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Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: "Lead and Follow" by Katie Porter

Lead and Follow
(Club Devant #1)
Publishing Date: 1/8/13
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Erotica w/ M/M | Menage
Source: Provided by Author

The best partners share everything... 
Lizzie Maynes's torn ACL threatens more than her career as an international Latin ballroom champion. During her lengthy recovery, her longtime professional partner, Dima Turgenev, has been dancing at the Chelsea District's most notorious burlesque, Club Devant. More than just dancing, he’s been experimenting with shocking new moves that make her want to pull him off stage and get back on tour as soon as possible--the better to keep their successful friendship safe. 
Dima knows all about safety, and the lack thereof, because he blames himself for Lizzie’s injury. Far from the pressures of competition, Club Devant is the perfect creative venue to rebuild his rattled confidence. He’d love for Lizzie to join him and revel in the club's intoxicating freedoms. By exploring the new sensual energy simmering between them, they could become more than friends. 
Paul Reeves, a recently divorced Texan starting over in the Big Apple, is all for joining the dancers as they blaze through sexual boundaries. But he also knows their sizzling trio won’t last. Lizzie and Dima belong together. Before the last sparks fade, he plans to transform two stubborn friends into lasting lovers--one raunchy lesson at a time. 
 Warning: Burlesque meets ballroom in this f***ing sexy book when a smoldering Russian dance god and a blonde firecracker with hips possessed by the devil share a sunny, filthy-minded Texan--for just a dance or two.
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My Review:
This is my first book from the fabulous Katie Porter and it definitely will not be my last.  My blog partner  has read Katie's books before and I read the synopsis of "Lead and Follow", I knew it was one book I had to read from Katie Porter.

"Lead and Follow" is a erotica with M/M and Menage in it.  Erotica is one of my fave genres and having M/M and Menage elements made this book beyond HOT.
Remember me saying the synopsis sold me on reading this book, well reading this book, I definitely look forward to reading the next book in the Club Devant series and so on.
This is the first book I have read that has dancing in it and the dancing is ballroom style, but with a lot of sexiness involved.
Here you have the sexy Russian who has the right moves and the sexy blonde bombshell who knows the sexy Russian's moves by heart.  In fact she knows how to make the Russian fall for her.

After her injury while dancing with her partner, Lizzie has been coping with what happen.  She could lose everything she ever worked for including her partner if she does not get her act together.
Dima remembers the day his partner tore her ACL and it has been eating at him since then.  He wants his dance partner back, but she has been acting different ever since the injury.
Club Devant where Dima dances at now with his new partner is not what he truly wants.  He feels stressed due to what happened to his partner and the club owner knows something is missing in Dima's life.
It takes an outsider to have Lizzie and Dima realize what they are capable of doing together.
Paul, the outsider who is the bartender at Club Devant meets with Lizzie and has some fun with her and he is intrigued with Dima the minute he sees him.  Lizzie and Dima are about to make his world different, but he is about to change their world as well.

Katie Porter pulls you into story of two stubborn friends who put themselves through so much drama and sex.  She thens makes you run to take several cold showers after all the amazing sex between Paul, Dima, and Lizzie.  OMG!  Just thinking about those scenes...makes me want to have a cold glass of water to calm down.
Dima and Lizzie have so much chemistry, not only because of their dances together, but being there with and for each other since they were young.  I fell in love with both them the minute they were introduced.  The best part of this book was you get inside the head of both of them so you feel each of their emotions and what they are going through.  Who did I side with more though...Dima.  Poor guy...he definitely was feeling crazy over what Lizzie kept putting him through.  I just wanted to go through the book and hug him and maybe even steal him from Lizzie.   I was rooting for them to get together though.  They definitely were meant for each other.
Paul, the sexy cowboy thoughts on in a cowboy hat...enough said on that one.
Remember the saying, save a horse, ride a cowboy....definitely thinking that when I read the scenes with Paul.
Lizzie was one lucky gal in this story.  She had both Dima and Paul.  She needed that swift kick in the butt at the end though.
Oh...and the ending was the best part in the story.  I was literally in tears.  I felt like I was on stage with Dima when his dance partner came into the light.

Katie Porter's "Lead and Follow" is an amazing sexy start to the Club Devant novels.  The title alone should have you wanting to buy the book because the title has meaning to the story and what happens between the characters.

I give this book 4.5 full moons and highly recommend it to readers who enjoy the erotica genre.
I look forward to what Katie Porter does in the next books and I will be well-prepared ahead of time when I read the next books too...cold water and ice to help me cool down and maybe even a glass of wine or two or three.  Oh yes...this is that kind of book.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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