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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review - "Feeling Hot" by Elle Kennedy

Feeling Hot
(Out of Uniform #7) 
Author: Elle Kennedy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: 8/21/12
Genre: Erotic Romance
Source: ARC Provided by Author
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Author’s Website:

Home from a lengthy deployment Navy SEAL Cash McCoy is looking for some fun, the female kind. But when all he finds is yet another crazy Navy groupie. So when he makes a break for it and hides in a closet the last thing he expects to find is a woman, also hiding, who happens to be the most beautiful woman he's seen in, well ever. After an oh-so-hot make out session they have to part ways but he insists on getting her number so they can resume where they left off, but unfortunate for him he's lost the number. Now his CO has recruited him to look after his little sister, so no more fun for Cash, or so he thinks...

Jen Scott has failed yet again, with work and her love life. Thanks to her crazy ex, who is now her stalker, she's lost her job and to make matters worse, the stalker has broken into her home and taken away her only safe haven. So her brother recruits one of his rookies to watch over her until the ex leaves town in 3 weeks and she is so not happy about that! When she meets her new bodyguard, who happens to be none other than her sexy guy in the closet (who never called) she decides maybe it's not so bad after all. Maybe a sexy fling is exactly what she needs right now, but he's having none of it because her brother has told him to keep his hands off.

After getting past the no touching barrier they start their little fling but Cash wants more of her than that and she has a strict 'no military' rule when it comes to relationships. Can Cash keep her safe and convince her he's worth more than a fling and can Jen accept his military status and finally be with a guy who makes her feel all of the things she's dreamed of?

OMG, I loved this book! This is a well written story that deserves much more than the highest rating I can give. I've said it before but it deserves a repeat...this woman can write! Elle has once again made me the happiest reader ever! Not only was this book fantastic but it was longer and much more fulfilling than a short novella. Nothing against the others in the series, it's well known I love them all, but this one gave me more story, which I loved! :) 

Elle's characters always seem to real, she writes them so well that I feel like I know them when I finish a book and they're all so undeniably sexy! I mean I think ALL Navy SEALS are sexy but there is just something about Elle's guys that makes me swoon! Cash is by far my favorite male character in this series. He's funny, charming, so hot and such a sweetheart! Not only does he love his girl but he loves his friends too and it shows throughout the whole book. And Jen is one of (I have another that is tied for fave with her) my favorite female characters. She's so funny and I LOVED her little teasers with Cash. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment and that sexual tension was so thick it probably could have been cut with a knife. Hehe And talk about scorching hot sex scenes! WOW! Those two sure did burn up the sheets! And since I want to leave it a surprise I'll just say that there is some extra hot action somewhere in the middle of the book that is a must read for all Menage fans out there. I love M/F/M menage stories, and Elle sure does know how to write one, but this one tops my list of all time favorites in that department. ;)

The secondary characters were fun too. Lots of old faces showed up in this one and it was so nice to get an update on them. Especially Carson and Holly! I'm so so happy for those two and I hope we get to hear from them again in the future. Now for the new characters, who I am so excited to read about in the future books as well. Two of them stood out to me. Dylan, who I'm so curious about. Is he, isn't he? Hmm...made me wanna know all about him. And Jackson, the sexy Texan. Since I'm a very proud Texan, he's gonna be a fun one to read about. Can't wait to see what kind of women they find for themselves!

All in all this book has surpassed my expectations and made me so so happy and I feel so honored that Elle let me read it early! Thanks Elle!!! You're the best! This book is full of sexy humor, tons of sexual tension, a little bit of dirty dirty sex, some suspenseful action and the sweetest love story I've ever read! I give this book 5 Moons, so wish I could give it more, and I recommend it to all Erotic Romance lovers out there! This is definitely a must read! So go pre-order and fall in love with it just like I did! :)


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