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Monday, June 10, 2013

Rhyannon Byrd's "Take Me Under" Blog Tour (Interview/Giveaway)

Welcome to Book Lovin’ Mamas! We are so glad to have you here today!

Hi and thanks so much for having me back! :)

Tell us 3 things about yourself that readers may not be able find out about you on the web.

One:  I’m terrified of heights and elevators that have glass walls. You can usually find me plastered up against the inside wall, refusing to turn around and look. I can’t even stand going up in the London Eye!
Two:  I’m anxiously waiting for Bullet For My Valentine to go on tour so that my daughter and I can go see them.
Three:  I am seriously challenged when it comes to technology. In fact, most computers seem to hate me with a passion. Thankfully, my iPod is loyal and I rarely have any issues with it. But my laptop knows that its life hangs in the balance on a daily basis. ;)

What does a typical writing day look for you? 

Hubby brings me tea in bed. Get the kids ready for school. Sit down and go over email and check my FB pages. Finally start writing about 9. Usually forget to eat lunch because I’m so wrapped up in what I’m working on. In the afternoon I pick my kids up from school and usually spend a few hours chauffeuring them around. Try to keep writing once I’m back at home, but it’s usually only in bits and pieces at this point. I know I’m not the only person who feels this way, but I so wish there were more hours in a day!

Could you give us a little sneak peek of how your research process happens with a new book or series? 

I don’t do a lot of research to start with, because the first step for me is always to develop the characters and work out how they’ll all interact with each other. When I started on my newest release, TAKE ME UNDER, I had to work out how Ben’s relationship would work with Reese and also with his family, and once I had that settled, I started looking deeper into his and his brothers’ different careers. At that point, I had to research different aspects of law enforcement and make sure everything would work in the way that I needed it to. And because I set the series in a fictional little beach town called Moss Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast, I was able to work off of a lot of personal experience, because my family and I would vacation on the Gulf when we lived in Florida. By the time I had this all sorted, I had quite a few scenes already sketched out and the story just took off from there. :)

When you’re not writing, what are your hobbies/interests?
Well, watching American Football is definitely a major pastime for me, and my daughter and I are HUGE fans of the Manning brothers. I can also never get enough of reading or going to the movies, and I really love going to concerts and seeing my favorite bands perform live. I saw both Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers last year, which was awesome. My daughter and I have the same taste in music, so she’s always my concert buddy. We’re desperate to see the Foo Fighters live, so we’re hoping they make it back over to the UK in the not too distant future. And we’re also desperate to see BFMV. ;)
I don’t really have any hobbies or collections that I can think of, other than movies and music. I love to collect DVDs and still buy a lot of CDs from my favorite bands. And I tape all my concert tickets to the back of my office door, along with postcards and bookmarks for my favorite books.

Who are some of your favorite authors? 

For years now I’ve been a huge fan of Linda Howard, Shannon McKenna, Anne Rice, Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, Lisa Kleypas, Kresley Cole, Karen Marie Moning...I could go on and on. Two of my newest favorites are Virna DePaul and Beth Kery. I absolutely loved Virna’s BEDDING THE WRONG BROTHER and can’t wait to read Max’s book. I also loved Beth’s BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE. November can’t get here fast enough for me because I can’t wait to see what happens next with Ian and Francesca!

When you are deep into writing what is your biggest pet peeve?

When my Word program crashes! I love my Mac to pieces, but it freaking hates Word. Seriously. Hates. It. I’m currently trying to decide what to do for my next computer, because the program crashes on me about five times a day. There is nothing worse when you’re in the middle of writing a scene that is flowing exactly the way you want it to than suddenly seeing that little freaking clipboard pop up. :(

Do you ever base your characters on people you know in real life? 

I couldn’t say that any one character is directly based on anyone I know, but there are definitely bits and pieces in there from my family and friends. It might be a particular phrase or a quirk, or even a funny snippet of conversation, but there are always little things that I pick up from the world around me that find their way into my books.

Who is your favorite character you’ve ever written? 

