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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Interview + Giveaway with Terry Spear

Welcome to our Virtual tour stop of Terry Spear's A Highland Wolf Wedding brought to you by Sourcebooks.

1. Tell us five things about yourself that readers may not know about you.

TS: 1) I make an excellent puppy sitter. I’m not too old to learn new tricks—recently learned how to teach my daughter’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi nine-week old puppy how to lie down, sit up, and am housebreaking him.
2) Ate red snapper sushi with avocado and fried shrimp at a Japanese restaurant.
3) Stopped on the highway to take pictures of the wildflowers. (normally, I don’t do this!)
4) Fell in love with a new chocolate treat—Lacy’s dark chocolate almond macaroon. Yum.
5) Love watching Romancing the Stone, the Princess Bride, Practical Magic, and Galaxy Quest.

2.  What does a typical writing day look for you?

TS: Blog first thing, tweet, FB, then it’s off to the world of jaguars or werewolves. Often I’ll reread what I wrote from the beginning and begin writing the new part of the story. Green tea is a must. Nothing else is required. Except for my muse…who sometimes plays hide and seek.

3.  Tell us a little bit about A Highland Werewolf Wedding and why readers should check it out?

TS: If you like werewolves and hunky Highlanders—old Scottish castles, hot wolfish men in kilts, weddings, Irish wolfhounds, romance, mystery, and fun…then you’ll just have to check out A Highland Werewolf Wedding!

4. What was the easiest and hardest scene to write in A Highland Werewolf Wedding?

TS: The easiest scene was Cearnach and Elaine’s meeting. I was dying to have him wear a kilt in the beginning of the story, so it seemed perfect to have him on his way to a Highland wedding—and run into the heroine. Do you think she acts impressed with a man wearing a kilt? The hardest is always the end where I want to wrap everything up but I hate to leave the characters that I have grown to love.

5. What kind of qualities does Cearnach have that will make readers fall head over heels over him?  (By the way...I just LOVE his name...I fell in love with him the minute he was introduced in the previous Highlander Wolf books)

TS: Ah, thanks so much!!  For each of the brothers, I found a name that worked well for their personalities. For Cearnach, in Gaelic, his name means Victorious. And he is! Because he believes he will be. He was so much fun to write about. If a woman he doesn’t know suggests he take off his Prince Charlie jacket and his shirt to protect them from the rain, he wouldn’t hesitate. If she suggests he takes off ALL his clothes, he’s happy to oblige. If she’s in any kind of trouble, he will be there, sword in hand to protect her…with or without his kilt…and when they’re being chased by dogs while they’re in their wolf forms, he’ll take rear guard to watch their backs. Not that our heroine, Elaine, doesn’t stand up for them, too—if a man threatens Cearnach, she’s willing to step in the way to stop the fracas, even if she’s on the receiving end of the violence.

6. How many books are planned for the Heart of the Wolf Series?  (Here's hoping there is plenty of more since I LOVE this series)  

TS: J Plenty more stories to come! In October, look for A SEAL Wolf Christmas. In 2014, another three wolf books are scheduled! So look for Silence of the Wolf (January 2014), A Hero of a Highland Wolf (August 2014), and Mistletoe, Mayhem and a Highland Wolf (October 2014)… And let’s not forget about my Jaguars! Jaguar Fever hits stores in August 2013, and Jaguar Hunt in Spring 2014, and another one in Fall 2014 (exact release months to come soon, and titles might change for the releases further out!).  And more are already being lined up for the next year also. J

7. What are your favorite type of characters to write and least favorite type of characters to write?

TS: I love all the characters—the good and the bad, the main and the secondary characters!  They all have their special parts in the story. They help to tell the main characters’ story.

8. Do you ever suffer with writer's block and if you do, how do you deal with it?

TS: No, never!!! I refuse to have writer’s block. Well, of course sometimes my muse leaves me, and sometimes taking a break, working on something else, or brainstorming will work and then I’m back to writing the adventure. But writer’s block is not in my vocabulary.

