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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Author Takeover & Giveaway Alert - Karin Tabke

Let's give a GREAT Big Welcome to Karin Tabke today on Book Lovin' Mamas.  =)  
She's our Author Spotlight for April and her Series "Blood Moon Rising" is our Series Spotlight.
You may also know her as Karin Harlow.  
More information on Karin and her Series is found HERE.

Interview with the lovely Karin Tabke:

Thank you, FranJessca for the invite to hang out today!

1. What does a typical writing day look to you?  
It’s supposed to look like this:  Up by 8 a.m. make the coffee and spend one hour tops checking email and fb.  Take hubby and dog for a walk at 9, in the shower by 10:30, begin writing at 11, break for lunch about 1ish, back to writing.  Wrap up writing for the day around 4, kick back and enjoy the rest of the day and evening.  Reality:  Get up at 10ish, spend too many hours on the internet, blow off the walk.  Eat lunch at 2, hang out with my granddaughter.  Sneak in some shopping.  Fix dinner, watch TV with hubby, head up to my office around 9ish, mess around some more on the internet, finally start writing around 11, wrap up around 3:30-4:00, hit the sack.  Rinse and repeat. 

 2. Did you always want to be a writer? 
And what inspired you most to become a Writer? 
My imagination.  I wrote my first book in high school. It was a daydream about me and Rod Stewart.  It was really awful.

3. When your not writing, what are your hobbies/interests? 
I love wine.  Napa is my bff. I love to cook and love to shop for just the right ingredients.  I stalk our local Farmer’s Market every Saturday. I grow orchids, or let me rephrase, I’m trying to grow orchids. But my bliss is every second I spend with my granddaughter. 

4. Fun Question: If you could travel to any country, where would you go and what would you do?  
I’m torn.  I’d love to go to England and immerse myself in the history of that country.  But the other half wants to hit up the Italian Riviera and live the life!

5. What Summer Movie(s) are you looking forward to this year? 
21 Jump Street and…is Dark Shadows coming out this summer?  That is a must see for me.

6. Who are some of your Favorite Authors nowadays and who were your favorite Authors when you were a Teenager? 
My favorites as a teenager were Kathleen Woodiwiss (LOVE her stuff!), Rosemary Rodgers, and Katherine Sutcliff.

7. What inspired you to write the Blood Moon Trilogy? 
Sons of Anarchy and Rise of the Lycan. Two of my favorite things, bad boy bikers and sexy shifters.

8. What advice would you give someone who wants to write their own novels one day?  
Just do it.  One word at a time, one after another.  And don’t quit.  And DO NOT OVERTHINK it.  Just let it come.

9. Fun Question: If the Blood Moon Trilogy was ever made into a movie, which actors/actresses would you want to play the characters and why? 
I would have loved the late Andy Whitfield to play Rafa.  Dark and moody Lucien?   A longer, darker-haired, broodier Alex O’Loughlin. Falon?  Hands down Megan Fox.

10. I’ve read in previous interviews from other blogs you have a Cane Corso. Tell us a little bit about her. =) I ask because I also have Cane Corso, he’s a Big Mama’s boy and he’s supposed to be my husband’s dog, but he’s very protective towards his Mama.  
Lucky you! I love Corsos!  They are such a special breed, aren’t they?  My girl, Bella, is a 110 lb lap dog.  She’s a lover, and extremely intelligent.  She trains like a charm and retains it.  She’s a worrier when she detects anxiety or that something isn’t right.  I’ve never owned (or been owned) by such an intuitive dog.  She loves to hop in the car for a long ride or a short one.  She’s friendly but can be guarded with strangers.  My granddaughter can take a bone out of her mouth and Bella gladly gives it up.  I’d love a few more, but they require a lot of care, so, one for now.

If you haven't even thought about reading Blood Moon Rising Trilogy, what are you waiting for?  You definitely are missing out on some Sexy ASS Lycans.  


And for all the Ladies out there who have considered reading this Trilogy  and haven't had a chance to buy the first book or for the ones who haven't even considered it, but now want to check it's your chance to win a signed copy of the first book in the Trilogy, "Blood Law", from Karin Tabke.  

HAPPY RELEASE DAY to KARIN for "Bloodright", the 2nd book of the "Blood Moon Rising Trilogy" that comes out today.  =)  You can find a review on Bloodright, here: 


Unknown said...

Great interview Karin! Thank you so much!!! I am SO excited to see Dark Shadows, it looks so good. And I SO loved Andy Whitfield! :( Spartacus just isn't the same without him!!! RIP Andy

Thank you, Anna, happy to be here today! I saw the trailer for Dark Shadows at the theater the other night, it looks hilarious! May 13th I think.

I haven't bothered to watch Spartacus since Andy is gone. :(

Phyllis M said...

Thank you for the wonderful interview and the generous giveaway. I really just found you through 'mutual' author friends and I am very excited to start your series!! Congtrats! :)

Phyllis M said...

Sorry guys, I forgot to post my email with my comment!!


Great Interview And Thank you so much for this chance to win i cant wait to read this book my email is

Barbara E. said...

Congrats to Karen on the release of Bloodright. I haven't had a chance to start this series yet, so it would be awesome to win a copy of Blood Law.

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