Oh, God, that is such a difficult question! But at the moment I’ve got to go with Jonah Cartwright from Triple Play. He’s just an all around delicious kind of a guy— sexy, witty, and seriously sinful—and so in need of a good woman to love. I’ve been desperate to write his story for YEARS, and now I’m finally doing it. I plan to have his book out in November and will be posting updates on my FB page in the coming months. :)

If you could be any one of your characters, from any book you’ve written which one would you be and why?

At the moment I have to say Carla Reyes from my Bloodrunners series. I love her attitude and the way she holds her own against the other guys. Being the only female Runner isn’t easy, but she never lets it drag her down. She gives as good as she gets, and when it finally comes time for her own HEA, it’s going to be worth every moment of pain and heartbreak that she’s suffered. I also wouldn’t mind being Reese Monroe from TAKE ME UNDER, because even though she has to go through some seriously scary things, she gets Ben in the end. Yum! ;)

Do you have anything specific you want to say to your readers, maybe about what’s coming in the future from you or anything else?

First, I just want to let them know that I have a lot exciting projects on the way, so please find me on FB if you want to see all the latest news. I’m also in the process of getting started on Twitter and should have info going up on my page there as well. And in October, definitely be on the lookout for the WICKED AND DANGEROUS anthology that I’m doing with the awesome Shayla Black! My novella, Make Me Yours, is part of my new Dangerous Tides series and I can’t wait to share it with my readers. But most importantly, I want to give them a massive THANK YOU for their enthusiasm, support, and encouragement! Without them, none of this would be possible, and I am truly grateful for each and every one of them!!!!

Thank you so much and we hope you will come back again! :)

Of course I will!! And thanks so much for having me. I always love to be here! :)

Dangerous Tides, Book 1
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publication Date:  June 4, 2013

Available at:  Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Ben Hudson had a thing for shy, sexy Reese Monroe from the moment he first saw her three years ago. Back then, she was married and living in Boston—two very good reasons for the Miami detective with a bad boy reputation to stay away.

But that was then…

Now Reese is divorced and moving to Florida, where her mother has rented her a small beach house—one that happens to be owned by Ben. Living right next door, he can’t get Reese’s soft curves out of his mind. He’s waited three long years to touch her in all the ways he’s been dreaming about, and this time he won’t let anything get in his way.

For Reese, Ben’s sudden advances are thrilling, but leave her stunned. With her limited experience in the bedroom, she never expects a man with such a wicked reputation to go after her. She knows she should be on guard, but he’s a temptation she can’t resist. And when trouble follows her down from Boston, threatening her life, Ben may be the only one who can help her.

Rhyannon Byrd is an avid, longtime fan of romance and the author of more than twenty paranormal and erotic titles. She has been nominated for three Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards, including best Shape-shifter Romance, and her books have been translated into nine languages. After having spent years enjoying the glorious sunshine of the American South and Southwest, Rhyannon now lives in the beautiful, but often chilly county of Warwickshire in England with her husband and family. For more information on Rhyannon’s books and the latest news, you can visit her website ( or find her on Facebook and Goodreads.

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Rhyannon is giving away the following prizes at the end of her tour:

·         $50 Amazon gift certificate
·         signed copy of Take Me Under
·         signed copy of Darkest Desire of the Vampire
·         BIG swag Pack 

Three (3) runners up will EACH receive all of the following prizes below:
·         signed copy of Take Me Under
·         signed copy of Darkest Desire of the Vampire
·         swag pack
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Rhyannon, you know how much I love you and your writing, and am dying for Jonas's story!! it's an absolute honor that you mentioned me and Bedding The Wrong Brother. Congrats on your new and upcoming releases!! Super hugs, Virna

Hello again, Rhyannon. I'm stalking your blog hop. And no, I didn't click on the link to read the first few chapters of your book 'cause I don't want any spoilers. :-) And hey, I've always liked Linda Howard and Lisa Kleypas...but am tending more to the contemporaries now. jdh2690 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Great interview, and the story sounds very intriguing!


Rhyannon is amongst my favorite authors. I have enjoyed every book I've deaf by her. I'm super excited for this new series. I cant wait to get my hands on it!

parabookworm [at] gmail [dot] com

VampedChik said...

I cant wait to read this one! Thanks!

June M. said...

This sounds like a great story. I haven't read anyting from Ms. Byrd yet but will have to check out her books!

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