9. What is up next for Terry Spear in 2013?

TS: Look for Wade Patterson and Maya Anderson to mix it up in Jaguar Fever in August and A SEAL Wolf Christmas—which is Bjornolf and Anna’s story—if you recall, they had a bit of sparring in A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing and he came out on top—well she is ready to win the sparring contest this time! That comes out for an early Christmas treat in October. I’m all for having a Christmas present early. Aren’t you?

10. Do you have anything specific you want to tell your readers?

TS: I advocate hugging hunks. Don’t be shy if they’re a little on the wolfish side, swing a sword if they’re a combination Highland warrior and wolf, or a lot big cat. They’ve all got a tender side just for you. So what are you waiting for? They all need lots of loving. J And oh, yes, if anyone’s got some oil, they could use a little to make those incredible muscles shine.

Fun Speed Questions:

11. Coffee or Hot Tea
TS: Hot green tea.
12. Summer or Winter
TS: Winter, because we have months and months of summer.
13. Sunrise or Sunset
TS: Sunrise so that I can get started on my fun-filled writing day!
14. Mountains or Beach
TS: I love both—love the water, but missed the mountains when I moved to Florida where it is flat, flat, flat.
15. Rock N' Roll or Country Music (or another genre of music you may like)
TS: New Age/Celtic/adventure movie themes

Thanks so much to Book Lovin’ Mamas for having me here today!  If you’ve been reading the stories, who is your favorite character of all of them??? If you’re new to the either series, what would you prefer? A hot SEAL wolf? A hunky Highland wolf? A Golden Claws Special Forces jaguar agent? One of the Silver brothers? A PI turned Arctic wolf? A beta wolf turned pack leader? Am I missing anyone???
A Highland Werewolf Wedding
(Heart of the Wolf #11)
by: Terry Spear
Publishing Date: 5/7/13
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Paranormal Romance

On The Run...
After werewolves Elaine Hawthorn and Cearnach MacNeill almost have a head-on collision on a foggy Highland road, they're pretty well stuck with each other. It'll be hours before anyone can get there to pull his car out of the ditch and they both have better places to be.

And Nowhere to Hide From Each Other...
The sexy little American brings out all of Cearnach's big bag protective instincts. If she thought she was in trouble before, Elaine has no idea what kind of complications a hot Scot can cause...

Delightful, steamy, and devilishly funny, join the hundreds of thousands of readers who already discovered that USA Today bestseller Terry Spear delivers a sizzle worth howling about.

Praise for A Highland Werewolf Wedding:
“The two protagonists are well matched in intelligence, and their snappy dialogue will have readers chuckling from the first chapter on.” —Booklist

“The hills of Scotland make a dramatic backdrop for this novel, and the characters are pleasing and well written.” —RT Book Reviews

“A Highland Werewolf Wedding is another shining example of exactly why Terry Spear is the Queen of the shifter romance.”—Night Owl Reviews, 5 Stars, Reviewer Top Pick
USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over fifty paranormal romance novels and medieval Highland historical romances. She has received incredible praise for her romances, including Heart of the Wolf named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Crawford, Texas, where she is working on her next paranormal romances! For more information, please visit
Giveaway is OPEN to U.S. and Canada Residents only.
Winner will be announced on 5/21/13.

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Thanks so much for having me here today! Off to announce it!!! :)

sin said...

Great interview. :) I am enjoying this series very much. Also recommend it to several of my friends.

Ahh, thanks so much, Sin! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!!! I LOVE writing them!

Joanne said...

Congrats on the new release. A Highland Werewolf Wedding sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for that great interview. I love your book covers. Do you have any input in them?

Thanks, Joanne! Yes, they always ask for input. For Jaguar Hunt, I'm hoping it will show a jaguar with a ring of fire, a hunk, of course, and a circus tent. But the art dept ultimately decides. :)

Unknown said...

This is one of my favorite series, but I wonder which characters give you more trouble, a Highland wolf or a SEAL wolf?

Thanks, Sebella! I love your question! They both do. I mean, here I want them to shift, and the Highland wolves are wanting to show off their sexy legs while they're wearing their kilts. But they'll remove their shirts so that the ladies can get a good gander at their toned abs.

