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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog Tour: "Tempted by Evil" by Shannon Morton & Amber Lynn Natusch (Guest Post/Review)

Welcome to our virtual book tour stop of "Tempted by Evil" by Amber Lynn Natusch and Shannon Morton brought to you by Pure Textuality.  

         I have a confession to make.  I have a thing for bad boys.  Always have.  Blame it on my kindergarten crush or my high school boyfriend, just don't tell my husband.  But something about those dark, broody, mysterious guys who do whatever they please and have a difficult time expressing emotion properly seals the deal every single time. Officially labeled, "damaged goods," these guys are the ones we love in books, TV, and movies, but would run screaming from in reality if we ever actually came face to face in a relationship. Thus, I write about their dark deeds rather than seeking one out in real life (my husband is grateful for this). And that's what this scene in the novel is for; to give you a peek at one of my favorite characters in the story. This is our first real glimpse into Merrick's personality and Aspen's response to him. Merrick is the quintessential bad boy plus. On top of being the dark, brooding, mysterious guy, he is also wicked intelligent with a penchant for books and music―and nothing is sexier than a bad boy with a kickass IQ. 
So, without further ado, I give you Aspen and Merrick in the library scene.

Walking absentmindedly through the aisles of materials once more, I
found myself gazing up the darkened staircase as I passed. The feeling of
someone watching me was so strong that I involuntarily shivered and
scanned the rest of the library, including the check-out desk, to ensure that I
was still the only patron inside. Indeed, it was only the librarian and me, and
he was still busy organizing the pile on his desk. I brushed off my senseless
worry and marched myself back over to the table where my collection of
take-home books sat proudly waiting for me. The cover of the top volume
drew my attention as it had on the shelf, a girl with dark hair , ivory skin, and
painted ruby lips.
“Memoirs of a Geisha?” a low voice asked incredulously from just
behind me. “I had you pegged for an Austen girl. ”
I spun around to find a wall of obsidian staring me in the face. T aking
a small step back, I looked up into the light-green eyes of a face I was
certain I recognized.
“You’re the guy from the cafĂ© the other night, ” I blurted out, equal
parts question and statement of fact.
“Am I?” he countered sarcastically, leaning his face in toward mine just
“Am I?” he countered sarcastically, leaning his face in toward mine just
enough to make me exceptionally nervous.
“Um, aren’t you?” I asked stupidly, finding it difficult to actually recall
the other night with any clarity at the moment.
He just stared at me as though I were some curiosity that perplexed
him, but he clearly had no intention of answering my question.
“I’m Aspen. ” The words were out of my mouth before my brain fully
registered our conversation from the other night. “Aspen Thomas. ”
“I know, ” the stranger replied with a slight nod of his head.
“And you are . . . ?”
“Amused, ” he countered, though he seemed less entertained than he
claimed to be.
“Really?” The frustration at being the source of his personal
amusement was evident in my tone. “Did you come here solely to harass
“Hardly, ” he replied, looking at my stack on the table. A flicker of
genuine interest sparked in his eyes. “I came for the books. ”
“Well, then, ” the words tasted bitter in my mouth even before I said
them aloud, “don’t let me keep you. ”
A small smile erupted on his lips as he looked to my pile of books and
then back to me. “No problem. It’s just a lot to carry. . . I was going to offer
you a hand. ”
Of course he was. My redheaded temper had gotten me into trouble
yet again.
“Oh, ” I said, feeling like a repentant child. “I brought a book bag with
me and most of these are pretty small. ”
“Indeed, ” he replied, running his fingers through his jet black waves.
“You have some great texts there. Kerouac and Salinger are two of my
favorites. ”
“I’ve always wanted to read Catcher in the Rye!” I exclaimed a bit too
“Now you can. ” He smiled down at me as he turned around to walk
through the stacks, calling over his shoulder , “And the name’s Merrick. ”
“Merrick, ” I repeated aloud, tasting the name on my tongue.
He stopped and turned around to face me once more, his mysterious
sage gaze penetrating mine.
“Oh, ” I stammered, unprepared for him to have overheard my verbal
sampling. “I was just curious about your t-shirt. Who’s The Machine and why
do you feel the need to Rage Against them?”
If I hadn't known better , I would have sworn that the slightest chuckle
escaped his lips.
“The machine would be the status quo, I guess, ” he replied, shaking
his head and turning to go. “And most everyone feels compelled to deviate a
little from time to time. ”
Mesmerized by both him and his words, I watched him walk away,
each step feeling like a call to some part of me to follow after him. He
seemed to be the impossible combination of every powerful male lead and
bad boy antagonist that I'd ever encountered on paper , and for whatever
reason, however irrational it might have been, I wanted to know more about
Tempted by Evil
(Light & Shadow Trilogy #1)
Publishing Date: 11/19/12
Genre: YA Paranormal 
Source: Provided Copy for Blog Tour (from Blog Tour Host)

A sheltered girl. 
The perfect boy. 
A mysterious stranger. 
Random messages delivering a sobering prophecy plague Aspen's existence. With every curious encounter, her sanity wavers further. Before long, Aspen finds herself balancing the fate of humanity on her shoulders, until a single act turns her world upside down. She finds herself alone, isolated from those she thought she could trust. 
Alone to damn the world,

My Review:
I have read the first book in the Caged series by Amber Lynn Natusch and jumped at the chance to read another book from her, as well as try a book by Shannon Morton.
I am always looking to find more Authors that will keep me reading and leave me hanging at the end of the book.
"Tempted by Evil" is not a usual YA book that I would find myself reading, but the description of it was interesting and I could not wait to find out who was the sheltered girl, the perfect boy, and the mysterious stranger.
Aspen who has only life in a convent, never knew her parents.  All she knows is that they died when she was really young.  She is not living in the convent and trying to make her life carry on.  She meets a boy who is willing to help her in anyway he can.  He gives her a home and even gets her a job thanks to his parents.
When Aspen, comes across another stranger while working, he intrigues her.  He is always there watching her for some reason.
Aspen starts to hear voices and see people other people cannot see.  In fact, she is starting to question herself.
When she finds out the truth on what is happening to her, she learns that the people she thought she could trust and the people who took care of her, are the ones who want her live out the prophecy, but in a evil way.
Aspen does not know who to trust now...the boy who gave her a new life may be tempting her in the wrong way and the other stranger told her to not trust anyone, but herself.
Is the prophecy being told really true.  Is she the one to determine the fate of mankind and the world?

My thoughts after reading "Tempted by Evil" is that I need to know what happens now after reading that cliffhanger, but I do have to say the book did not peek my interest until towards the end.  When the truth came out, I was neglecting my duties at home to find out happened next to Aspen and find out the truth about Merrick ( the stranger ) and the real truth about Julian (the boy who helped Aspen) because there was a another motive with him.  I just could not figure it out until the end.
I love the fact the book was different from what I have read before.  Prophecies and towards the end, the truth of Aspen's parents and why she is considered apart of the prophecy and what she actually supposed to do.
I give the beginning and the middle of the book 3 stars...but the end 4 stars, which is the reason why the my review is 3.5 stars for total.  I am planning on reading the next book because Shannon and Amber definitely had me in shock after Aspen chose her path.
I would have chosen the other side...Ahh!
Aspen has her reasons, I guess.
I recommend this book to readers who love the YA paranormal genre.  If you are a fan of Amber's Caged Series, you'll definitely want to check out this new trilogy from her and Shannon.
I was provided a complimentary copy of "Tempted by Evil" for the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.  

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