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Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog Tour: "Redemption" by Erica Hayes (Interview/Giveaway)

Welcome to our Virtual tour stop of "Redemption" by Erica Hayes brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours.
Thanks for hosting me on Book Lovin' Mamas. I'm happy to be here!

1.  Tell us three things about yourself that we may not be able to find on your website.

I am totally uncool. Hip things like fashion, memes, Pinterest and the Harlem Shake are beyond me. (Well, maybe you can tell that from my website…)

I own the world's oldest surviving cell phone. Museums all over the world covet this relic of ages gone by. But I'm not selling. Oh, no. One day, this rusty gadget will save my life.

That picture of me on my website is a fake. In reality, I am a brain, floating in a jar of genetically modified super-nutrients, deep in a villain's shiny high-tech Lair of Doom. See, now you're wondering if that's true…

2.  What does a typical writing day look like for you?

A mess :) I try to have a routine but it usually gets derailed at some point. I get up, feed the cat, read emails, go to the gym. Then if I'm drafting a book, I try to write two or three thousand words per day. Usually I go to the coffee shop with my laptop to get words done. Home is  too distracting – there's always something else to be done!

Otherwise I'm writing blog posts, arranging promotional stuff, emailing my agent with crazy book ideas… Then I cook dinner. I'm the cook in our house, and I'm not too bad, mostly, but sometimes it’s a bit rushed…

Lastly it's TV to unwind. Usually until far past my bedtime. At the moment I'm watching Dexter season 7, and The Following. Serial killers, oyy!

3.  Tell us a little bit about "Redemption" and why readers should check it out?

First of all, it's a smokin' hot romance! No, I'm not giving you page numbers :) But rest assured, the hot angel smexing will happen… and this hero, Japheth, is just gorgeous. Honestly. One of my favourites out of all of my books. A fallen angel who tries to be sinless. Yep, that means no sex for the last millennium or so. Let's just say he's a little tense right now…

Redemption also has action, suspense, and lashings of horror. The demon villains are dastardly and have no conscience. Some of the angels aren't much better.

Oh, and the apocalypse. Blood in the water, plagues of bloodthirsty hellminions. The sky will rain fire.

4.  What inspired you to write The Seven Signs series?

I've always wanted to write an end-of-the-world book. Post-apocalyptic is cool, but the actual apocalypse? You don't get to see that so often.

And I love angels! The paranormal romance kind, that is, with big muscles and flaming swords and human problems. They're just so improbable that it really sets you free as a writer – you can do whatever you like with them! My angels are tough, angry, violent, intense and emotional. And they're fallen angels, so they all have dark secrets in their pasts. They're romance heroes just waiting to happen :)

5.  What has been the easiest and hardest scene to write in the series so far?

I'm not sure that any scene is easier than any other. My favourite scenes are always the ones where the characters finally have it out, after circling each other like hungry jackals for a few chapters. The ones where the truth comes out at last.

6.  Who designs the covers to The Seven Signs series?   

Aren't they awesome! I adore these covers. They're dark, colourful and a little crazy, which is exactly what the books are. The art is done in-house at the publisher, and the designers are Kris Keller and Rita Frangie.

7.  Fun question:  If you could have dinner with one famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Batman. No, wait. How about Julius Caesar? He'd have some cool after-dinner stories. Or maybe that guy who's in the Guinness Book of Records for eating a bicycle. That'd be something to see!

8.  Fun question:  If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Hmm. It would be cool to be able to fly. But that's doesn't really count as a super power, does it? It's just a thing superheroes do while they're breaking concrete with their bare hands or controlling people's minds or whatever. I think I'd like to be an evil genius. So I'd need super-intelligence, a knack for gadgets, and a really cool malevolent laugh.

9. What is up next for Erica Hayes?

Well, I believe I'll finish this tasty caramel latte. Wouldn't want to plan too far ahead…

Book-wise, I have a sexy vampire romance called HUNTER'S HEART coming out soon in ebook. Also coming up, another cool sekrit projekt that I'm keeping under wraps for now {cough zombie romance cough}.

10. Do you have anything specific you would like to say to your readers?

Thanks for being so awesome! We all have thousands of books to choose from these days and I'm so pleased you chose to try mine. I hope you enjoy them!
(The Seven Signs #2)
by: Erica Hayes
Publishing Date: 3/5/13
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Number of Pages: 330
Word Count: 100K
Cover Artist: Kris Keller
Paperback - Amazon | B&N | Book Depository
Ebook - Amazon | B&N | iTunes


Japheth the Tainted is on the hunt for a mysterious demon vampire. But meeting her face-to-face might disarm his warrior spirit—and spark an unquenchable passion with apocalyptic consequences. 

