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Friday, March 23, 2012

Review - "Worth the Scandal" by Karen Erickson

Worth the Scandal

(Worth #1)
Author: Karen Erickson
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing
Release Date: 3/20/2012
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Source: Bought (Amazon)

Alexander Worth, President and CEO of his families company Worth Luxury Goods, prides himself on his self control. He’s always in charge no matter the situation and no one ever go against him. His legendary control has never wavered before until now, when it comes to his Personal Assistant Tessa. She’s shy and modest, yet still strong and efficient. There’s just something about her that he’s so attracted to. So he hatches a scheme to get her alone on his business trip and finally go for what he’s wanted for months now.

Tessa has always loved fashion and she always wanted to work in fashion in some way so her current job as the President of Worth Luxury Goods personal assistant is the perfect job for her. And it doesn’t hurt to have a gorgeous boss to  look at either. She’s surprised when he asks her to go on a long business trip with him under the pretense she’ll be helping him with his over load of work and negotiations for opening a new store but that’s isn’t exactly what happens once they arrive at their first destination.

When problems, both personal and professional for Alex arise, Alex is faced with suspicions his brother has that Tessa might be a spy and problems with his youngest brother Rhett. Will he be able to get past the trust issue or will the blow it for them before they even get going.

My Review
This book was a major disappointment for me! I LOVE Karen’s books so much. Her Fated series was so good as were quite a few others I’ve read. When I heard about this book I immediately put in on my tbr list and I bought the day it released. Now I wish I hadn’t because the whole entire book made me so mad.

Alex is rude, harsh and totally self absorbed and he was the biggest jerk to poor little Tessa. He would start something with her only to completely shut her out just minutes later, without finishing, without so much as an “I’m sorry.” Oh and he doesn’t do that once, or twice, but three freakin’ times! And yes, I called her Poor Little Tessa because that’s exactly what she is. She never gives herself any credit, she just lets Alex walk all over her and then she goes back practically begging for more. Talk about a glutton for punishment. The love scenes are good, as always with Karen's books and when things were good, Alex was a nice guy. Until his brother would throw those doubts out there and he'd start all over again. I just couldn't get past it. And oh don’t even get me started on Alex’s brother Hunter! If Alex is a jerk then Hunter is a Class-A a**hole. He has no care for anyone, including his brothers. At least that’s the way he acts. Totally hung up on himself, his work and which woman will be his next piece. I don’t think I’ll be reading Hunter’s book, I’ll just read the spoilers so I know what happened. I will however be reading Rhetts book just to find out what he’s up to. There’s something mysterious there. Since he wasn’t in this book much, there’s not much to judge him with. I can’t tell if he’s a jerk like his brother’s or if he’s hiding a sweetheart under there.

Sorry for being harsh but I really really don’t like how Alex was towards Tessa. Every woman deserves better, every one! I could have dropped it after he did it the first time, and maybe the second but that third time I was ready to jump in the book and knock some sense into Tessa. I would NEVER put up with that, EVER! So I can’t put up with it in a book I read. This will not, however affect my future purchases of Karen’s book. One bad doesn’t make them all bad, I just think I didn’t click well with these characters. 

I give this book 2 Moons. I can't recommend this book to anyone, I'm sorry about that but I just can't. I look forward to more from Karen in the future but I just didn't click with this series. :(


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