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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guest Post/Giveaway w/ Donya Lynne

Today we have Donya Lynne back with us, introducing her upcoming release, Rebel Obsession. It's the 3rd book in her All The King's Men series. I absolutely love this series and I'm SO excited for this new book! I can NOT WAIT to read it!!! :)


Former cobalt addict and AKM drug counselor, Io is a male vampire known as much for his abrasive personality as for his playboy lifestyle. Life on the edge suits him, and he lives full throttle, making his own rules, damn the consequences. What he wants, he takes, and what he wants now is Miriam. If only he can find a way to see her again without getting himself killed, but her father stands in the way.

Miriam is the daughter of the king. Strong-willed and defiant, she feels like a prisoner in her own home and struggles to break free from under her father’s oppressive hold. The king’s law surrounding Miriam is explicitly clear: No one touches her. Period. It's a sentence that's left Miriam to suffer from loneliness and resentment.

In a fit of rebellion, Miriam has turned to cobalt to find relief and freedom, but now she’s a prisoner to addiction as much as to her father’s strict control. What's more, she can’t get sexy Io, who gently tended to her at the AKM facility as she recovered from her first overdose, off her mind. Will she ever see him again?

When Miriam overdoses a second time, she and Io are thrust back together, and all bets are off. Seeing each other was the one thing both wanted, and not even the king’s laws and threats of punishment will be enough to defuse their rebellious obsession with one another now that they’ve found each other again, even if the consequences are death.

Rebel Obsession, Io's story, was a labor to write. Io and Miriam were so riddled with shame over what they had become, that neither wanted to talk, so I had to pull the story from them bit-by-bit, a little at a time. But the end product was worth the struggle. I've come to thoroughly enjoy the writing of this book, as hard fought as it was in the beginning, because when the characters finally opened up, they opened up big.

Why were they ashamed, you might be asking? Well, if you've read the previous books in the series, particularly Heart of the Warrior, you'll see that Io was a bit of a bastard. He is notorious for being a womanizer and a bashing homophobe, and when his best friend, Arion, ended up coming out about his homosexuality in Heart of the Warrior, Io was floored. That storyline continues in Rebel Obsession, and we get to see how Io deals with the loss of his friend and watch him face the hard truth about himself: He's a dick. I do love when characters go through hard self-realization like this. It's fun to write.

As far as Miriam is concerned, she is ashamed that she fell victim so easily to the drecks' drug, cobalt. She regrets taking that first hit, but now she doesn't know how to stop. Priding herself on being smarter and stronger than that, she obviously beat herself up pretty badly throughout the entire writing of this story. There were days I felt like I was merely pulling her along in my mind. The epiphany came when it hit me: SHE'S ASHAMED! And she was confused, too, because she didn’t know who she was. After I realized that, it was easier to work with her, because I finally knew how to approach her to get her to spill her story…and I simply rode the idea that she was in the midst of an identity crisis, which helped immensely.

But Rebel Obsession isn't all about Io and Miriam. It became clear early on that this story was a transition piece for the series, and it has a giant cast of characters, connecting the earlier books of the series to the ones still to come. In other words, if you miss this book, you will miss key components that link the early books with the ones coming after it. My editor says this is her favorite book of the series so far, and it's definitely the biggest, coming in at 112,000 words, my upper limit for book size.

A few favorite characters see their storylines continue to develop in Rebel Obsession. Trace is obviously one of those characters. Everyone wants to know more about Trace. Well, you'll definitely learn more about him in Rebel Obsession, and I think you'll like what you learn. We also see Malek, who until now has been whitewashed, calm, and logical, take a turn for the worse. There's a complicated reason for that, which we started to see in Heart of the Warrior, but you'll have to wait until the next book, Return of the Assassin, due out in late 2013, to get his full story.

In fact, I'm drafting Malek's piece now, and I'm in love with him. Whereas Rebel Obsession comes off as a more romantic, transitory piece, Malek's story is taking shape to be deep, dark, and full of action and devious plotting, rife with conflict and adversity. So, stay tuned for more on his story.

We also see the introduction of several new characters in Rebel Obsession, both bad and good. Some will be pivotal to other developing storylines, while others will simply simmer along through the series.

If you haven't read the other books in the series, yet, and want to get caught up before tackling Rebel Obsession on January 2, you can find them on Amazon with the below links. The books are also available at Barnes & Noble, All Romance ebooks, and Smashwords.

If you want to keep up to date with what's going on at AKM or with any of my other work, and also see occasional snippets of my current works in progress, you can follow me on Facebook: Author Donya Lynne or on my blog:

Thank you for having me on the blog today! Enjoy my boys…and their girls (or their boys, as the case may be).

Happy Reading and Writing,

Donya is offering ONE lucky commenter the chance to win one of the books already released in the All The Kings Men series (Winner's choice of which book, Rebel Obsession not included in giveaway). All you have to do to enter is comment below and please make sure you leave your email so you can be contacted if you are the winner! :)


Would Love to win Rise of the Fallen!!!! and I am adding the rest to my TBR list...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

laurie said...

the book looks really good! i wish i could buy it but w/ being out of work it's gonna be a while b/f i can

Josie Hink said...

I would love to win the first book in the series...I have not had a chance to read any of them yet


Cathy V said...

Great post. This looks like a fantastic series, must add them to my TBR list!
Thanks for the giveaway.

Beautiful book covers. Sounds like a very interesting read. Thanks for the giveaway.
olga_sergejeva (at)

Joanne said...

Thanks for the great post and giveaway. Fabulous covers. This series sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read Rebel Obsession.


i have not read the series but it looks interestin
kaholgate at ymail dot com

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