The SEALS? Well, you "saw" what Finn did when he had to check Meara over for bugs... He was such a bad boy, sexy as the devil, but so devilish. They're all like that. :) He wasn't supposed to be doing that. What would her brother say to that??? Hunter would have been furious.

Victoria said...

I love them all but am kind of drawn to the Jaguar's ;).

Hey, Victoria, they've been a lot of fun too. :) Enjoying writing about them in Belize right now... things are getting hot down there. :)

Barbara E. said...

All your wolves are awesome Terry, but I think I'd choose a hunky Highland wolf for myself. :D

LOL, Barbara, you are totally entitled!!! :)

jmcgaugh said...

I've only read a couple of your books, so far, but I have to say that I'll take hunky Highland anything!

Unknown said...

I always love the new tidbits we learn about the author in these blog interviews. I can't wait for this book to come out. Terry's wolf series is one of my faves.

Unknown said...

I just love all of the little tidbits of info we get from the authors in these blog interviews. I can't wait to read this book. Terry's wolf seris is one of my all time faves.

Thanks, JMCGAUGH! :) Glad you are enjoying them!

Stephanie, thanks so much! I hope you love Cearnach's story!!!

Minna said...

OH NO! More books to add on my TBB list!

Yes, yes, Minna! :)

Such hard choices, but I'm leaning towards a hot Seal wolf :)

That's cute, Jolene. Yeah, they're pretty hard to resist!

Phyllis M said...

I'm a long time fan of Terry's Wolves and I have to say that I am in LOVE with the Silver Brothers. ;) But, really, I will take any of them. Haven't read the Jaguar's yet, but it is on my list. Thanks ladies for the interview. Enjoyed it much.

Thanks, Phyllis! Yeah, the Silver bros are really loveable. I had so much fun writing Tom's story in Silence of the Wolf. :)

Meghan said...

I would choose the Highlander wolf. Highlanders are so hot with their size, loyalty and cute accent.
Thanks for the giveaway!
mestith at gmail dot com

Thanks, Meghan! It's hard to give up a Highland wolf! The kilts are just that added incentive to want one!

donnas said...

Sounds great. How do you decide what to write next?

Hi, Donna! I have deadlines for 3 books so that determines what I write next. But when I'm caught up, it's the story that is urging me to write it. Like I'm itching to write the next Highland medieval story, have two part way written, and Hawk Fae, 6th book in the YA fae series, and the next book in the elf series, The Shadow Elf being the first one, and I have two vampire adult books I started a while ago that I'd love to finish. I just am full of stories. LOL :)

Natasha said...

I would love a hunky Highland wolf!!
Thanks for the chance to win!

This looks like a great book, thanks for a chance to win.

sheryl said...

I love the wolves and I love this series.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry

Are you planning another series in the future, have you started to write it. How do you decide what genre to choose. Thank you for the giveaway of your book. I love reading and reviewing books where I share on Goodreads and Facebook. Nice interview.

Yikes, I'm behind!!! I just made word count, need to write my last riveting love scene in Jaguar Hunt, and the book is DONE. :) I love my job. :)

Natasha, they're totally loveable!

My Everyday Life, thanks!

Sheryl, I'm thrilled you're enjoying it!!!

Nicole, I have tons of series out right now. :) I have fae series (YA) that I need to write the 6th book on, a Highland medieval series that I need to write the 5th book on, and soooo many more.

Right now I have a deadline for 3 books--Jaguar Hunt, nearly done, just have to write that last sexy love scene, then I've already got the idea for the opening of the Highland wolf book that's next in the series. It's not one of the MacNeill's stories, but they're going to be involved, and then I have to write the Guthrie's Highland Christmas wolf story. So I'm about ready to begin on the opening of the Highland wolf story next!

Haven't read the series, but they all sound intriguingly good.
Probably go with the Highland wolf though

Maureen said...

I would pick the hot SEAL wolf.

Thanks, divavixenqueen! Sometimes it's really hard to choose, but when they're wearing a kilt...yum.

Maureen, yeah, it's hard not to want one of the hot SEALs. Finn was so bad in A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing. And Bjornolf, too much fun in A SEAL Wolf Christmas, Oct, 2014.

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