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Monday, April 2, 2012

TV Show Review - Games of Thrones Season 2 Premiere 4/1/12

Both Anna and I friggin' LOVE this show and we've been counting down since Season 1 ended last year.  Needless to say, we've been going bonkers without this show.  Well I have at least.  
So here's our opinions of the Season 2 Premiere.

OMG...this show is definitely my FAVE show on TV right now.  Sorry True Blood & Walking Dead...but I've always been a fan of Kings, Queens, Dragons, etc since I was a child.  My husband didn't even know about this show last year until I forced him to watch it.  Fast Forward to now...he loves the show just as much as me...well, not as much as I do because he doesn't think of typing up a review.  
So what did I think of Season 2 Premiere...I friggin' loved it.  Of course they cut the show 4 minutes before it was 10pm and that drove my husband crazy and he threaten to cut off HBO because of it.  He would be asking for a divorce if he did. (just kidding)  
I love all the new characters they have brought in so far.  My fave so far is the Fire Priestess, I believe is going to play a major roll.  Can't wait to see what happens with her since she's helping (or more like putting things into his head), Stannis Baratheon (who is the brother of the former King).  

Joffrey, the boy who is King now, who I think is a annoying little twit who has taken power to his head needs a good spanking. Well...towards the end, he does because he gets something coming to him...but what he tells that certain person afterwards. definitely don't mess with a King. 

I'm glad to see that the Starks are fighting back.  I'm still upset on what happened the end of Season 1, but I believe Rob Stark is going to be amazing King.  I'm curious on what is happening to the younger son, Bran with his dreams.  I just adore those wolves though.  They are definitely the Starks Saviors.  

As far as Daenerys Targaryen, they only showed a little bit of her and her people.  She's going to play a major roll this season because of the Dragons.  Shhh...I'm secretly rooting for her.  I love her character.  I miss her husband though.  =(  Why did they kill off Jason Mamoa?  

At the end of the show, it pissed me off.  I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it.  All I can say is...they still need to find the "One"...and I think he's going to put up a good fight.  I'm wondering also what kind of roll Arya Stark is going to play and if Sansa Stark is going to live long with King Joffrey.  
What do I rate Season 2 Episode 1:  5 full moons
There's going to be a lot of bloodshed this season and many, many fight scenes (as per the producers) and I can't friggin' wait.  
Counting down to the next episode begins.  =)  

FranJessca is right, I am effin nuts for this show! It was opposite for my husband and I, he knew about the show and I found it through him. In fact I believe it was this show and Khal Drogo who really got my Barbarian obsession going! LOL So the hubs can be thanked for that (I'm sure he'd be so happy to hear that HAHA).

First and foremost, my favorite part would have to be Daenerys with her dragon. *sigh* I too love dragons! I can not WAIT to see what happens with her! If for no other reason, I'll be reading the second book for that! :) My second favorite part was when Tyrion ambushed his sister with his news. He really put it to her! He is definitely one of my favorites in the show. If anyone can control King Joffrey, it would be him!

Oh yes, and that little turd Joffrey! I was telling my husband that I kinda hope he has to go into battle and gets his snotty little head chopped off! I seriously dislike that little brat!!! And his mother too! May sound brutal but hey, it's a brutal show! Poor Sansa, I have a feeling life is only just beginning to get bad for her but that's what she gets for wanting him as a husband!

The Starks, in my opinion have the upper hand in everything right now. I'm very curious how it will all turn out with Rob Stark and how Jon Snow will still fit into that whole family. I've read book spoilers so I know a little bit but the show may turn out differently. I'm rooting for them but I'm still undecided between Rob and Daenerys.

Now the newbies to the show, the Fire Priestess and Stannis Baratheon, those are the two to watch right now. I'm not sure yet if I like them but we'll see. I'm sure they're gonna be around for a while and quite the force to be reckoned with! She seems pretty crazy, should make for some good conflict!

And finally, I have to mention my new GoT crush! Sexy Jon Snow, with his cute baby face and adorable curls! If I hadn't been so in love with Drogo, I would have been totally into Jon! HAHA I'm really looking forward to seeing what he gets up to. He's still one of the unknowns though, so there's no telling where that could go. I just hope he gets to stick around and isn't one of the unlucky who will die!!!

All in all this is still the best TV show EVER!!! I give this season premiere 5 full moons also! If I could give it more, I totally would! Seriously, if you haven't yet watched this show, please do yourself a favor and go watch season one. You'll fall in love with it! I swear!!! It's just that damn good!!!!! Now if only next Sunday would get here....right NOW!!!!

Make sure you check out our Monday Hotness!!! It features Kit Harington, who plays John Snow!!! :)


abuckley23 said...

Love your guy's review! Very refreshing and funny :)

You can check out my review here:

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