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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Surrender: Section 8 by Stephanie Tyler Blog Tour (Excerpt/Giveaway)

 photo SurrenderButton_zps4967e41d.jpg


For former Navy SEAL Dare O’Rourke, Section 8 was legendary. The son of one of its missing members, he grew up in the shadow of its secrets. All he knew was that it was a cabal of operatives discharged from branches of the military and reassigned to extremely dangerous, off- the-books international missions. And that their handler was as shrouded in mystery as the missions themselves.


Now the handler of Section 8 has given orders to kill any remaining members, along with their families. Dare must save his long-lost half sister, Avery, whom he was never meant to meet. Determined to fight for their lives and find their missing father, Dare and Avery bring together for one last mission those who are in danger because of their relationship to Section 8—to avenge their families and to survive.

This time, he kissed her and for the first time in all of this, she realized how much trouble she was in. She was in far more danger with Reid and his kisses than with anything else going on.
She couldn’t help but give in. Reid’s mouth was hot, his tongue talented and the tension that had radiated between them threatened to turn explosive. And as much as she hurt, she was willing to be in pain if it meant having Reid close. Not angry.
They were better off not talking. This was where they excelled, she told herself, although that wasn’t entirely true.
His fingers skimmed her rib cage so carefully, his fingers settling on her breasts, his thumbnail scraping a nipple lightly in that oh so perfect way he had. She held his biceps tightly so she wouldn’t make a sudden move and jolt her ribs, but she did let out a long moan as his mouth moved from mouth to breast, covering her nipple through the thin cotton tank she wore. The wet of his mouth and the fabric increased her sensitivity and alternately made her want to beg for that mouth on her skin. But he wouldn’t be rushed—had always taken his time with her, no matter how ready to come she was.
She’d spent many a night longing for these touches. Dreaming about them. Now she would revel in them and let herself forget everything but the man in front of her. She surrendered, the way she’d wanted to for months. The way she did in her dreams since she’d been separated from Reid.
But he wasn’t going to make it easy on her even as he drove her crazy.
He dragged the cotton tank up with his teeth so he could play with her bared nipples, pushed himself gently between her legs and she was trapped by his big body. She shifted a little on the mattress, but it was too soft. She could do nothing but remain there as his hand ghosted up her inner thigh toward her sex. At the first touch, she dug her hands into the blankets and tried to remember to breathe. The way his fingers and mouth alternately teased was enough to push her over the edge and oh, how she wanted that . . .
He pulled his mouth away.
“You never called,” he reminded her as his fingers played along her sex. He pushed one slowly inside and then slid a second alongside of it.
She gasped as he opened her, his thumb working magic along the tight bundle of nerves that threatened to push her over the edge far too soon. “I wanted to . . .”
“Really?” He sounded unconvinced. He leaned forward to tug a nipple lightly between his teeth, flicked it with his tongue a few times and the sensation jumped right to her groin. And then he pulled back and his fingers stilled and she wanted more. Needed more.
“Reid, please.”
“You wanted to call me. You had my number. Why didn’t I hear from you?”
His fingers played again for a few blissful seconds and then stopped again, frustrating her enough to blurt out, “I was scared.”
He stared at her for a long minute. “Good enough.”
He moved forward again to mouth her nipple and she sighed as he sucked it, hard, then soft then hard again until her blood thrummed.
When he pulled away, he murmured, “Stay still. Don’t want to hurt you.”
It would be hard to not move but the novelty of staying perfectly still while in the throes of pleasure made her insides quiver. Her thighs trembled as he splayed them, and while he kept his hands firmly on her hips, he moved his mouth to her sex.
She tightened her body in response and then released her muscles, and suddenly, pain was no longer an issue. His tongue worked her sensitive flesh and it wouldn’t take much. She’d been ready to come for him from the first touch. Now she watched Reid watching her, and yes, it was the hottest thing since last year, when being with Reid had also been the best sex of her life.
The best everything.
At that thought, her climax exploded through her like a wave crashing her body into a rolling, floating ball of sensation. She floated along with it for who knew how long, until she shook off the haze slightly and found Reid covering her, telling her to sleep.
She reached out to grab his wrist. “So fast.”
“Your orgasm?” he asked, and she laughed, pointed between them and said, “No, this.”
“Funny, I was just thinking it was taking a long time.”
“You’re better than a pain pill,” she told him in response.
“I’ll have that put on my business cards.” 

Surrender Tour 4/1-4/8
4/8 Talk Supe

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Unknown said...

I do love a military alpha and this has my radar beeping like crazy. Plus I am well aware that Ms. Tyler can scorch the pages.

i read a lot of different genres but paranormal romance is my favorite


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