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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dirty Little Secret #13

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by us at Under the Covers.  Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets.  We hope that you will all join us!

This week's question:
Who is your favorite flawed hero and/or heroine and why do you still love them despite their faults?

FranJessca's Answer:
This was a hard question this week.  Thank goodness I was able to get some quiet time, thanks to my amazing hubby.  My favorite flawed hero has been Lothaire. He's a freaking jerk, ass-wipe, annoying as crap, and evil as HELL...but deep down those flaws make him my favorite flawed hero.  I always go for the dark and dangerous types though.  I love the fact when he got his own book, Kresley didn't change him.  I would've been highly pissed if she did I remember the first time I read about him in the IAD series.  I knew I would love him no matter what he did.  =)  
Then there's my book boyfriend, Gideon Cross who I adore also even with his flaws that he won't talk about in "Bared to You" to Eva.  She's trying to change him and he's trying to allow it.  I would love to tame him myself.  *Sigh*  
I don't have a favorite flawed heroine though, yet.  Maybe soon I will.  

Anna's Answer:
I have to agree with FranJessca on this one, it was really hard for me to pick just one flawed hero. Took me all day to finally decide who is my favorite and that would be Ashe Granger from Rhyannon Byrd's newest book Deadly is the Kiss and he was also a big part of some of her Primal Instinct books. In Deadly he showed his true colors and really he can be the biggest jerk EVER! The way he treated Juliana made me so mad and I really just wanted to punch him in the face for half of that book. Yet I still loved him, didn't seem to matter that he treated her like dirt. LOL Now unlike FranJessca's pick, Ashe did change but it fit the situation. Now he's a sweetheart, but I wouldn't put it past him to turn into the big jerk he was in a heartbeat, he just finally saw the light where Juliana was concerned. That's why I still love him. If you've read Deadly and you know the ending, you know the exact reason I still love him...but I don't want to spoil the ending! ;)

There is another hero that I have to give some attention too because he was pretty flawed too. Cheveyo from Jaime Rush's Beyond the Darkness. It made me so mad to see him push Petra away over and over again because really, if she could handle it then why not. But he just kept on and kept on...*sigh* and once again I didn't seem to care. She built him up throughout the books that came before that one and made him sound so mysterious and sexy and man, I just fell for him! Thanks goodness Petra beat some sense into him though....finally!!!

As far as a flawed heroine goes, there's only one I can think of, Chaya Dane, from Lora Leigh's Nauti Dreams. That girl had some major issues. Issues that no woman in her right mind should be able to ever get over but she managed to because of Natches. I still love her because I mean come one, she managed to tame Natches. That's talent, he was a wild one!!!


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