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Friday, August 31, 2012

ARC Review - "Inside Bet" by Katie Porter

Inside Bet
Vegas Top Guns #2 
Author: Katie Porter
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: 8/28/12
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC Provided by Author via Novel Sidekick
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble 
Author’s Website:

(From goodreads)

Zero to kinky in 3...2...1

As assistant director in an accounting firm, Heather Morris is at the top of her game. Her straight-laced colleagues wouldn't believe the secrets she hides: her wild teenage past, work-of-art tattoo and nipple ring.

Her orderly life veers off course when she's approached at a wine tasting by an arrogant pretty boy with a dirty mind and a hardcore dangerous profession. She finds herself tempted to step outside her respectable façade for some well-deserved excitement.

Captain Jon "Tin Tin" Carlisle knows women. Loves women. One glimpse of the nipple ring under Heather's conservative blazer lights up all his instincts. He's stumbled upon a rare treasure: an exotic beauty with a sexy laugh and a taste for dares.

After a red-hot hour of roulette, their simmering attraction bursts into an exploration of mutual passion that tests even Jon’s erotic limits. Soon he craves something he's never desired before. More. But for Heather, more means trusting, and trusting leads to trouble.

Now Jon must decide if the best sex of his life is worth chancing his heart on a woman who shields hers so well.

Warning: Contains hot power play featuring a fighter pilot who comes from old money but knows all about bringing the dirty. Also: a nipple ring, sex on the hood of a hella sweet sportscar, and one teensy, tiny, wickedly naughty fluid exchange.

This is a great series and a total surprise for me! I loved this book, it's original and fresh and it's got everything you want in an erotic romance. Not only will I be reading the books to come in this series, but I'm adding Katie Porter to my must read list! The characters are well written and the stories have a way of pulling you into them, so that you are just as emotionally invested as the characters are.

After reading the first book I was really looking forward to Jon's story and I'm not disappointed! I usually go for the straight out bad boys but Jon is so different than that. He's rich and cultured and so very arrogant but some how it's still charming when paired with that killer sense of humor and a hidden sweet side. And come on, a fighter pilot, that's intriguing itself. ;) It just worked for him and made me love him all the more. Heather was a great female lead character. In fact she has to be one of my all time favorite female characters. On the outside she's all business but on the inside she's a sexy bad girl just waiting to come out and play. And the two of them together, talk about some of the hottest sex scenes I have EVER read...and let me tell you, I've read a lot! The chemistry between the two is explosive, especially with their little game of dares and when they finally get to that make it or break it point, well it's pretty much the sweetest one I've read in a while!

It was great to see the other characters again in this one. Ryan and Cass from the first book and Leah, who is quite the train wreck, who will be in the next book. I'm anxious to read Leah's book to find out what becomes of her. It'll be nice to see her get a happy ending too.

Overall this is a sexy, entertaining and refreshing read, as I implied more than once, I haven't read a book I liked this much in a while. I give this book 5 Moons and recommend it to fans of Military Romance and Erotic Romance. It's definitely a must read and take it from me, you won't regret it! It'll have you so hot you'll have to have more! :)

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