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Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: "After the Storm" by Claudy Conn

After the Storm
Publishing Date: 2/4/13
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Personal Copy

No matter what her family and friends say, Jenny knows she will never fall in love again. How can she, when her childhood sweetheart was one of the countless killed at Waterloo? 
So when the Earl of Danfield proposes a marriage of convenience, it seems the perfect solution. He will secure his inheritance, and she will be spared the necessity of being paraded in society, forced to dance and flirt and do all the things her broken heart cannot do. His proposal will give her what she wants most. Peace. 
But peace is the last thing she finds in her marriage. Her growing attraction to the earl brings with it guilt that she’s betraying her beloved Johnny. Her mother-in-law considers her an interloper. Her husband’s former lover makes it clear she doesn’t want it to be former. And when a supposed prank nearly kills her, Jenny has to wonder—now that the earl’s inheritance is assured, has she become an inconvenience to be eliminated?
 photo 5moons.png
My Review:
I will say it over and over again....I LOVE Claudy Conn's historical romance books.  They are seriously addicting and make it feel like you go back to a time where men literally swept women off their feet.
"After the Storm" is a novel about Jenny and how she has lost her childhood sweetheart, Johnny during Waterloo.  She has told herself, she will never love another person again due to the fear of losing them.
Although, it will be kind of hard for her to not fall for the Earl of Danfield because the minute she is introduced to him, he is all that she thinks about.  Jason (the Earl of Danfield) gives her a proposition of marrying him.  If she marries him, he will finally receive his heritance and she will not have to endure going out during the London season like her father wants her to.
The Earl also wants to try to win Jenny's heart over even though she says she will never love again.  He knows in the bottom of his heart, she is falling for him.
When the Earl and Jenny marry, he takes her to one of his home and she meets his step-mom and step-brother.  While there, Jenny is almost killed and someone is out to kill the Earl.  Jenny is determined to find out what is happening at the Earl's castle and get to the bottom of who wants her husband dead.
When she finally finds out who it is, she will find out the truth on what really happened to her beloved Johnny.

Claudy writes a book that is full of passion and love and how it is possible to love again after a tragedy.    What I adored most about this book is that I could not figure out who was causing the trouble and trying to kill the Earl.  I would think it was the step-brother and then another time I would think it was the step-mother.  When I finally found out who it was, I was in shock just like Jenny was in the story.
Claudy also knows how to make readers fall in love with her characters.  I had so much sympathy for Jenny and as well as Jason. Jenny for losing her loved one and Jason for trying to win over Jenny the minute he realizes he cannot live without her.  They both were destined to meet each other.  =)
I even fell for some of the secondary characters in "After the Storm" being in particular...the Earl's stepbrother.  Even though, there were times I thought he was the one causing trouble, he still won my heart over.  He had a way with words.  =)

If you love a historical romance that has passion, mystery, romance, humor, and action, you will enjoy reading "After the Storm".
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