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Saturday, April 13, 2013

BAYOU HEAT II Blog Tour: "Bayon/Jean-Baptiste" by Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright (Interview/Spotlight/Giveaway)

Bayou Heat Series
New Year. New World. New Species.
Hidden in the depths of the Louisiana bayous, the Pantera, have become little more than a legend to most humans. It’s rumored that in the ancient past twin sisters, born of magic, had created a sacred land and claimed it as their own. From that land was born creatures who were neither human or animal, but a mixture of the two. Faster and stronger than humans, they have hyper acute senses, and when surrounded by the magic of the Wildlands they’re capable of shifting into pumas. It was also whispered that they possess other gifts. Telepathy, witchcraft, immortality, and the ability to produce a musk that could enthrall mere mortals. Mothers warned young girls never to roam alone near the swamps, convinced that they would be snatched by the Pantera, while young men were trained to avoid hunting anywhere near the protected Wildlands. Not that the warnings were always successful. What girl didn’t dream of being seduced by a gorgeous, mysterious stranger? And what young man didn’t want to try his skill against the most lethal predators?
As the years passed, however, the sightings of the Pantera became so rare that the rumors faded to myths. Most believed the entire species had become extinct. Sadly they weren’t entirely mistaken...

Welcome to Book Lovin’ Mamas! We are so excited to have you here today!

Thanks so much for inviting us!!  Laura is in hibernation working on the next Bayou Heat book, so Alexandra Ivy will be taking the lead today J

1. Can you tell us three things about yourself that we might not already know?

I once fell off the stage in the middle of a performance and ended up on the front page of the local newspaper.

I once had a ferret.

I love, love, love baseball.  Go cards J

2. What is your favorite type of character to write? Least favorite?

My favorite character is the funny sidekick (like my gargoyle from the Guardian series).  They always get to say exactly what I would say if I had the nerve.  And they don’t have the burden of carrying the story.  They can pop in and out whenever they want.  My least favorite is the bad guys that are going to stay evil.  I always feel the urge to reform them and give them a story where they become the good guy J  I believe in second chances.

3. When you are deep into writing what is your biggest pet peeve?

INTERRUPTIONS!!!  I work from home and I adore my family, but it’s way too easy for them to step into my office for a ‘quick’ question.  For them it’s just a minute, for me, it’s a half hour wasted.

4. Does music ever play a part in your writing process?

No.  I actually start typing the words unconsciously J

5. Now for the most important question…What can we expect for the future of this series?

We have six books plus a small Christmas bonus story planned for the series!  It will follow the story of the Pantera as they struggle to discover the evil that is threatening to make them extinct.  I think the readers will enjoy the journey, and of course, the hot, hot romance as each story unfolds.

Thank you so much for being here today and we hope you will come back again very soon! 

Raphael & Parish
Book #1 and #2 in the Bayou Heat Series
Available Now:
ONLY $0.99
The brilliant and dangerous diplomat of the Pantera shapeshifters, Raphael has devoted his life to discovering the key to the infertility that is threatening the extinction of his puma race. Creating a vast network of spies worldwide, he never expected to discover that the answer might be beneath his very nose. But when Ashe, a beautiful human female, crosses his path, his most primitive instincts are stirred.
Unable to resist, he takes her to his bed, and is shocked when she becomes pregnant with his child. It’s a miracle that might prove to be the salvation of his people, but only if he can keep her safe from the mercenaries determined to kill her.
Untamed and undeniably sexy, Parish, leader of the Pantera hunters, rarely leaves the magic of the Wildlands to deal with the humans he despises. But with the prized and risky Pantera birth on the way, puma shifter, Parish must travel to New Orleans to find and bring back a human doctor. The moment he sees the lovely, talented and all too human Dr. Julia Cabot he cannot resist the wild, potent drive to make her his. Betrayed and destroyed by love, Julia will not let her heart choose her path again. But as she and Parish fight to save the life of an unborn child, a fierce and overwhelming bond develops between them, threatening her frozen heart with the secret hope and ultimate temptation of love and family.

Bayon & Jean-Baptiste
Bayou Heat Series, #3 and #4
Now Available!
Kindle / Nook / Kobo
The fight continues in the Wildlands. Facing extinction, the Pantera have been given a miracle. A child. The first one in over fifty years. But even as they prepare to celebrate, the enemy strikes, putting at risk the fragile female who carries the hope of their people.

Charming, drop-dead gorgeous Hunter Bayon is thirsting for revenge on the enemies who slipped into the Wildlands and attacked Ashe and her vulnerable child. Pledging to track down the cowards, Bayon goes on the hunt, pursuing the humans to a nearby town. But searching their shabby hideaway, he makes a discovery that shocks him to his very soul and might very well destroy the heart of the Pantera.

Tattooed and pierced, sexy Nurturer Jean-Baptiste has been living in utter isolation. His cat is out of control, and the only thing that soothes the beast is a rare mineral he keeps inking into his skin. Until he meets her: Genevieve Burel. The beautiful and buttoned-up female puma is unlike anyone he’s ever met. She makes his cat purr, and he knows he must possess her, mate with her. But the secret she's keeping might threaten not only their unbridled passion for one another, but the very future of the Pantera race.

About Laura:
Author of the Bestselling Mark of the Vampire series, Laura Wright spent the early years of her life immersed in the worlds of singing, acting and competitive ballroom dancing. But when she started writing, she knew she’d found her true calling. Laura lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, two children, three dogs, two frogs and two fish. She’s been thrice nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, and loves hearing from her readers.

Connect with Laura:

About Alexandra: 

Alexandra Ivy is the New York Times bestselling author of the Guardians of Eternity series, the Immortal Rogues series and the Sentinels.
Alexandra graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage. She currently lives in Missouri with her extraordinarily patient husband and teenage sons.

Connect with Alexandra:

Bayou Heat II Tour Schedule

4/15-   Page Flippers
4/23-   GraveTells
4/29-  I Smell Sheep
5/07-  The Jeep Diva

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Linda said...

Oh, love this, =) can´t wait for my chance to read!
Happy Saturday!

Unknown said...

I'm stalking this tour. I am just fascinated by the Pantera legend.

I keep following this tour, I know what I am going to read next.

Rafflecopter Name Dawna Newman

I'm almost done with Raphael & Parish:) I love it and cant wait to jump into Bayon & Jean-Baptiste! Thank you for the great giveaway:)


mk said...

I've read the first, and just bought the second. Hooray!
Make Kay

Minna said...

These books seem interesting!

Anonymous said...

I just love shifters! Your book covers are very appealing! thank you for the giveaway, it might give me a chance to read the first one of your books! Read some very nice reviews!

Unknown said...

Great interview :) Six more books?! brilliant, I look forward to them. Can't wait to read Bayon & Jean-Baptiste's book after all the teasers I've seen from Laura and Alex :)


wow, amazing giveaway!!! Crossing fingers

Jolene A

donnas said...

Looking forward to 3 and 4!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Publishing such a long book series is very ambitious -- good luck!!

the giveway is great and then you guys rock

desi the blonde at msn dot com

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