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Friday, April 13, 2012

Movie Review - "The Hunger Games" (Read with Caution: May Contain Spoilers)


Sorry, I'm just now getting around to typing up a review on "The Hunger Games"...but life is hectic at this moment with so many papers I have to do for College.  It's a never ending trail of documents on my computer that I'm having a hard time keeping up with each topic I have to write on now.  And on top of college writing assignments...I have a 5 month old baby girl who is now officially teething.  My poor baby girl!  =(  
I saw the movie back in the beginning of this month.  No, I'm not one of those go at Midnight showing gals.  I did that with Twilight and New Moon (and let's just say I had to see the movies a 2nd time because of the screaming teenagers and other Moms drooling over Taylor Lautner...which by the way is gross!)  I'm not a Cougar.  LOL
I'm glad I read the book before I saw the movie because I understood the movie a lot more and of course I found out what was missing in the movie.  Oh yes...I'm one of those who nit picks at a movie...especially if it's originally a book.  Certain people who haven't read the book may not pick up on things that were explained better in the book.
Let me just say...I'm a little disappointed that they left out some stuff that ended up being so GREAT in the book.  Where was the Avox girl who Katniss talked to in the book while in limbo for the Games.  The Avox (servant girl or servants...played a role in the book).  I only saw them...but they really didn't interact with the actors/actresses.
I also feel like the movie had more of preparing for the games...instead of actually the Games part. In the book, the Hunger Games was much longer portion than getting prepared for the games, that's my opinion though.
Don't even get me started on the ending of the movie...What the freak was that?  
If you haven't read the book you need to, to find out what actually happened between Katniss and Peeta.  If you have read the book, you know what I'm talking about.  
Okay...enough with the negatives of the movie.  Let me get to the positives of the movie.  First, the actors/actresses who portrayed the characters were amazing. Their acting was incredible (ummm...unlike certain actors/actresses in Twilight). I definitely loved Josh Hutcherson who played Peeta.  I also loved Jennifer Lawrence who played Katniss.  Another positive thing to the movie was the crazy outfits and how the Capitol looked like, basically. 
The book made me cry several times...and of course the movie made it even worst.  I forgot to bring my damn tissues when I saw this movie.  Thank goodness, I went alone other wise my hubby would've made fun of me.  
I also liked the little bits and pieces of the Game Keepers part.  That was never in the I actually enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of the Game Keepers.
All in all...I gave the movie 4 moons, unlike the book I gave 5 moons.  The book was way better than the movie, which is to be expected since they can't always put everything that was in the book into a movie.  
I definitely recommend people read the book first before they see the movie though and if you have seen the movie and haven't read the book yet...what are you waiting for?  Pick up the book and read it.  
I was one of those who was skeptical to read it because I hate reading books that pertain to kids getting in fights or getting killed.  I'm a mother of two young girls, I do not like reading books that allow kids to get in situations like they did in The Hunger Games.
In the end, I let that issue set aside and realized it's just a fictional book.  I really enjoyed reading the book and seeing the movie...and I look forward to reading the next two books and seeing what the director (whoever he/she is) does with the last two movies.  Please...let them not go of course.



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