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Monday, June 4, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway - Cast This Book By Carrie Lofty

Thanks to the Book Lovin’ Mamas for having me stop by! I’m excited to talk about “A Little More Scandal.” At just $.99… Take a chance! This is an adorable intro to my Christies series of Victorian romances.
It’s one of Pocket’s first original digital releases. You can read more about those fabulous new originals here , including an extended excerpt of “A Little More Scandal.”

But there. Aside from the blurb, that’s my sales pitch. Let’s do silly stuff now…

I am one of those writers who likes to “cast” my hero and heroine before writing any romance. Generally I don’t talk about it because what a reader imagines and what an author describes are greatly divergent. No sense in ruining the fantasy! Covers, too, can alter even my impression of what person or persons initially inspired characters.

Here today, I thought we could play a little game. If I offer descriptions of William, the hero of “A Little More Scandal,” and of Catrin, his brave heroine, would you cast them for me? I’ll never reveal my inspiration, but I’d love to see what entertainers these passages describe for you!
First up, William:

William Christie had the build of a mythic giant, all muscle and silent intimidation. His suit was unaccountably fashionable for someone who wore it so poorly. He appeared half-strangled by his cravat, and hugged indecently by a slim-fitting coat that had been tailored, inexplicably, to diminish the breadth of his chest. His rich, golden-blond hair was neatly combed and his face cleanly shaven, but she could imagine him scruffy and wild atop some distant Scottish peak, his big-boned body meant for the freedom of a Highlander’s garb.

How often did one notice a man’s lips? Hardly ever, in Catrin’s experience. They hid behind mustaches or dimmed in comparison to high cheekbones or a fine head of hair. Even a nice set of teeth was more noteworthy. But Mr. Christie’s mouth was . . . beautiful. A full lower lip. A perfectly symmetrical upper lip, with a sharp curve that suggested devilish possibilities.

Next, his lady Catrin:

In a word, she was contrary. Entirely contrary to the sort of woman who generally caught his eye. She was short and almost boyish in her stature, whereas William preferred sinuous curves that could annul a man’s ambitions.

The potency of her gaze was mollified only by her soft features. Such a tidy little face, haloed by russet brown hair, so rich, shimmeringly rich and thick with curls. Her lips were nearly as round and plump as they were wide, just like an apricot. Laughing eyes shone with the luster of honey in sunlight. As if perpetually surprised, her russet brows lifted away from the bridge of her petite, turned-up nose.

Let your imaginations run wild! I’ll only say that William and Catrin are modeled after an actor and actress, both of whom are fairly well known. I’m so curious who you’ll “see” from these descriptions. Feel free to leave multiple possibilities if you can’t decide. When it comes to inspiration, there can never be too much.

For those of you who participate, you’ll be entered to receive a copy of FLAWLESS , the first of my Christies series from Pocket. I’ll ship anywhere. Anyone who already has FLAWLESS can win any choice from my back catalog.

What’s next for Carrie:
STARLIGHT , the second full-length romance in the Christies series, is set in Victorian Glasgow. It just received a 4 ½ stars Top Pick from RT BookReviews. It come out on June 26th. Then comes another Pocket Star digital original, HIS VERY OWN GIRL . It’s a historical romance set in WWII.

Carrie on the internet:
Twitter: @carrielofty

Make sure you fill out the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a copy of FLAWLESS or if you already have it you can choose a book from Carrie's back catalog. This contest is open to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wow Love The Excerpt I Have This Book On My Wish List.

Melody May said...

That sounds like a really good.

Allie said...

Great excerpt! Sounds like it will be a wonderful read. Thank you :)

Fedora said...

Good luck--Flawless was an amazing read! Carrie, I'm terrible with casting--I like the authors' descriptions, but often I do not associate them with real-life actors or people. Part of the pleasure of reading for me is the vagueness or fluidness of the roles in my mind :) I can enjoy whoever I'm thinking of at the time, rather than having an image set before me. Sometimes that's why I have a hard time with movies that I've read first as books.

Gigi said...

First of all, let me tell you Carrie that I LOVE THE COVER!! It's a beauty! The first time I saw it was like love at first sight! It would be a pleasure to win this books! I'm crossing my fingers for the chance to win it! Hopefully! (ileana-rafflecopter)

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by, and I wish you luck with the drawing. Flchen, I think casting a book is probably more of an author thing, then. I love having a real person to draw from, if only to keep from writing the same characters and descriptions over an over.

And Giselle, I was SO happy for the cover. When was the last time you saw a genuinely happy heroine? She's got an amazing dress, hair to kill for, and she's sprawled out on a hunk on man. She has every obligation to smile on behalf of those of us who aren't so literally unbelievably blessed *g*

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