As a fallen angel, Japheth is determined to make his way back to heaven by staying pure and slaying hellspawn. With a new scourge of vampires unleashed by a blood-drinking demon, the Prince of Thirst, there’s plenty to be done. But Japheth is after one vampire in particular—the one they call the Angel Slayer.
Rose Harley never wanted to be a vampire, but the Prince of Thirst can turn even the kindest soul into a soldier of hell. Feeling abandoned by God, she stalks the West Village taking revenge on his angels—until she meets her match.
When Japheth and Rose encounter each other, the battle is fierce and charged with desire. But when they discover a common enemy—the Prince of Thirst himself—they form a dangerous alliance that could either cost them their eternal lives, or spark a love more powerful than heaven or hell.
    “Looking for someone, angel?”
    That honey-blood voice quivered Japheth’s feathers taut.
    She grinned, mocking. Leaning against the redbrick wall beneath a rusted fire escape, steeped in magical shadow and hot vampire stink.
    He stared, dumb. Tall for a girl, only a head shorter than he. Long legs, encased in blue jeans and black army boots. Her short black t-shirt stretched over full breasts, flashing that tempting skin above a silver belt buckle. Her bare arms shone, muscular but womanly. Sexy dimples in her cheeks, perfectly shaped for cupping in his palms.
    The bloody feathers of slain angels, gold and white and red, stuck through the thick dark braid she tossed over her shoulder. A few wisps escaped to play around her face in the summer-night breeze. He wanted to trace their path with his fingertips, cheekbone to chin to cherry-ripe lips . . .
    “Matter of fact, I am,” he said tightly. “Your sniveling master. Fluvium, is it? Prince of Thirst? Tell me where he is and I might kill you quickly.”
    She laughed, fangs glinting. Sharp, lethal like a tigress’s. “You’ve come to kill Fluvium? Good luck with that.” She lolled on one foot, eyeing him speculatively, sizing up her prey. “Japheth, right? Of the Tainted Host? Cute name, for a hamster.”
    Sweet lord, his name in her mouth sounded . . . dirty. He swallowed, rough. “How’d you know that?”
    “I know my enemy.” She licked ripe lips.
    “Yeah?” he said coldly. “Well, I don’t want to know you, whore. I don’t care what your name is—”  
    “Rose Harley,” she cut in swiftly, with a wicked grin. “Whoops. Too late. Sorry about that. You like it anonymous, don’t you? So you can pretend they’re not people when you damn them to eternal torment?”
     His grip spasmed around his sword. Sweet heaven, he wanted to stab her. Fill her with burning steel. Twist it, thrust it deeper, make her moan . . . “You don’t need me to damn you. You made your choice. Tell me where Fluvium’s hiding, and I’ll put you out of your misery.”
     She laughed again, and strolled towards him, hands in pockets. “You sure could learn a thing or two from demons about making deals. Like, I dunno. Offering me something I actually want?”
     Her knife still lay sheathed, in her thigh holster. Unafraid, was she? Grudging admiration tingled under his skin, and he crackled it off. Nothing admirable about a demon minion’s attitude. “So you do know where he’s hiding, then.”
     “And what if I do?” She draped her sultry gaze over his silver-clad chest, his bare arms, his glowing blue sword . . . Her scrutiny flushed treacherous heat right to the top of his head. He could smell her, blood and corruption, yes, but underneath, the hot salty musk of female flesh . . .
     Surely, she was his nemesis. Sent to tempt him into falling. Well, he wouldn’t give in. Not when he was so close to redemption.
Erica Hayes was a law student, an air force officer, an editorial assistant and a musician, before finally landing her dream job: fantasy and romance writer. 
She writes dark paranormal and urban fantasy romance, and her books feature tough, smart heroines and colourful heroes with dark secrets. 
She hails from Australia, where she drifts from city to city, leaving a trail of chaos behind her. Currently, she's terrorizing the wilds of Northumberland. 
Kindle Fire or if the winner lives outside the US they will receive an equivalent value Amazon gift card
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Unknown said...

Love description of this story.

-mer- said...

I really like fallen angels.

-mer- said...

I really love fallen angels.

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Love the excerpt! Thanks!

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