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Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Tour: Inside Bet by Katie Porter (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Go Crazy for a Sharp-Dressed Man
By Katie Porter

(Confession: I wanted to be the ordinary shop girl who got a make-over by the cool ZZ Top chicks in the video for “Legs.” Could those clothes be any cooler? Could the sentiment that a make-over snags a man be less feminist? Don’t care. I wanted those little anklets over tights.)

Anyway, yes, that little aside was brought to you by the title of this post, which was inspired by ZZ Top’s famous “Sharp-Dressed Man.” At least there, it’s the guy who gets the make-over!

Look around your office or at the me you pass walking down the street. Do any of them catch your eye in a positive way because of how they dress? Likely not. But the sexual effect of a man dressed to the nines is undeniable. In fact, studies have been done on women and their reaction to how men dress. Show a male model dressed in a janitor’s uniform, and few neural signs of attraction fire up in the female brain. Show her the same man decked out in a three-piece suit? That unconscious chemistry goes crazy.

Dressing well says confidence, style, success, power—and those things generally call to the secret need (and biological imperative) most women have to be taken care of.

It can also say conceited asshole, but you take the good with the bad.

Jon from Inside Bet is just such a man. He comes from money. Lots of money. Thus he wears five thousand dollar suit like a second skin, or as Vesper said to Bond in Casino Royale, “Naturally you think human beings dress like that.”

Aside from power and money, a man who dresses well is intriguing. What would it mean, on an intimacy scale, to see him wears jeans and a t-shirt around the house? To go barefoot? To wake up first thing in the morning, looking the complete opposite of a man of empire? Aside from the need for security, we often feel the need to be so singularly important to a lover that these little intimacies are revealed.

Consider when Heather Morris, the heroine of Inside Bet, sees Mr. Three-Piece Suit, Jon Carlisle, wearing “ordinary” clothes. Oh, and one additional piece of clothing that brings home the fact he’s more than a million dollar trust fund baby:

Dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, he actually looked his age. Young. Relaxed. Less intimidating. Less like a well-groomed cat on the prowl. Less in control of the world and his place in it. This version of Jon was a little closer to real, and a hell of a lot scarier.
She knew his suits and his suave bearing. She had no idea how to handle him being ordinary. His version of ordinary was magical. Same sharp jaw, sarcastic mouth and dark, dark eyes. The glare from the light above their table added silver tips to the ends of his buzzed hair. Shoulders and arms, all shown to perfection by that simple T-shirt.
And the flight jacket. Holy Christ, she hadn’t been prepared for that at all. Aside from the war stories Leah and Dash had told at the club, she had proceeded with Jon’s military service as mere background knowledge. He was so different from the servicemen she’d known growing up— her dad’s men, or the guys she’d eventually made her hobby. No way was her pretty flyboy of that same ilk, ready to fight and die for his country.
But he was.
Stories about Jon had chipped through that artificial barrier. Seeing him in his flight jacket when he’d walked into the diner— that had crumbled them altogether. She glanced at where he’d hung it across the back of the booth. The man in the three-piece suit was the slick nighttime version of this genuine fighter pilot.

So the sharp-dressed man? Oh, my oh my, if you thought the suit looked good, you should see the man underneath—with all that implies.

Up next for Katie Porter, the co-writing team of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown: 

Now that both RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Picks DOUBLE DOWN and INSIDE BET have been released, we're looking forward to the September 25th arrival of HOLD 'EM, featuring wild child Leah and a surprising reunion with a fellow pilot. The final two installments of the "Vegas Top Guns" series will follow in 2013.

November brings the m/m Christmas-themed CAME UPON AMIDNIGHT CLEAR, and in January, LEAD AND FOLLOW will launch the five-part “Club Devant” series of erotic multi-partner romances set in a hot New York City burlesque club.

Where to find us:
Twitter: @MsKatiePorter
Or individually: @carrielofty and @LorelieBrown

We'd like to give away a copy of DOUBLE DOWN or INSIDE BET (winner's choice) in any format. Just answer the question: Who’s your favorite sharp-dressed man? Let’s see if we get any replies that don’t involve James Bond *g*

Thanks again to Book Lovin’ Mamas for featuring Katie Porter and Inside Bet!

To enter for a chance to win the copy of Double Down or Inside Bet (winner's choice) please leave a comment below, with your email included, and answer Katie's question. This contest will last for 5 days and end at 11:59PM on Sept. 6. (This giveaway is for everyone)

You can find my review of Inside Bet HERE. Review for Double Down is coming soon. :) Thanks so much for being here today Katie! I LOVED these two books and I'm so excited for the next one.


Lisa W said...

Sharped dressed man... I'd have to vote for Matt Bomer. He WOWS on White Collar!

There's Dwayne Johnson or Adrian Paul and Pierce Brosnan in
Thomas Crown affair. They are definetely favorites.

Joanne said...

Ok, that's not right. Now I can't get "Sharp Dressed Man" out of my head. My favorite would have to be Pierce Brosnan.


Hi Everyone!

Luckily Pierce Brosnan has been in roles other than Bond, so we don't get stuck thinking of 007 in a tux! Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck with the contest!

of Katie Porter

June M. said...

I will have to go with George Clooney in a tux....yum!
(Now I have ZZ Top songs going through my head.....may have to find my CD so that I can get them out, lol).
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

June, that scene in Ocean's 11 when he gets out of jail, and the only clothes he'd be giving was a tux. I love the idea of it, because it means he was arrested in his tux!!

laurie said...

for me its a toss up between gerard butler and hugh jackman!

Unknown said...

Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney....O AND JOHNNY DEPP!!!!! Yummy!!!

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