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Monday, July 1, 2013

Blog Tour: "Beguiling the Barrister" by Wendy Soliman (Interview/Spotlight) + Giveaway

Welcome to our virtual tour stop of Wendy Soliman's Beguiling the Barrister brought to you by Lit Connect.

1.  Tell us 5 things about yourself that readers may not about you.

I’m an animal junkie – I particularly love all waifs and strays.
I write erotica under a penname.
I’m trying to persuade the taxman that chocolate is a legitimate deductible expense for all female writers.
I once reversed an old Jeep into my husband’s precious vintage sports car. (We’re still married!).
I have a handbag fetish for which there appears to be no counseling available. 
2.  What does a typical writing day look for you?

I need to clear all the dross—all the unimportant things like housework, deciding what to have for dinner, checking email and stuff like that. Once my mind is uncluttered I can then disappear off into a fictional world of my own making, and stay there. It’s lovely to be able to make people behave exactly the way you want them to. Better yet, they never talk back!
3.  Tell us a little bit about Beguiling the Barrister and why readers should check it out?

It’s a courtroom drama set in the famous Old Bailey Courthouse in London. The justice system was very different then—heavily weighted in favour of the prosecution. My hero, Darius Grantley, is a barrister with a conscience, throwing his considerable talent behind the cause of the underprivileged. Unfortunately that doesn’t earn him enough money to woo the woman he’s always adored – his neighbor Lady Felicity Forster. Except Flick has a few ideas of her own on that score…

4.  What was the easiest and hardest scenes to write in Beguiling the Barrister?

I find the flirtation between the characters—the banter etc. quite easy. Getting the particulars of the legal system right without making it sound too ‘info-dumpy’ was a challenge.
5.  What inspired you to write the Forsters Series?

I adore regencies in general but as a reader I like to be able to follow the fortunes of characters through a series. Each book in the Forsters series is stand-alone but readers can get updates on characters they’ve already met and, hopefully, enjoyed.

6. Who designed the beautiful cover of Beguiling the Barrister?

Carina Press has a very talented team of cover artists.  This one was handled by Millennium Promotions, Inc.

7.  Do you ever suffer with writer's block and if you do how do you deal with it?

No, just the opposite. I’ve written over forty books, both under my own name and a penname, across a series of genres, and have yet to get stuck. If I stutter, I take my dog for a long walk and that usually clears my head. Perhaps switching from historical to contemporary to erotica helps to keep my mind active!

8.  Fun question: If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

To the regency era, without a doubt. It fascinates me, but I’d only want to be there, giving Mr. Darcy a run of his money, if I could be rich. One of the reasons I enjoy being a novelist is that I don’t have to live in the real world, (at least not inside my head), and deal with poverty and all the misery it brings with it. Escapism, isn’t that why we all enjoy a good book?

9.  What is up next for Wendy Soliman?

The third book in the Forster series, Finessing the Contessa, comes out in November. This is Lord Robert’s story. He meets an exotic Sicilian widow who’s a chess master worth pitting his wits against. Shame she appears to be trying to steal the secrets of state that Rob has been charged by his brother to deliver.

10.  Do you have anything specific you want to tell your readers?

Yes, please give me feedback. Tell me what you like about my books and, more importantly, what turns you off. I’m always striving to improve and can take constructive criticism – honest!

Thanks so much for having me here.
Beguiling the Barrister
(The Forsters #2)
by: Wendy Soliman
Publishing Date: 6/24/13
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Regency, Historial Romance
Heat Level: Mild
Format: Digital
Word Count: 71,000

England, 1814 

Flick--more properly known as Lady Felicity Forster--was twelve when she decided she was going to marry her handsome neighbor Darius Grantley. Now, embarking on her second season, she's no nearer to that lofty ambition. She commits to making Darius fall in love with her, if only he'd take a break from pleading the case of the common criminal as a barrister at the Old Bailey. 

Darius adores the lovely, high-spirited younger sister of the Marquess of Denby, but he's all too aware that Flick is far above him in social status, not to mention fortune. Winning the high-profile Cuthbert case will earn him a promised appointment to King's Counsel and just enough income to provide a home for his well-born lady. 

But the cards are stacked against him. Not only do the newspapers trumpet his clients' guilt, but a powerful peer bribes the witnesses and threatens Flick unless Darius sabotages his own case... 
Purchase at Carina Press | Amazon

For more of the Forsters, check out Compromising the Marquess , available now!

Wendy Soliman was brought up on the Isle of Wight in Southern England but now divides her time between Andorra and West Florida. She lives with her husband Andre and a rescued dog of indeterminate pedigree named Jake Bentley.

The Isle of Wight is full of historic buildings, which is where she acquired her love of history, absorbing it like osmosis. She is the author of nine single-title Regency romances and is excited about her up-coming series charting the fortunes of the Forster dynasty.

When not writing she enjoys reading other people’s books, walking miles with her dog whilst plotting her next scene, and is on a one-woman mission to save the wine industry from the economic slump. Well, someone’s got to do it!

Blog: Confessions of a writer
One digital copy of COMPROMISING THE MARQUESS or BEGUILING THE BARRISTER (winner’s choice)
Winner will be announced on 7/8.
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Unknown said...

Beautiful book covers and very interesting description of the story.

Barbara E. said...

I think Beguiling the Barrister sounds like a wonderful story and I'm looking forward to reading all about Flick and Darius.

michele said...

Hi Wendy!

I don't know how I have missed your books, but they are right up my alley! Thanks for stopping by, I have a long weekend coming up, need to go check out your books!!!

laurie said...

Beautiful book covers and very interesting description of the story

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