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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review - "Bitten and Smitten" by Michelle Rowen

Bitten and Smitten
(Immortality Bites #1)
by: Michelle Rowen
Publishing Date: 1/1/06
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Source: Library Book (Challenge Read)

Sarah Dearly has had a bad date. What else would you call being buried alive before dessert? Not to mention that bite mark on her neck, and the creepy way her date keeps saying that he's sired her. Then those guys with the stakes show up and turn her date into so much dust! Sarah runs for her life, only to be rescued by a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. Sure, she interrupts him as he's about to throw himself off a bridge - but as far as rescuers go, Thierry de Bennicoeur will have to do. Only problem is their age difference. He's a six-hundred-year-old vamp with a death wish. She's a new kid on the block with a need for someone with experience to show her the ropes. And to keep her one step ahead from the vampire hunters that are in town to rid Toronto of the `monsters'. Sarah doesn't know what to make of all this. Sure, she's got a healthy hankering for blood lately, but she doesn't feel like a monster. Just an unemployed girl looking for love. Even if the object of her affection—Thierry—can't go out in the sun for very long.
My Review:
"Bitten & Smitten" is my first "challenge read" from another reader, at Down and Dirty Lusty and Flirty Group on Goodreads.  The objective is to have someone else pick a book for you to read from their books they've read, but to make sure it's not already in your To-Be-Read list and to make sure you haven't read it before also. 
Thanks again to the wonderful, Gems, for choosing this book for me to read.  I would've never known about this book until you chose it for me...and I'm so glad you did.
From the first chapter to the last chapter, I was enthralled with it.  I love a Paranormal book that has some action, love, and even humor to it. After reading the description from the back of the book...I knew I would have a hard time putting it down.  Although, having two being a 2.5 month old...and having to do college homework online...I had to put down the book once in awhile.  *sigh*
The character Sarah Dearly is absolutely fabulous.  She's sassy and sarcastic.  She's always getting herself into horrible situations, but she always manages to get out of it.  Poor girl, just never gets a break in the book.
This is the first book I've read, that the lead Male character is a pain in the ASS.  The minute you read about him, you either feel sorry for him or want to kick his butt.  I feel sorry for him at first due to fact he has to deal with Sarah and her sarcastic ways.  Poor guy!  LOL 
Michelle Rowen, doesn't make the vampires sparkle or have crazy abilities like other vampire books I've read.  She makes them seem normal, except for drinking blood of course. (she does have the blood come in a Keg..kind of strange...but I love it).  No wonder why the Vampire Hunters have their hands full on killing the Vampires.  They really can't tell whose human and whose Vampire...except maybe when a Vamp shows "Fang."
I recommend this book to anyone who loves a little humor to their Vampire Romance.  If you've read Linda Wisdom's books, you'll definitely enjoy Michelle Rowen.  =)  I'm definitely picking up the 2nd book from my Library soon.  I must find out what happens next to Sarah and her crazy misfit friends.


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