their attraction.
Can they save Jessie and allow themselves to finally open up and love someone else? And more importantly, can they continue on once everything is said and done?

I guess I’ll start by saying this book is fan-freaking-tastic!!! OMG, I love this series! It’s just so good and even though this isn’t my favorite in the series (it’s gonna take a lot more to top Cheveyo and Petra’s book), it’s still a favorite book of mine now. The characters are funny and entertaining, the story is very well written. Not confusing at all for those who haven’t read the previous books. Though I do recommend you start with book 1 because you’d be missing some really great stories if you didn’t read them.
Lachlan…sigh…Lachlan is the best kind of man. Passionate, loving, brooding, strong, sexy and let’s not forget the sexy Scottish accent he got from his mother! Man oh man did I want to eat him up! Hehe I went in to this book knowing what to expect from him. I figured he’d still be the mean angry man from the other books he appeared in. WRONG! Yes, he was angry but damn if he didn’t turn all sweet and mushy by the middle of the book. I was almost prepared to dislike him too but nope, I think I love him! Really I do! I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be ok, that he should stop placing blame on himself and live…but Jessie took care of that! :) And Jessie, wowee! Aside from Zoe (my fave female character in the series) Jessie is a fave now. I LOVE that she kicked his butt! She’s one kick-ass chick but she’s also willing to be a little vulnerable and accept help. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than a heroine that can’t accept help when it’s offered. Jessie didn’t want to but she did it anyway because it needed to be done! That made her stronger if you ask me. With both Lachlan’s background and Jessie’s background, they were made for each other!  
The chemistry was explosive and without giving anything important away, they were very creative with that chemistry. If you’ve read it, you know exactly what I’m talking about, probably even know the exact page too because that scene was SO sexy! So so sexy!!! I re-read it like 6 times before I was ready to move on. LOL
Now for Magnus…I’m going to cry if he doesn’t get his own book! I NEED to know what happens with him. Especially with that ending…totally left hanging, I almost started yelling at my Kindle because dang it, I need more! LOL Jaime, I know you’ll read this (well I hope you will) I’m begging you to please not make us wait too long. Please! It’s gonna kill me not knowing. :) Pope was his normal self, very mysterious. I’d love for him to get a book too because he’s been a huge part of this series but I’ll survive if I can just find out about Magnus! :)
Oh and I can’t forget about that little twist in the story. I loved it, it was very fitting too! Made me love Lachlan a bit more and I thought ‘the twist’ was very amusing. So funny yet so heartbreaking. *sigh*
Once again I say, this book is fantastic! I give it 5 Moons, if I could give it more I totally would, because it’s just that good! I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Paranormal Romance and even some of those that don’t. Go buy your copy now so I can prove myself right…go on! :)


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